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  1. MyBot v7.8.2 AIO Mod Some features: - GUI Mod. @Eloy, @Nguyen - Clan hop. @Boldina @Demen system inspired (First old part of GUI by Pro Mac) - Super XP. @Team AIO Mod++, @Mohammad Hasan Kargar, @Nguyen @Boldina - Stop for war. @Demen @Chilly-Chill and @Boldina 'updates/tweaks'. - New Chat actions. @Boldina @Nguyen @Eloy. - Friendly challenge. @Boldina (inspired on Sammod) - Humanization. @RoroTiti @Eloy @Chilly-Chill - Custom and human time system. @Boldina - Skip build location. @Boldina - Drop castle/SG first on all modes. @Boldina inspired on Sammod - No league attack. @Team AIO Mod++, @Nguyen - Check collectors outside. @Samkie - Custom BB army, drop order. @Boldina @Chilly-Chill - Double train siege. @ChacalGyn - Time max logout. @Team AIO Mod++ - Switch profiles condition and farming schedule. @Demen - Magic items (beta). @Boldina @Eloy. - Collect Magic items. @Team AIO Mod++ (Chilly-Chill, Boldina, Nguyen) - Donation limiter and stats (beta). - Request fast and from chat (beta). - New open and close chat for all improved (It works like butter). - Donation limiter and stats V2. - Random wave for smart & standard attack. - Train system : queue not retrain in most cases. - Translated to : German, Persian, Portuguesse, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese. - Builder base tab: - Attack from CSV and smart attack drop point improvement, based on map size. (Thx to @Chilly-Chill). (Experimental). - Improve machine. - BB Wall update. Download : ZIP MBR MyBot v7.8.2 / AIO Mod+++ v3.3.2 / March 30, 2020 (Beta) **Designed for MEMU, Only tested with MEMU 7; no compatibility with other emulators is assured.** More releases: Here Active team: @Eloy (GUI Design, scripting, fixes), @Boldina (GUI Mod, Scripting, depuration) Special thanks to @Chilly-Chill, @NguyenAnhHD, @ChacalGyn, for all and @PeKKaBnT by CSV's, among others...
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