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Found 6 results

  1. Hello. I have a problem that recently started within the last two weeks where the bot will load a profile but it seems that the game doesn’t load quick enough for the bot. The bot subsequently closes coc and restarts Memu. This will just repeat over and over. To resolve the issue, I just press pause on the bot and the game loads and than I unpause and everything is fine. is there a way to have the bot give Memu a bit of extra time on the load? latest version of the bot with Memu 3.6.9 Thanks, Bob
  2. What you need to run multiple Bots at the same Time BlueStacks, MEmu, Droid4X, Nox ,Leapdroid, KOPLAYER or iTools Mybot 2 or more Profiles Not the worst PC Included a Self Made Tool with AutoIt which lets you run Bots easily and let you save Pre Made Setups ( additional ) Guide Unzip your downloaded Mybot and put the folder where you wish it to be stored Hold shift and right click the bot folder, there should be an option to open a command prompt there. 3. Run the command prompt and the CMD window will b
  3. Hey guys, My problem is that I can´t disable Hyper-V on my VPS server (Windows Server 2012R2 Datacenter 64bit) from contabo The problem is that it isn´t even enabled but if I start bluestacks/memu it says that I have to disable it. Does anyone know a solution for this? I called the customer service and they said that Hyper-V cannot and must not be activated at all. I have no idea what to do now 😕
  4. Hi. I am using MeMu 6.2.1 version and the latest mybot. My problem is I try change google play acoount but always it come first page. Anyone can help?
  5. آموزش اجرای چند ربات در یک ویندوز -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ویرایش شده: از اون جایی که آموزش گذاشتن توی این تاپیک و ویرایش کردنش یک کمی عذاب آوره آموزش کامل تر رو توی یک فایل پی دی اف درست کردم و لینک میزارم تا دانلود کنید http://s7.picofile.com/file/8253698326/Multi_Bot.pdf.html --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- راه کوتاه و ساده تر و بهتر اگر حوصله درست کردن شرتکات رو ندارید میتونید به راحتی با این نرم افزار کار ساخت پروفایل و معرفی ربات و ... رو انج
  6. 5.3 now contains a fix for the bot not detecting the "Personal Break" or "Another device connecting" messages. It will automatically resize the emulator's fonts to work with it. However, you will still need to replace the font itself. @cosote has created a simple and easy tool to do this. Download the tool here (zippyshare) or here (mega) Extract the .zip anywhere. After extracting, there should be TWO files, "push_Roboto-Regular.bat" and "Roboto-regular.ttf" Double click "push_Roboto-Regular.bat". Click "Run" on the popup that appears. Open all MEmu and Droid4X instance
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