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  1. BEST LAVA LOON CLAN EVER 24/7 DONATION OF LOONS! How To Join Our Clan? To Join Our Clan Please post the following details below. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ We are currently recruiting for Champs [3200] and up _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Follow the Donation Tab Settings, it is mandatory to be followed by everyone… _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ BEST CSV TO PUSH Prinz Eugen Unbeatable This clan is taking over for Harry's previous clan, please post here for the updated Lavaloon clan.
  2. ...::: Forever Air Attack Strategys :::... ...::: Clan Information :::... ...::: Clan Rules :::... - Don't mention the clan to anyone and don't invite your friend. If you knew someone who is aware of botting and wants to join, feel free to ask me. - Allowed to donate as per given keywords only, donating anything else will get you kicked from the clan. - Never talk anything about BOT in Clan Chat, we have a Telegram and WhatsApp chat group for that. - Anyone can accept member joining using our own password, otherwise reject! - Accepting all countries/regions but English is required - Default troop donation RAGE & BALLOONS only - Donate and request option must be on ...::: Request & Donate Settings :::... ...::: How to Apply? :::... Reply to this thread with the following template: Send me a private message via Telegram App : @noth1ng
  3. TH9-10-11 | LAVALOON - Trophy CLAN + WAR [LVL11 | LVL5]-SILENT-DISCRET We´re recruiting!!! You are searching for a Lavaloon clan that is donating, pushing trophys, discret, silent and still not obvious ? Or just looking for a Lavaloon War-Clan with instand donations? Then join ous! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All you need to do, is follow these steps: - Comment your TH Level, Loon level, and Rage/Haste level (I will write you a PM to get you an instand link of our Clan, with the right keyword to join) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *****We want MORE security as in other clans***** ********Our Clan for Trophy-Push is Level 11******** **********Our Clan for Clan-Wars is Level 5********** **Inactive members will be filtered out after a season** ***Were donating Loons and Spells (Haste/Rage)*** ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ***We´ve already a Discord group (it´s a MUST HAVE - there are the rules and exept the Settings of our Bot to get the best experience!*** ***If you are interested COMMENT BELOW TO JOIN OUS !*** ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Keep Clashing ! We´re keeping an eye on the forum, if we dont respond quick enough, feel free to write ous @BlacKsTyleVii , @r3LaXeD , @OS_Sammler or @Freaky2015
  4. BEST LAVA LOON CLAN COMMUNITY EVER 24/7 DONATION OF LOONS! Lava Loon clan to push to Legends,Titans or Champion Leagues! We donate troops 24/7 Non-stop! We have much space available! How To Join Our Clan? To Join Our Clan Message Our Staff Members! OUR STAFF @Harry22077 @vikirahma2230 @boholin @Harry-Lava Loon Clan Message us with your following details _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CHECK CLAN THAT SUITS YOU AND MESSAGE US! For Titans[4500] and up join clan [LEVEL 13 ] For Lower Leagues join clan [LEVEL 10] _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Follow the Donation Tab Settings,As it is mandatory to be followed by everyone… _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ BEST CSV TO PUSH BEST MODS