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Found 8 results

  1. [LVL 10 CLAN] TH 9+ | LAVALOON TROPHY PUSH | NEW | 27/7 DONATIONS | MAKE FRIENDS [LVL 10 CLAN] TH 9+ | LAVALOON TROPHY PUSH | NEW | 27/7 DONATIONS | MAKE FRIENDS Clan Information Clan Rules - Anyone can accept members requesting joining if they are using the password - Do not mention botting in clan chat / global chat - Donate and request options must be on - English is required Requirements to Join - Donate and request the correct troops - Bot atleast 6 or more hours a day - Town hall level 9 or above How to Apply Reply to this thread / PM me on the forums With the following info Request & Donate Settings Suggested CSV Suggested Mod
  2. New bot clan for lavaloon? Hi botters, I just want to know if there are people looking for a new bot clan using lavaloon. Atm there are 2 accounts in the clan one th11 andere one th9. For now the clan is lvl1 but That should increase when we play cw. Kind regards,
  3. Lavaloon Strategy

    Lavaloon Strategy Hi Everyone.... Im new to this Bot thing. The only thing im worried about is how will the bot attack. I mean i have an enginerred th11 with Max LavaLoon Haste Rage Only....So i can use LavaLonn Strategy only....So is there any file for Lavaloon strategy???? Or do i have to create one? I think i cant create one so can anyone please help me out.... From where can I select the way of attacking in the Bot program? Like from one side or from two sides or deploy lava first or do this first etc.. Hope someone will help me. Thanks
  4. Merhaba arkadaşlar, benim yeni modifiye etdiğim "LavaLoonion" saldırısı daha çok "İnsancıl Saldırıya" benzetildi. CSV skriptin kullanılması hakkında bazı bilgiler: *csv skript dosyasını "\MyBot\CSV\Attack" klasörüne atınız Gerekli birliklerin ve büyülerin "CSV Script Tab" sekmesinde tıkılı vaziyyetde olduğunu unutmayınız , Ayrıca: "Kahramanları bekle" , sekmesini seç ve "Klan büyleri için bekle" Tıklama için "External Edges" seçin ! Train: 30 Balon, 20 Dalkavuk veya 12 Büyücü, 3 Öfke + KK içerisinde 1 Hız ve Balonlar Eğit: 2 Lav Tazı, 26 Balon, 15 Dalkavuk, 4 Öfke, 1 Hız + KK içerisinde 1 Hız ve Balonlar Eğit: 2 Lav Tazı, 34 Balon, 15 Dalkavuk, 4 Öfke, 3 Hız + KK içerisinde Hız veya Öfke ve Balonlar (260 kamp) Eğit: 2 Lav Tazı, 30 Balon, 15 Dalkavuk, 4 Öfke, 3 Hız + KK içerisinde Hız veya Öfke ve Balonlar (240 kamp) Skript "External Edges" -de çalışıyor. Arama Ayarları: Başlanğıcda G = 100'000 |G+E = 250'000 |G+E = 0 E = 400'000 | Şampion 2-den sonra |Titan 1-den sonra Trophy range = 15-99 |Kupa Aralığı = 15-99 |Kupa Aralığı = 10-99 Max KB TH 9 = TH 10 Efsane Lig İçin Max Köy Binasını TH 10 seçmeğinizi öneririm.. Max TH for TH 10 check to = TH 10 Efsane Lig İçin Max Köy Binasını TH 10 seçmeğinizi öneririm.. Max TH for TH 11 check to = TH 11 Eğer Birlik Seviyyeleriniz Max ise, Bu sekmeyi seçmeğe ihtiyaç yoktur Efsane Lig İçin Max Köy Binasını TH 10 seçmeğinizi öneririm.. Değişiklik günlüğü: v5.0 için Saldırı Videosu eklenecekdir. [TH 7-8] Download Link: LavaLoonion v1.4 [ TH 7-8 ] By Z E C K [ TH 9-10-11 ] Download Link: v5.6 Superior Undefeatable LavaLoonion [TH 9-10-11] By Z E C K Ayrıca kupa kasmak için bir klana ihtiyaç duyuyorsanız, klanıma buyura bilirsiniz:
  5. [LVL11 | LVL5] TH9-10-11 | LAVALOON - Trophy CLAN + WAR - SILENT&DISCRET Wir suchen Clanmember!!! Du suchst nach einem Lavaloon clan der viel spendet, Trophäen pusht, diskret, still und immer noch unauffällig ist ? Oder einfach einen Lavaloon War-Clan mit schnellen spenden? Dann tritt uns bei! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alles was du tun musst, ist diesen Schritten zu folgen: - Kommentiere dein TH Level, Loon level, und Haste/Rage level (Ich schreibe dir eine PM mit den Informationen zum Clan, und dem richtigen keyword zum anfragen) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Wir wollen MEHR sicherheit als in anderen Clans** *******Unser Clan fürTrophäen-Push ist Level 11******* *********Unser Clan für Clan-Wars is Level 5********* **Inaktive Member werden jede Saison aussortiert** **Wir spenden Loons und Zauber (Haste/Rage)** ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ***Wir besitzen eine Discord gruppe - der beitritt ist zwingend erforderlich, dort stehen auch die Regeln beschrieben*** ***Wenn du interessiert bist, KOMMENTIERE UM UNS BEIZUTRETEN!*** ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Keep Clashing ! Wir gucken zwischendurch im Forum, sollten wir nicht schnell genug antworten, schreibt uns einfach direkt an @BlacKsTyleVii , @r3LaXeD , @OS_Sammler oder @Freaky2015
  6. [LVL11 | LVL5] TH9-10-11 | LAVALOON - Trophy CLAN + WAR - SILENT&DISCRET We´re recruiting!!! You are searching for a Lavaloon clan that is donating, pushing trophys, discret, silent and still not obvious ? Or just looking for a Lavaloon War-Clan with instand donations? Then join ous! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All you need to do, is follow these steps: - Comment your TH Level, Loon level, and Rage/Haste level (I will write you a PM to get you an instand link of our Clan, with the right keyword to join) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *****We want MORE security as in other clans***** ********Our Clan for Trophy-Push is Level 11******** **********Our Clan for Clan-Wars is Level 5********** **Inactive members will be filtered out after a season** ***Were donating Loons and Spells (Haste/Rage)*** ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ***We´ve already a Discord group (it´s a MUST HAVE - there are the rules and exept the Settings of our Bot to get the best experience!*** ***If you are interested COMMENT BELOW TO JOIN OUS !*** ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Keep Clashing ! We´re keeping an eye on the forum, if we dont respond quick enough, feel free to write ous @BlacKsTyleVii , @r3LaXeD , @OS_Sammler or @Freaky2015
  7. BEST LAVA LOON CLAN COMMUNITY EVER 24/7 DONATION OF LOONS! Lava Loon clan to push to Legends,Titans or Champion Leagues! We donate troops 24/7 Non-stop! We have much space available! How To Join Our Clan? To Join Our Clan Message Our Staff Members! OUR STAFF @Harry22077 @vikirahma2230 @boholin @Harry-Lava Loon Clan Message us with your following details _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CHECK CLAN THAT SUITS YOU AND MESSAGE US! For Titans[4500] and up join clan [LEVEL 13 ] For Lower Leagues join clan [LEVEL 10] _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Follow the Donation Tab Settings,As it is mandatory to be followed by everyone… _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ BEST CSV TO PUSH BEST MODS
  8. Requirements: WE ARE NOW RECRUITING TH9+. Players must use some form of Lavaloon or Air strategy with loons for donation. NO Age Limitation. Donation Rules: Bot key words: loons, lava, baby, minions, haste and rage Blacklist: War We donate specific troops. Requesting Rules: Request as much as you want! Clan Rules: 1. Do NOT talk about the bot in clan chat. 2. English ONLY 3. Must respect other members 4. Have fun! How to Join Our Clan: Request for clan name by commenting below and I will contact you. Please state your XP, and lavaloon lvls. Once approved, an invite will be sent with a special password to join. Info about the Clan: We are ALL active and all of the players use bots. Donations rarely lasts longer than 10 seconds!