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  1. Welcome! This post will attempt to explain how MyBot.run handles finding images, typical problems, and a few solutions. 1) What Image detection method does MyBot.run use? MyBot.run currently uses 4 different code libraries for image detection, depending on what is being located and when the code was written: : OpenCV - BSD license - repository : https://github.com/MyBotRun/Libraries -Good: Supports transparency (.PNG image types), has many built-in methods to manipulate images to improve detection methods, fast searching -Bad: Does not easily support individual image tolerance values, large library footprint Uses: Most all of text/number reading or Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in bot. : ImageSearch - GNU license - repository : https://github.com/MyBotRun/Libraries -Good: well proven code, open source from AutoIt forums, easy to use, supports simple tolerance matching, small code footprint. -Bad: requires special images to support transparency, slow search method -Uses: Is legacy search tool from bot v1.0. Not used for new image search applications due speed issues. Being replaced with ImgLoc. : ImgLoc - LGPL v3 License - A customized AForge.Imaging - library source : https://code.google.com/archive/p/aforge/ -Good: Small footprint as MyBot.run only adds what is uses, supports multi-threaded processing for fastest search, simple tolerance matching -Bad: Does not support transparency. Works best with square match images. -Uses: Currently used for collectors, loot cart, and v6.2 weak base filter. Planned to replace all ImageSearch code, and replace some slow multi-pixel searches in near future. - Functional library MBRfunctions.dll - Proprietary library from the Developer Didipe 2015 (may not redistribute without permission) -Good: small custom image processing library using proprietary code for fast custom find methods of small images. Supports transparency. Support random match image sizes. Medium search speed. -Bad: Creator and primary developer of this DLL left MyBot.run team in 2015. Can be hard to support code changes, but can add images. -Uses: All troop training images, troop donation images, and troop deployment bar. 2) Why is my troop/spell/hero not being detected? This is hard question with a long complicated answer: Starting about January 2016, SC changed some graphics setting in the CoC app code. The changes were intended to allow anyone with large high resolution display on phone or tablet display see more detail and more cool animations. But these changes give the gaming device (emulator for MyBot.run) more control over graphics displayed or rendered. In previous app versions from 2015, most all devices had same pixels with same color values in same places. So finding images on every device was easy. This is not always true with new enhanced graphics settings. The new graphics settings allow the device to decide amount of detail and even the color palette values used in game. This means we will (and have been since January) finding that images inside the game can be different between devices. That is why some objects are not detected. Want an example? These hero images from training overview window are from same emulator using same account on same PC, top row emulator is using high resolution graphics mode, and bottom row emulator is using medium resolution. Notice even the blank panel is different color? As you can tell from the image the medium resolution has less detail, and edges are less well defined. When there are color changes the medium resolution also has less color values due using a reduced color palette. This is why some users have no problems with image detection and others have many problems! What created the difference? Top row is Bluestacks v0.10.7 configured with 850MB RAM in registry. Bottom row is the same Bluestacks installation, but only given 500MB RAM. Most users with default Bluestacks installation will be giving BS 768MB to 850MB RAM and will be using the high resolution graphics mode. Many users with slow, old PC, or those running MS inside a virtual machine will likely be using medium graphics mode with 500-512MB RAM commonly recommended to speed up the slow devices. So now hopefully you understand why there are image detection issues, and one likely source of differences. 3) Solutions: Sorry to share, but there are very few solutions available to average MyBot.run user. If your Bluestacks is having issues AND you can increase RAM to 768MB; it might fix the problem. (assuming the original match images are from same high resolution setting!) If using Memu/Droid4x, you can try adjusting RAM levels to trigger same graphics modes as BS. We are still learning if there is better way. What the community can do to help: We need more images when posting Bug reports! Please start looking more closely at emulator window images when you find an error. Pause the bot, and use the Photo button to grab an image. Use a tool like Paint.net or Gimp to look for differences if you want to help analyze issues. There are also new test buttons created to allow simpler data collection for image detection issues with training, donations, and/or deployment. Last but not least: Need to understand that MyBot.run staff has been chasing unusual image detection problems for several months, and only recently learned where the new differences where created. After a year of providing this free bot, we are used to seeing image or animation changes by SC that require new match images. But we did expect what we found. This new change by SC also means that anytime we need new detection images, they need to be collected from several graphics modes, compared, and then hopefully an average composite image created to find everything. In many cases we have to add several images to cover all graphics modes encountered. Adding images can slow search times, and much testing is required to find right balance of speed .vs accuracy. Another unusual item seen recently is that some windows are moving positions by 1-2 pixels when rendered (training overview is one). This means that image search areas need to be larger, and some pixel value checks used may randomly fail for no reason. This kind of change in window position is huge for bot code. If accurate pixel checks can not be created, we will need to use even more image searches than used in past. This will put even more pressure on MyBot,run team to develop strong methods for image finding! Thanks for support! Bot On!