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  1. The boring stuff about us! A level 11 that’s been active for 4 years and now sitting on 20 war wins in a row. We have 44 active members and have 10+ key players who are skilled attackers. We have bots donating max troops 24/7. We have some strong engineered bases, but we want more. We are looking for active botters and Engineered bases from Th9 onwards. What you need to join us? You should have general knowledge of running the bot. We can help you setup your bot for optimized usage. We can also guide you on how to engineer your base. WhatsApp is a must. Good attacking and strategic skills for war. Always use your cc troops in attacks. Speak a bit of English at least. Be nice! Don’t Panic. Drink beer and like hot women. Donations on bot Keyword : Air Balloon Keyword : Any Giants Wizards Valks Archers We also donate (during war through bot): Golem/Bowlers/Dragons/Baby Dragon/Hogs Do's and Don't's Strictly no speaking about the bot on the clan chat. This will lead to an immediate boot! Any bot related questions to be spoken on private whatsapp message only. How to apply? Send personal message to me here on Mybot.run using following template Townhall level : User tag : # Engineered: Yes/No Level : How many hours do you bot : Whatsapp number : Here is some of the donations this month..
  2. CLAN NIVEL 4 BUSCA NUEVOS MIEMBROS Somos un clan nivel 4 nuevo utilizando el bot para farming NIVEL DE AYUNTAMIENTO: cualquiera DONACIONES: arqueras, bárbaros, duendes y gigantes GUERRA: opcional (cambiar escudo a rojo si no se quiere entrar) Interesados escribir al privado.
  3. We're an active war clan To join make sure your troops and heroes are equal to your defenses (i.e. if you have level 1 xbows, then have at least level 2 hounds, level 6 loons and level 15 heroes). Request 'any' to instantly receive max level archers or wiz. I also provide support on MyBot, what good settings are to get loot and how to bot simultaneously with multiple accounts. We have a KIK group, DISCORD server (with helpful links to 'CWL-level' war bases and strategy videos) and a friendly laid-back community. We have a bot donating war troops during war day The clan currently has 48/50 members, so join now! you'll be glad you did ;D Add me on KIK: LoveNFreedom
  4. RELAUNCHED AS OF JANUARY 2ND For those who post an application to JUST our clan/thread (without applying to other clans), are automatically accepted and will be sent a PM including the invite information. Requirements: Level 100+ TH 8+ Barbs/Arch Lvl5+ (mostly donating arch, but anything else can be debated in chat) Always request & donate Each season 10k+ donated troops required; received troops amount is ignored as long as you have a decent amount donated (10k donated; 25k received is okay) If donate/receive ratio is poor or is inactive then you'll be removed. Rules: 1. Do not ever mention about bot in clan or global chat! 2. Do not share screenshots of your village before deleting/blurring your IGN/tag and clan name/tag! 3. Donate/request always! Be active 24/7! You must donate 10k+ troops per season! 4. Do not use "donate to all." Do not donate anything else but archers and barbarians. 5. Do not mention about this clan to anyone and do not invite your friends! If you have a botter friend like yourself, he/she must take an invitation from me first! 6. Don't accept someone to clan without password and don't share password! Donation Keywords: Use specific keywords for donate/request. Keep requests simple. Allowed keywords: for Archers: arch | archer | archers | any for Barbarians: barb | barbs | barbarians | any Preferably, we ask that you request for "any" and for "poison" spells You may donate anything that is better than barch, but please ask in chat first. Loot Wars: There is loot war 24/7. Loot war is where we ask the enemy clan to make their #1 and #2, put their TH and storages outside. Then we attack them for the loot and let them win the war.You have to design your war base, so it's easy for enemy clan to raid. It's very important that you keep your defences separated from your town hall and storages. Use a layout similar to this, it's very easy to 3 star: To Join: PM me or post with the format below. Thread wording/credits (snippets were taken from other threads; if you would like me to remove any part of the thread, I will)