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Found 6 results

  1. [ ONLY TOPIC ] [ORANGE LEAGUE BOT CLANS] [FARMING] • Clan Name: After joining the discord server. • Clan Level: 13 and more to be updated. • Clan Type: Farming / Farm Wars / Orange League • Clan Games: Mandatory • Clan Entry Requirements: An active TH10+ with both X-Bows, Inferno Tower, Completed FIN achievement, understands the concept of war farming. We do accept any TH's in our other clans. • Donation: Lava, Balloon, Baby Dragon, Giants, Wizards, Rage, Haste and other troops occasionally. Discord is required to be a member. Why us: 1. Friendly and helpful community. 2. You will be part of one of the best and active Farming clans. 3. Farm without the stress of real war. Meaning, rapid progress. 4. Active full clan meaning clan games done quick and easy (finished all past CG in less than half the time, some in less than a day) Clan Games requirements: All of our family of clans participates in clan games. Every member is required to maintain minimum points per game. Apply via Direct Message @Piya Raja or head to our discord server https://discord.gg/5AsTUTX You will receive the details within 24hrs. When applying please have below screenshots ready a. Farming war base b. Friend In Need achievement c. Troop levels including profile.
  2. Electrifyingankur

    need csv for goblins attack

    need csv for goblins attack Need gobs CSV to farm gold and elixir ; human like pls help
  3. [LVL 6] Farming, Clan Games, AIR/GROUND TH8+ [PT-EN] New Clan LVL 6 looking for members - TH8+ [EN/PTBR] Members Current 14/50 members. --------------- Participating in War is optional!!! --------------- Requirements: Donate: Archers, Giants, Loons, Wiz and spells Always request Botting at least 10 Hours a day Active in Clangames: 50% or higher score Do NOT talk about BOT-related in clanchat. Want to join? Reply: Town Hall: Hours Botting: Can use war attacks(Optional) (Y/N)?
  4. Since when are you guys using the bot? And how far have you come with it, I have for an example used it at first only on my 4th account, cuz you know afraid of getting banned at first and shit. It was a th 9 with some maxed deffs, full lvl 8 walls and really poor heros and troops, I managed to max it w help of bot in just like a month and 2 more months for heros and troops. I just wanted to hear what kind of gains you made with it
  5. shark_number4

    [LVL7] Clan - Farming + War - 24/7

    [LVL7] Clan - Farming + War - 24/7 Anybody looking for a farming + war clan PM me! Clan lvl 7 34 members (20 bots running 24/7) auto donations 24/7 Clan Games always 100% war 24/7 English / French
  6. Anyone can share a good farming profile for Th12? Mostly for dead bases and collectors. Please feel free to share your profile