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Found 2 results

  1. --------------------------- AutoIt Error --------------------------- Line 41 (File "path-to-mbr-folder\MyBot-MBR_v7.8.4\COCBot\functions\Village\chkShieldStatus.au3"): If _DateIsValid($g_asShieldStatus[2]) Then If _DateIsValid($g_asShieldStatus^ ERROR Error: Subscript used on non-accessible variable. --------------------------- OK --------------------------- is the above error safe to ignore and just a glitch? because this has never happened before to me and i searched the forums with no result
  2. So, when I updated to the most recent version of mybot.run, the 7.8.4 hotfix that just came out recently. So I got new profiles as per usual, and the first weird thing I noticed was the bot wasn't detecting the second army in the barracks. It would say "no troops detected", then clear the army that's queued. It would then retrain the army, and crash trying to leave the training screen, with this pop up. https://imgur.com/a/NY01BDh I had the bot running perfectly just a couple days ago, so I have all the programs necessary to run. Thanks for the help.
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