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Found 2 results

  1. Kullandığınız emülatör bot ayarlarınız kb seviyeniz hangisi Herkes kullandığı emülatörü ( versiyonu ile beraber) bot sürümünü bot ayarlarını köy binası seviyesini vs paylaşsın. Güzel bir başlık olur kanaatindeyim, hatta bazılarımız için rehber bile olur.
  2. Hi, starting with MyBot.run 6.3 beta8 Android Emulator iTools AVM is supported. Though it only supports Chinese, it's fastest and uses least RAM of all emulators I've tested so far. Homepage: http://pro.itools.cn/simulate/ Offline installer download: http://serv2_avm.itools.hk/dlavm?p=28&c=thinksky_ova Support version is,, DirectX mode must be used for bot background mode support (hidden under 3rd settings option and click right button button to save ). Use this itoolsavm.cfg and DirectX and 860x732 is already set (usually located here C:\ProgramData\ThinkSky\iToolsAVM\itoolsavm.cfg). Unfortunately there is a beta8 bug (fixed for next release) that doesn't create iTools shared folder probably. To fix this problem in beta8: Open Oracle VirtualBox.exe and add the shared folder manually, name must be: picture the host folder doesn't matter, create it where you like Oracle's VirtualBox GUI is usually here: c:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VirtualBox.exe Though Android is set to Chinese and changing Android language option is not persistent after reboot, you can change it with VBoxManage and make the vbox readonly. "c:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxManage.exe" guestproperty set iToolsVM iToolsVM_vm_country US "c:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxManage.exe" guestproperty set iToolsVM iToolsVM_vm_language en (Assuming you're with cmd.exe in iToolsAVM program folder) attrib +r Repos\VMs\iToolsVM\iToolsVM.vbox I've notices when launching the instance with the multi-launch tool (where you can create multiple instances), very often the language is still in Chinese. If so you my batch file below and let the bot launch the instance! Here my batch file iTools_config.bat (hosted on mega.nz) First parameter is the VirtualBox guest name of the instance and optionally you can specify a 2nd parameter number 0-9 to reset all forwarding ports. To patch the first instance, you simple call the batch (keep in mind you need to run with Administrator / elevated rights). To patch the second instance, call iTools_config.bat iToolsVM_01 1, the third instance iTools_config.bat iToolsVM_02 2 and so on. I also saw some installs of iTools that removed the system and readonly attribute again from the vbox file resulting in language changes did not stay in English... Wired, but you can tamper with the security settings on the file, assuming your cmd.exe is launched as Administrator, you can remove all user access from that file and keep only Administrator with full access and Everyone with Read/Execute/List etc. access. Then iTools cannot modify that file anymore... (batch files uses now this method) You must run the batch file as Administrator! Just wanna test English immediately (won't be saved!) ? Here the screenshots: Now, at least your Android is English iTools runs in VMWare! To enable DirectX mode for iTools in VMWare you just need to replace the C:\ProgramData\ThinkSky\iToolsAVM\itoolsavm.cfg with a version that has DirectX configured. Otherwise launching iTools will stop at 55% or so... You can download mine here: itoolsavm.cfg To get CoC running (when you have problems in the loading page and the bar stops in the middle), just download and drag&drop google play games apk and launch CoC again: com.google.android.play.games.apk com.google.android.gms.apk Cheers - Cosote. iTools AVM ========== http://pro.itools.cn/simulate/ Versions MyBot Command Line Key: iTools Default Instance Key: iToolsVM Second Instance Key: iToolsVM_01 Known issues/bugs: Background mode only supported when iTools running in DirectX mode. Having Problem choosing which emulator to use? Read this thread: What is best emulator? Update 2018-11-25 iTools_config.bat updated to fix language settings by copying vbox file also to a temp name. Update 2017-03-26 iTools_config.bat batch file updated with fix for non English Windows and fix for shared folder. Update 2017-03-20 iTools_config.bat batch file updated with automatic admin elevation and fix for shared folder. Update 2017-03-19 iTools_config.bat batch file updated with fix of removing readonly and hidden attribute of instance file and adding also picture shared folder by default. Memory is set to 512 MB, 1 CPU at 100% (can be also used as 3rd parameter). Update 2017-03-18 iTools_config.bat batch file updated with more options and CPU is set to 1, 100% and checked readonly to security tampering rather r/s attributes. You must run the batch file as Administrator now! Update 2017-01-02 iTools_config.bat batch file added to configure language and optionally all forwarded ports (WARNING!!! It's a zippyshare download link, be aware of those stupid popups!!!). New version has been tested and is working fine. If you upgrade, click the right button when you launch iTools instance(s) first time of this popup to upgrade you Android:
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