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Found 6 results

  1. imanbsh

    Problem With Donating

    Problem With Donating Hi in new version,when I set the bot to donate troops,everything goes fine but it doesnt donate( I mean it doesnt click on troops.maaybe it doesnt recognize what it is) This is my log. [11:05:30 PM] Chat Request: parsa [11:05:30 PM] Troop: [6] checking! [11:05:30 PM] Wizard Keyword found: parsa [11:05:30 PM] Chat Request matches a donate keyword, proceed with donating [11:05:30 PM] $g_aiPrepDon[2]: 0, $g_aiPrepDon[3]: 0, $g_iCurrentSpells: 11, $bDonateSpell: False [11:05:30 PM] $g_aiPrepDon[4]: 0$g_aiPrepDon[5]: 0, $bDonateSiege: False [11:05:30 PM] Start dual getOcrSpaceCastleDonate [11:05:30 PM] $sCapTroops :5#20 [11:05:30 PM] $sCapSpells :-1 [11:05:30 PM] $sCapSiegeMachine :-1 [11:05:30 PM] $aTempCapTroops splitted :5/20 [11:05:30 PM] Chat Troops: 5/20 [11:05:30 PM] Get remaining CC capacity in 78.01'ms [11:05:30 PM] This CC cannot accept spells, skip spell donation... [11:05:30 PM] Siege donation is not enabled, skip siege donation... [11:05:30 PM] DonateWindow Open Start [11:05:31 PM] DonateWindow at X,Y: 331,634 Found: FFFFFF [11:05:32 PM] $g_iDonationWindowY: 367 [11:05:32 PM] DonateWindow Open Exit [11:05:32 PM] Troop/Spell/Siege checkpoint. [11:05:32 PM] DonateCapWindow Start [11:05:32 PM] $sReadCCTroopsCap: 2#8 [11:05:32 PM] $aTempReadCCTroopsCap splitted :2/8 [11:05:32 PM] $g_bSkipDonTroops: False [11:05:32 PM] $g_bSkipDonSpells: True [11:05:32 PM] DonateCapWindow End [11:05:32 PM] Get available donate cap in 1883.57'ms [11:05:32 PM] Troop checkpoint. [11:05:32 PM] Wizard Keyword found: parsa [11:05:32 PM] $DonateTroopType Start: Wizard [11:05:32 PM] Troop Slot: 0 SearchImgloc returned:Arch. [11:05:32 PM] Detected Archer [11:05:32 PM] Troop Slot: 1 SearchImgloc returned:queued. [11:05:32 PM] TroopIndexLookup() Error: Index for troop name 'queued' not found. [11:05:32 PM] Slot: 1Troop Detection Failed [11:05:32 PM] Troop Slot: 2 SearchImgloc returned:empty. [11:05:32 PM] Troop Slot: 7 SearchImgloc returned:empty. [11:05:32 PM] Get Donated troops in 211.48'ms [11:05:33 PM] Get more donate buttons in 1437.15'ms [11:05:33 PM] No more Donate buttons found, closing chat ($y=684)

    Unable to read Chat Request!

    Unable to read Chat Request! Hi Guys.. I'm using mybut.run in Halk Attack mode for donate and train only... I noticed some time bot doesn't donate my clanmate and skip all Clan casle request by showing this message "Unable to read Chat Request!" . After some time i realized , this is only happen when someone request for donate or using clan chat under the bot checking to fulfill request. When someone message or request for troops then the clan chat bar scroll up little bit.. Maybe this is the main reason for this error.... So my question is... Is there any way to solve this problem...? . Tnx for ur help... It continuing
  3. Army Camp is not full Training continues Hello. I set up a bot on the Donat troops. but for some reason he writes that the camps are not full and constantly checks the army instead of Donat. What to do? 21:04:49] Army Camp is not full, Training Continues...[21:04:55] Total Army Camp Capacity: 240/240 (100%)[21:04:56] - 12 Balloons Available[21:04:56] - 2 Dragons Available[21:04:56] - 2 Baby Dragons Available[21:04:56] - 2 Electro Dragons Available[21:04:56] - 1 Lava Hound Available[21:04:56] - 2 Ice Golems Available[21:04:57] - Barbarian King Available[21:04:57] - Archer Queen Available[21:04:57] - Grand Warden Available[21:04:57] Total Spell Factory Capacity: 11/11[21:04:58] - 3 Poison Spells Brewed[21:04:58] - 4 Earthquake Spells Brewed[21:04:58] - 4 Haste Spells Brewed[21:04:58] Total Siege Workshop Capacity: 1/1[21:04:58] - 1 Wall Wrecker Available[21:04:59] Total Clan Castle Spells: 2/2[21:04:59] Clan Castle Full/No Clan.[21:04:59] Total Siege CC Capacity: 1/1[21:04:59] - 1 Stone Slammer Available[21:04:59] Chief, is your Army ready? No, not yet!
  4. [LVL9] - BOTTING ONLY - FARMING 24/7 We are RECRUITING members for our LEV9 FARMING Clan. You have to be actively botting, loyal and serious about our Clan. Requirements: Archers on at least L6 always donate Archers (L6/7/8 only) always request botting at least 8 Hours a day Active in Clangames Telegram available Follow Rules! Rules: Do NOT talk about the bot in Clash of Clans chat! (We have a Telegram group for that) Be kind More: We have a Telegram group, where we discuss tactics and other stuff. Would be very useful for you to join. If you like to join, please fill out the following Form and comment here or write it via Tg to Nils or FSA. We will review you and you will get the Name/Password to join. Town Hall Level: Archer Level: Preferred Tactic: Hours spent botting a day: Telegram available: If you have any Questions, feel free to ask
  5. Hello. I am looking for serious, loyal, dedicated, hardcore botters for my clan. We are a family who have been around since early 2015 on Kik and have recently swapped to Discord not long ago. We have a few members who have been with us since the beginning. We are currently 48/50 members, so if you are reading this, you are eligible to join if you meet the requirements. Requirements are : TH9 + Level 5 + BArch ( Barbarians and Archers ) Level 6 + Loons Level 6 + Wizards Basic English at the bare minimum Ability to follow rules Ability to use and communicate on Discord Bot 8 Hours a day 5 days a week MINIMUM ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you wish to join, plese join our discord @ https://discord.gg/zS7NqTz When you join, please list your: Town Hall Level : BArch Level : Loon Level Wizard Level : Hours Spent Playing : ( Since you are a botter, this must be your hours and days per week spent botting. In my case, I bot 24:7 so Hours Spent Playing : 24:7 ) Where did you hear about our clan? Since you are reading this on MyBot, you MUST say " The Farming Forum " If you say ANYTHING related to botting or MyBot, you will be void your chance of getting into our clan since we take security seriously and you will be a safety hazard to all our members. We have a channel called " Bot Support " where we discuss everything bot related, You will be able to see this channel once you are promoted to Elite Elder AKA our botters rank. Hope to see some fellow MyBot members join soon! Bot on PS: We will respond within a few minutes usually, however if we take more than a few hours, please @Alexander or PM me
  6. Here's an update to the kick mod for the latest MyBot version with a mod Speed up donations (ignore text requests when donating to all, longer loops, removed useless long waitings, begin donating at bottom then go up...), a very useful feature for those in donation clans: There is the diff file to apply, i'm using it on Backup your Original Code First 1. Download: Donate Faster & GTFO.diff - MIRROR 2. Apply diff: 3. Enjoy Finished Modification - Ready to go Re Compile / Re Build the "MyBot.run.au3" file MBR v7.1.2 TeamVN AIO MOD v1.6.1 with Fast Donate & GTFO.rar (For the Lazy) For more information about how to compile or re build the code click this link I'm not a coder, i just modified the original code to fit the new MBR version and wanted to share it with those who need it, all credits goes to the creator of the original code. OLD METHOD (obsolete)