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Found 11 results

  1. Hey guys, i created a new farming/donating clan for you botters! Now to me: -8 accounts -24/7 VPN botting -Donating on each account -Botting since December 2015 -NEVER HAD A BAN! Here are my accounts: TH 8 (will stay for ever TH8 on this account) Gold 2 Barbking 10 (currently pushing to champ and leveling with donations) TH 9 Gold 2 Barbking 19 Queen 18 TH 9 Gold 1 Barbking 21 Queen 19 TH 10 Crystal 2 Barbking 25 Queen 25 TH 12 Crystal 2 Barbking 36 Queen 41 Warden 6 TH 13 Crystal 1 Barbking 40 Queen 52 Warden 16 Royal Champ 5 All of my accounts donating air/ground troops! If you want to join my clan, just answer a few questions: TH LVL? BARB KING LVL? QUEEN LVL? WARDEN LVL? ROYAL CHAMP LVL? After that, I' ll you send a PM 🙂
  2. its mybot v 7.8.4 dunno whats going on lol
  3. Ikaw ba ay naghahanap ng 24/7 BOTTING CLAN? Halika na at sumali ka na sa aking CLAN LOONS, EDRAG, WRECKER, FREEZE, RAGE ang DINODONATE KO MAGDAMAGAN IPOST mo lang ang iyong PLAYER TAG at I-AADD KITA AT IINVITE SA AKING CLAN
  4. I bot upto 12 hours a day and have discord. looking for a 24/7 donation troop clan pref air troops. pm me on forums and i'll reply within the hour
  5. We required BOTTERS for our level 9 clan plz drop your message and I'll share you the clan tag. #ClanWars, #Farming #Botters
  6. Max townhall 9 looking for a clan (Preferably FWA) I'm a max towhall 9 (Soon TH1O) looking for a botting clan. I bot 24/7 I donate balloons/ giants & wizards I got max th9 troops DM me
  7. LVL202 TH12 Looking For FWA Clan - Curently using GiArch Bot Is On 247 + Donations msg me on kik DenisRom OR pm me on MBR or reply to post Cheers
  8. Looking For FWA 24/7 Bot Clan - Im Max TH12 Using Lavaloon max loons max hounds max queen staying in the low titan range as i still need to upgrade some defs Looking for fwa lvl10+ with atleast 25 botters using lalo for unlimited requersts and unlimited donations
  9. Looking for a botting clan Looking for a botting clan (FWA or non) Townhall level: 9 Troops: Lv2 Hounds, Lv6 Balloons, Lv5 Rage, Lv2 Haste Bot time per day: 4-6h Note: I also have 2 more accounts which I bot in, 1 townhall level 8 semi-maxed and one townhall lv10 rushed which a friend of mine gave me Pm me
  10. Required Botting clan Hy guys, I have 2 acc. Of th10 and 1 acc. Of 12. And i am searching for a botting clan which having only botters so please pm me i bot 24/7 thnx!!
  11. Botting clan Are there any botting clans out there? I'm a th8 defensless bitter with 200 archers. I would need ballons level 6
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