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Found 17 results

  1. texaygames

    I search botting Clan TH8

    I search botting Clan TH8 Hello, I'm searching clan i'm trophy pushing a mid maxed th8 and search a clan that donates activly (Need PEKKA & Earthquake).
  2. ☆☆☆ Clan Nivel 12 ♢♢♢ Reclutando Clan Nivel 12 Reclutamos Botters que hablen en español Donamos 24/7 (todas las tropas y Hechizos) Juegos de clan Obligatorios Guerras Opcionales Grupo Whatsapp para pasarnos configuraciones, dudas y organización de Guerras PROHIBIDO NOMBRAR O HABLAR DEL BOT EN EL CHAT DEL JUEGO ENVIENME MENSAJE PRIVADO CON LA ETIQUETA/TAG DE SUS ALDEAS , PORQUE EL CLAN ESTÁ EN PRIVADO
  3. [LVL 10 Clan] FARM & WAR [CLANGAMES] Hi All, Have a LVL10 clan ready for BOT Farming And War! War is defiantly optional. The clan is under rebuild and currently some few casual players are playing there. It would be nice with a few that also would do war Hope too see some of you join. ( ps I was too lazy to come up with a lot of text so borrowed from another post - and just edit it a bit.) Rules:- Do not mention botting in clan chat / global chat EVER - Chat is ENGLISH only. - It's a must to have donations checked for the bot using keywords to donate what is requested. - Set Keywords to: loons, giants, wiz, haste, rage and lightning - No donation ratio but try to give back as much as you can! - also include Words for donate: Any, anything, def Requirements: - All Townhall's are welcome - Bot as much as you want - Donate and request option must be on - Allowed to donate as per given keywords only, donating anything else will get you kicked from the clan. How to join: - Leave a comment below or message me direct
  4. salmankhan786

    Need high level botting clan

    Need high level botting clan im a th12 and i need a clan
  5. TH9 lv.6 Barch searching for Clan TH9 level 12x , with lv.6 barch, almost fully maxed out base, searching for a clan. Botting 18/24h 7/7d. Activ in war (3 stars specialist). Ready for clan war league. (Only lv10+ clan please) Thanks.
  6. [LVL 9 CLAN] Botting 24/7 (15 botting accounts TH11+) Recruiting TH11/12 for CWL MASTERS III League! Lvl 9 Clan Recruiting for CWL (Masters III) TH11/12 [LVL9 Clan] Looking for TH11 and 12 for CWL... BONUS goes to top THs and war heroes. Best THs included in every war so you can get max medals. If you're looking for a clan, feel free to join. If you're looking for a clan for your secondary accounts, feel free to join as long as you use attacks in war (CWL only for TH11/12). If you have a clan but you want to merge to maximize on medals, feel free to contact me so we can form a CWL alliance. If your clan is already packed and you're not sure if you're going to play, feel free to join for CWL and leave after if you want. If you like the clan you can stay and you will be promoted after good performances. War 24/7 Fast Bot donations 24/7 (15 bots donating 24/7) English / French (Located in Canada) Send me a PM if you're interested to join.
  7. [LVL 11] Farming, Clan Games, CWL AIR/GROUND [EN-SP] Hi, I am rebuilding my clan lvl 11 and i 'm looking for new members who are active CWL and clan games * Clan Games Required * Wars Optional * Donations: Lava/Loons, Giants/Wiz and WW, SS, BB Please PM me for clan tag. Thanks.
  8. [TH5] Looking for 24/7 botting clan I've started a new account and it's currently TH5, are there any botting clans I could join? I bot at least 12/7. Thanks!
  9. [Level 15] Farming Clan | 24/7 Maxed Keyword Donations | CG Only | TH8+ Reactivating my old (then active) level 16 clan Description: Level 15 Farming Clan English/German speaking only(!) CW Roster available Requirements: Townhall 8+ Donations Need to be active Participation in Clan Games Donation Keywords: any, bitte, loons, loon Blacklist Keywords: war Do not mention the topic bot in any way! Do you want to join? State your TH, Level of Loons, Botting hours: Either you send me a PM or you post an answer in this thread.
  10. Th11 lvl 178 looking for a botting clan hi i'm looking for a botting clan that donates 24/7 and active! i'm a th11 lvl 178
  11. You are using MyBot to gain effortless loot but it is not enough! Do you want to gain MORE LOOT with Farm War Alliance? Do you want to get all the rewards on Clan Games? Do you want to gain EFFORTLESS war stars? So our clan is ideally suited for you! We have some automation tricks about Builder Base. Our family of clans includes a couple hundred members. We have built in training in our discord server to learn various skills. We earned 80k Clan Games points in 30 hours during the last big event. We have players who custom make CSV's and have third party support in our discord. Seeking unrushed TH10 & TH11 (TH9s are not allowed) accounts that are interested in. Age, Sex, Location - irrelevant and it should not be a problem or have anything to do with your gaming ability.  Show up, be mature, willing to learn, reliable and in time you will earn promotions after you have proven your worth. Our members are mostly USA / UK / and a few other random countries, most are adults. We have 10 online 24/7 with current clan donations averaging between 100k and 150k per season. Discord;Conscience#4579
  12. ...::: Air Attacks Strategies :::... ...::: Clan Informations :::... ...::: Clan Rules :::... - Enjoy it ! - Must respect other members - Do NOT talk about the bot in clan chat and global chat ...::: Request & Donate Settings :::... ...::: How can I join? :::... Who want to join the clan can write a message to the subject by filling the following template completely... You can send me a private message from Telegram application : @noth1ngFF
  13. [CLAN LEVEL 6] [ANY TOWNHALL] NEW FARMING BOT CLAN [22/50 MEMBERS] WAR-NON-STOP [NO MATTERS WIN/LOSE] NEED STARS ONLY Firstly I should be loyal to you because this is my 1st Clan Ever. I don't have many players to donate 24x7 but mybot has 8 switch Id profiles with donation option enabled ( Specially GIANTS \ ARCHERS ) so there may be little delay in a donation. If you will support me then I am damn sure we will go very far away. See I just want to say if we support each other's back we will definitely the best clan ever for me. So After reading all these things still if you want to be a part of my clan. You Are Most Welcome. Join Our Clan For [Farming] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If You are searching for a Donations, And Farming Then You are At Right Place. # FOR JOINING OUR CLAN YOU HAVE TO FOLLOWS SOME STEPS # Send Me Your Village Profile ID [ Sanjana Mia #6847 ] / @Sanjana Mia ( I´ll send you an invitation Link of CLAN ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE --> Please keep in mind that if you join this clan, Do NOT Talk About The Bot In Clash Of Clans Chat ! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. [LVL10] The Best Lavaloon Botting Clan 24/7 Donations This clan was formerly Harry’s Lavaloonian clan and I took over 1 year ago. We have been a MyBot.Run botting clan for over 2.5 years!! UPDATE: We now have 2 clans! We have one primary clan for titans & legends, and a 2nd BRAND NEW LVL 12 clan for everybody else! Both Clans have constant donations! Requirements: Players must use some form of Lavaloon or Air strategy with loons for donation. We are currently only recruiting TH9+ We are currently only recruiting Titans + Donation Rules: Donate Loons and Rage to all Haste may be donated if only 1 clan castle slot is available. Requesting Rules: Request as much as you want! Clan Rules: 1. Do NOT talk about the bot in clan chat. 2. Must respect other members 3. Have fun! How to Join Our Clan: Please post in the thread with your player lvl and your league. I will PM you how to join after you have posted. Info about the Clan: We are ALL active and all of the players use bots. Donations rarely lasts longer than 10 seconds!
  15. [LVL9] - BOTTING ONLY - FARMING 24/7 We are RECRUITING members for our LEV9 FARMING Clan. You have to be actively botting, loyal and serious about our Clan. Requirements: Archers on at least L6 always donate Archers (L6/7/8 only) always request botting at least 8 Hours a day Active in Clangames Telegram available Follow Rules! Rules: Do NOT talk about the bot in Clash of Clans chat! (We have a Telegram group for that) Be kind More: We have a Telegram group, where we discuss tactics and other stuff. Would be very useful for you to join. If you like to join, please fill out the following Form and comment here or write it via Tg to Nils or FSA. We will review you and you will get the Name/Password to join. Town Hall Level: Archer Level: Preferred Tactic: Hours spent botting a day: Telegram available: If you have any Questions, feel free to ask
  16. Hello. I am looking for serious, loyal, dedicated, hardcore botters for my clan. We are a family who have been around since early 2015 on Kik and have recently swapped to Discord not long ago. We have a few members who have been with us since the beginning. We are currently 48/50 members, so if you are reading this, you are eligible to join if you meet the requirements. Requirements are : TH9 + Level 5 + BArch ( Barbarians and Archers ) Level 6 + Loons Level 6 + Wizards Basic English at the bare minimum Ability to follow rules Ability to use and communicate on Discord Bot 8 Hours a day 5 days a week MINIMUM ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you wish to join, plese join our discord @ https://discord.gg/zS7NqTz When you join, please list your: Town Hall Level : BArch Level : Loon Level Wizard Level : Hours Spent Playing : ( Since you are a botter, this must be your hours and days per week spent botting. In my case, I bot 24:7 so Hours Spent Playing : 24:7 ) Where did you hear about our clan? Since you are reading this on MyBot, you MUST say " The Farming Forum " If you say ANYTHING related to botting or MyBot, you will be void your chance of getting into our clan since we take security seriously and you will be a safety hazard to all our members. We have a channel called " Bot Support " where we discuss everything bot related, You will be able to see this channel once you are promoted to Elite Elder AKA our botters rank. Hope to see some fellow MyBot members join soon! Bot on PS: We will respond within a few minutes usually, however if we take more than a few hours, please @Alexander or PM me
  17. Clan Castle Troop Request I am having trouble in my bot requesting troops, instead of pressing the "send" button after you type your message, the bot will cancel the request and i dont know what to do maybe it has some minor bugs???? or what not. pls help