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Found 19 results

  1. Looking for farming/donating clan. 24/7 Farming TH10 Player I am TH10, level 115 in search of a farming clan that I can request troops from. I use the bot 24/7.
  2. LVL202 TH12 Looking For FWA Clan - Curently using GiArch Bot Is On 247 + Donations msg me on kik DenisRom OR pm me on MBR or reply to post Cheers
  3. Looking For FWA 24/7 Bot Clan - Im Max TH12 Using Lavaloon max loons max hounds max queen staying in the low titan range as i still need to upgrade some defs Looking for fwa lvl10+ with atleast 25 botters using lalo for unlimited requersts and unlimited donations
  4. ...::: Air Attacks Strategies :::... ...::: Clan Informations :::... ...::: Clan Rules :::... - Enjoy it ! - Must respect other members - Do NOT talk about the bot in clan chat and global chat ...::: Request & Donate Settings :::... ...::: How can I join? :::... Who want to join the clan can write a message to the subject by filling the following template completely... You can send me a private message from Telegram application : @noth1ngFF
  5. [TH9] Clan Español?

    Hola, estoy en la busqueda de un clan en español, en lo posible que done tropas 24/7 para farming Esta es mi cuenta actualmente
  6. Mybot Azerbaycan

    Mybot Azerbaycan Azerbaycan bot istifadecileri
  7. Klan aranıyorum.

    Klan aranıyorum. TH9 herşey max binaları 24/7 botu aktiftir. Ks yoktur. Bağışlı ve istekli botu mevcuttur. Klan için lava tazı ve hız ihtiyaç var. 123 level hesabı
  8. Looking for a botting clan

    Looking for a botting clan Looking for a botting clan (FWA or non) Townhall level: 9 Troops: Lv2 Hounds, Lv6 Balloons, Lv5 Rage, Lv2 Haste Bot time per day: 4-6h Note: I also have 2 more accounts which I bot in, 1 townhall level 8 semi-maxed and one townhall lv10 rushed which a friend of mine gave me Pm me
  9. donation related additon! First of all let me say what a great job the team does time and time again.. train troops order helpful - switching accounts so helpful too! one thing I suggest is to add more function for training and donating. create something that will cook spell or troop that is requested to donate.... and if donate no longer needed to delete the spell or troop. also if you are running laloon with 4 hounds and 24 loons and u are donating loons - sometimes your army camp ends up with 5 hounds and less loons... make bot delete excess troops and cook normal ones. is this doable.
  10. [CLAN LEVEL 6] [ANY TOWNHALL] NEW FARMING BOT CLAN [22/50 MEMBERS] WAR-NON-STOP [NO MATTERS WIN/LOSE] NEED STARS ONLY Firstly I should be loyal to you because this is my 1st Clan Ever. I don't have many players to donate 24x7 but mybot has 8 switch Id profiles with donation option enabled ( Specially GIANTS \ ARCHERS ) so there may be little delay in a donation. If you will support me then I am damn sure we will go very far away. See I just want to say if we support each other's back we will definitely the best clan ever for me. So After reading all these things still if you want to be a part of my clan. You Are Most Welcome. Join Our Clan For [Farming] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If You are searching for a Donations, And Farming Then You are At Right Place. # FOR JOINING OUR CLAN YOU HAVE TO FOLLOWS SOME STEPS # Send Me Your Village Profile ID [ Sanjana Mia #6847 ] / @Sanjana Mia ( I´ll send you an invitation Link of CLAN ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE --> Please keep in mind that if you join this clan, Do NOT Talk About The Bot In Clash Of Clans Chat ! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. {Lv 9} 24/botting clan starting back Up! Hero down war. Hey everyone. I have a clan which currently has about 8 non stop botters from th7/th11. War log is showing 200 wins 27 losses... Normally max out clan games but we have a sister clan which also bots and does clan games (currently on 10 win streak). Best streak I've had is 80. Ideally looking for some 24/7 botters who want to make use of clan perks. We are not to chatty - YET. Mature only please. Comment below & drop me a message for an invite. Mergers also welcome.
  12. Required Botting clan

    Required Botting clan Hy guys, I have 2 acc. Of th10 and 1 acc. Of 12. And i am searching for a botting clan which having only botters so please pm me i bot 24/7 thnx!!
  13. [LVL10] The Best Lavaloon Botting Clan 24/7 Donations This clan was formerly Harry’s Lavaloonian clan and I took over 1 year ago. We have been a MyBot.Run botting clan for over 2.5 years!! UPDATE: We now have 2 clans! We have one primary clan for titans & legends(FWA), and a 2nd BRAND NEW LVL 12 clan for everybody else! Both Clans have constant donations! Requirements: Players must use some form of Lavaloon or Air strategy with loons for donation. We are currently only recruiting TH9+ We are currently only recruiting Titans + Donation Rules: Donate Loons and Rage to all Haste may be donated if only 1 clan castle slot is available. Requesting Rules: Request as much as you want! Clan Rules: 1. Do NOT talk about the bot in clan chat. 2. Must respect other members 3. Have fun! How to Join Our Clan: Please post in the thread with your player lvl and your league. I will PM you how to join after you have posted. Info about the Clan: We are ALL active and all of the players use bots. Donations rarely lasts longer than 10 seconds!
  14. [LVL9] - BOTTING ONLY - FARMING 24/7 We are RECRUITING members for our LEV9 FARMING Clan. You have to be actively botting, loyal and serious about our Clan. Requirements: Archers on at least L6 always donate Archers (L6/7/8 only) always request botting at least 8 Hours a day Active in Clangames Telegram available Follow Rules! Rules: Do NOT talk about the bot in Clash of Clans chat! (We have a Telegram group for that) Be kind More: We have a Telegram group, where we discuss tactics and other stuff. Would be very useful for you to join. If you like to join, please fill out the following Form and comment here or write it via Tg to Nils or FSA. We will review you and you will get the Name/Password to join. Town Hall Level: Archer Level: Preferred Tactic: Hours spent botting a day: Telegram available: If you have any Questions, feel free to ask
  15. [LVL11 | LVL8 | LVL5] TH9-12 | LAVALOON - Trophy & Farm Clan - SILENT&DISCRET With this Text i want to advertise our OLYMPUS-Community [GER/ENG] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • A Home for different MBR-User • Four Clans for the best experience - Two for Farming - Two for TrophyPush • A very good organized Clan ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • Own Discord-Server w/support in all directions - Pre-Configured Bots / Easy usage to start Pushing - Many Guides - Automated invitation System / Easy switch between the Clans. - An own Discord Bot with automated Systems ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- • SAFETY - We don´t care a lot about it, we are living it! (That’s the reason why we´re not making WARS ATM !) (We are looking for a safe solution) Inactive Members will be sorted out depending on the end of a Saison or if necessary space is blocked. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are using DISCORD!! The access is a MUST HAVE! - There are the Rules/Guides/ClanGames-Settings & Pre-Configured Bots. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you´re interested, Commend below to join ous! (I´ll write you a PM with the information of the Clan and discord-invitation link) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Keep Clashing ! We are keeping an Eye on the forum, if we are not quick enough responding, just write ous directly @BlacKsTyleVii , @OS_Sammler , @SnapDog12 , @r3LaXeD or @Freaky2015
  16. FairPlay United closed down

    [LVL 13] Botting Clan all members welcome! We are sad to announce that the Discord Server was deleted,because someone reported it. The final decison is that we will close the clans and the family, because of safety reasons. Thanks for everybody who helped us and been with us on this journey, especially our Staff team who put countless hours into maintaining this whole thing. Keep up the fairplay !
  17. [Level 11] Clan Recruiting | Accepting anyone! Posting this here till the clan recruitment place opens back up; We're a level 11 clan accepting all members! PM or drop a post here and I'll send you our info. No requirements to join; we ask that you enable donate/request and ask for "any" Prefer to use "barch" for all donate requests, sometimes special messages do not matter, we'll donate barch.

    DEUTSCHER AKTIVER BOTCLAN ? BOTCLAN 24/7 BOTTING CLAN FÜR DEUTSCHSPRACHIGE _________________________________________________ Tach zusammen! Ich hatte überlegt, da es ja anscheinend hier keine aktiven deutschen Clans gibt, einen neuen Botclan zu erstellen! Ich selber botte 24/7 über einen vserver (über diesen Service) Level 130 RH10 REGELN: 1. Kein Wort über Bots oder ähnliches im Clanchat 2. Spenden aktivieren für BAM (Keine Riesen spenden) 3. Clankrieg ist opitional (bräuchten erstmal Member) Bei Interesse einfach mal kommentieren oder Mir eine PN schreiben
  19. Army not ready - Waiting for Clan Castle to be FULL I have installed mybot.run for version 6.5. I have configured everything in the bot as to how i had it in v6.1. The issue i am having is that the bot seems to be waiting for the clan castle to be full to start the attack. I have checked everything in the bot to make sure i dont have anything selected for the clan castle. Is anyone having this issue? Thank you all I just filled my clan castle and still say it is not ready for attacking even though everything is full - Army Camp 240/240, Spells 11/11, Clan Castle 35/35 My Bot has been on a loop saying Army not ready. does anyone have any suggestion? Thank you