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Found 7 results

  1. Can't find a file Hi, bot seems to crash because of this error every 5-10 mins, any ideas of what to do? File not found: C:\Users\rebou\Pictures\MEmu Photo\DA1881781D35BEA1F1BBA87321EAA60D800FBBDB
  2. MYBOT Can't auto upgrade wall level 9 Hello, i want ask why my bot can't upgrade wall level 9 to level 10, my townhall level 9 and mybot always skipp wall because insufficient TH-Level any one have same problem with me? please help
  3. Level 11 No wall(s) next to previously upgraded found Level 11 walls are not recognized, even though they are in plain sight. it is working on other lower level walls. log (debug enabled): Thanks for helping!
  4. Troops queued being deleted Hello everyone, Does anyone knows how to solve this issue? [06:10:57] Clear troop queue before removing unexpected troops in army [06:10:57] Open Train Troops Tab [06:11:00] - Delete Troops Queued! [06:11:15] Troops To Remove: [06:11:15] - Barbarian: 46x [06:11:15] - Archer: 100x [06:11:15] - Giant: 24x Basically, it's in a loop which it creates my army 1 then begins removal of troops in queue, then it removes ready troops. I have no clue why it's like this. I'm using Nox 6.3 Can anyone help me? Thanks!
  5. script does not detect level 13 walls Version 7.7.7 I use the following commond to setup a droppoint on the outer and inner wall MAKE |A |FRONT-RIGHT|1 |-1 |IGNORE |0 |0 |EX-WALL | MAKE |B |FRONT-RIGHT|1 |-2 |IGNORE |0 |0 |IN-WALL | On attacking a village with a level 13 outer wall and a level 12 inner wall, the droppoint is set at the level 12 inner wall leading to a not so succesful attack as the jump spell that is thrown at this droppoint now is inside the village. If a village is maxed out on level 13 walls, I have seen it occur that no innerwall and no outerwall is detected.
  6. can't locate main screen When i start the bot, it can't locate main screen. zooming out, restarting coc and do it again and again. reinstalled several times both emulator and bot. snow is disabled. it is recomended bluestacks version, can't install other emulators for different reasons. can u help me? here is picture: https://ibb.co/4KC4sFK
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