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Found 6 results

  1. Bot says League Day ended already! Try again later My bot version 7.8.2 Emulator: Nox Operating System: Windows 10 Log: [5:20:10 PM] Trying to locate Main Screen [5:20:13 PM] Main Screen located [5:20:14 PM] Entering Clan Games [5:20:15 PM] Caravan not available [5:20:15 PM] Pulled shared_prefs of profile AaronElectroloon (19 files) [5:20:15 PM] Going to Attack [5:20:19 PM] League Day ended already! Trying again later [5:20:19 PM] Pulled shared_prefs of profile AaronElectroloon (19 files) [5:20:19 PM] Closing CoC...... [5:20:26 PM] Enabled bot controls due to long wait time [5:20:26 PM] Waiting 11 minutes before starting CoC @Chilly-ChillNot sure how to supply debug file.
  2. Bot Removes ALL CC troops everytime Hey, I am using MyBot V7.8.2 and the bot removes my CC troops every time. My Settings: https://prnt.sc/qmpslp https://prnt.sc/qmpspk I tried to change every setting but nothing works. My Clan castle has exacttly 30 space. In the Log it says: [20:41:08] Requesting Clan Castle reinforcements [20:41:09] Getting current army in Clan Castle... [20:41:10] - 7x Wizards (Clan Castle) [20:41:10] Removing unexpected CC army: [20:41:10] - 7x Wizards [20:41:13] Clan Castle army removed [20:41:15] Clan Castle Request has already been made
  3. MyBot.run.exe will not be start (sorry for bad english I'm from Germany) Hey Guys I can't start the MyBot.Run.exe, when i start it = Nothing Comes. The file does not start and disappears. Pleas help ! Thanks
  4. "MyBot.run.exe" is delete at lunch I have a problem, when I launch "MyBot.run.exe" the file deletes itself ... however I deactivate Windows Defender
  5. Problem with clan castle drop problem with clan castle drop if I enter the clan, the bot can detect the clan castle when attacking and drop it properly. The picture is like this, normal https://imgur.com/a/qXRwWIL but if I don't join any clans (but there are troops) the bot says there is no castle clan, no clan https://imgur.com/a/EAk9VqU from that problem the bot doesn't drop the clan castle, can anyone help? *use google translate
  6. Does not train desired number of loons Bot doesn't train desired number of loons. Every time the bot training 4 to 8 less troops out of 28 and continue deleting.
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