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  1. Bluestacks lost my login hi, i have changed my account to the new supercell id. and now sometime i have the problem that bluestacks ( or perhaps coc apk lost my login data (supercell id). in this situation i have to reconnect my supercell id with email veryfication... ???
  2. HELP For BlueStacks

    HELP For BlueStacks I formatted my PC and now I could not find a working BlueStacks. Also I forgot which version I used, please help me to find a working one. I examined the forum. However, recommended BlueStacks' links are broken so I could not download some of them. Please help me about it. Thanks a lot.
  3. Bluestacks abaixando o som do Notebook

    Bluestacks abaixando o som do Notebook Boa tarde, alguém sabe como resolver o problema de quando inicio o bluestacks, automaticamente alguma configuração no meu computador é mudada e o som fica mais baixo em tudo do pc. já procurei no google em vários idiomas e não encontro. Espero que alguém possa ajudar.
  4. how use another emulator on 7.4.3 version how use another emulator on 7.4.3 version i try to use bluestacks on this version but when start bot see this eror: [12:03:10 AM] Nox (nox) unsupported Graphics Engine / Render Mode, using OpenGL/ADB screencap [12:03:11 AM] Launch faild: devices [12:03:11 AM] Serious error has occurred: Cannot find Nox file: [12:03:11 AM] Nox.exe [12:03:11 AM] Android support for Nox is not available [12:03:11 AM] Unable to open Nox instance 'nox' [12:03:11 AM] Please check emulator/installation [12:03:11 AM] Unable to continue........ [12:03:11 AM] Cannot start Nox, please check log [12:03:11 AM] ===================== Bot Stop ====================== plz help me to resolve this problem
  5. Yardım!! | Memu Ve Bluestacks Çalışmıyor Arkadaşlar Öncellikle Bluestacks yükledim ama mavi ekranda kaldı ne yaptıysam olmadı onu kaldırıp memuyu kurdum memu güzel bir 15 saat çalıştı sıkıntı yoktu gece elektrikler gitmiş , sabah açtığımda memu açılmadı ve halen deniyorum memu ekranı gelmiyor Bot üzerinden çalıştırdım yine aynı: [22:36:04] ====================== BOT LOG ====================== [22:36:05] Starting MEmu and Clash Of Clans [22:36:06] Please wait while MEmu and CoC start... [22:36:39] Please wait while MEmu and CoC start... [22:40:35] Serious error has occurred, please restart PC and try again [22:40:35] MEmu refuses to load, waited 235.94 seconds for boot completed [22:40:35] Cannot start MEmu, please check log [22:40:36] ===================== Bot Stop ====================== Bana bir yardım ederseniz lütfen...
  6. BlueStacks - Rooted Versions

    como funciona o bot..? oi blz como faço para baixar o bluestacks? preciso baixar o bluestacks como faço?
  7. Mybot auf vserver

    Mybot auf vserver Unzwar ich habe einen vserver mit Windows 2016 habe es geschafft das der bot läuft und auch die Verbindung gehalten Wird über rdp....nun habe ich eine andere Frage....wie kann ich das machen das ich 2 bots laufen lassen kann unter einem vserver! Bitte um Hilfe....kenne mich nur mit bluestacks aus....
  8. 3.56.74 Download: https://mega.nz/#!yRozxZBJ!FGE9y8S3bvWQkqhOFnGGu93Eoj_iFUNKlTnkHmxlHkI =========================================================================================== 3.56.73 Download: https://mega.nz/#!2QJXDCKD!fNr7orxOnk_IGfRHaHvIC4iB3IIO6ybM0Oq-BefZUj8 =========================================================================================== 3.55.70 Download: https://mega.nz/#!bZRHUY6Q!0SHyMnO0_SdDimPAZIbKA2ycfipDPUR--owkwmiWnPk =========================================================================================== 3.54.65 Download: https://mega.nz/#!GN9CBIaB!qUrlXY8QKcOEeVYYASL52QSk1WqV1lhIXh1SVQGDNG0 =========================================================================================== 3.50.52 Download: https://mega.nz/#!ed8XQJAB!xIXtzDOpzQ9vx_GZIwcmKZgfXzKsvQnN8aP94ZAIT2g ============================================================================================ 2.6.105 Download: https://mega.nz/#!uIFERDRY!Gx5jCLQESAIsMSC5lM6yLBBi2J30lZUQz4-hV5sqNmM ============================================================================================ 2.5.43 Download: https://mega.nz/#!zBJzybjD!vD1UiBWmns72n8UP8H9lWuKbF-5Co5lBOpWunCcTeIY ============================================================================================ 2.4.43 Download: https://mega.nz/#!vAhSxZBS!kx99h5tY7nfI88yVi8sQ2LeucJcJomqU9UOiAppBxQM ============================================================================================ 2.2.27 Download: https://mega.nz/#!qcJARDTB!1RC6zRdV0okGlO21UjjDWAEZdRIhnuNDJz1I_Ei4lGQ ============================================================================================ 0.10.7 Download: https://mega.nz/#!GFVilDAL!Wkyp2xpxFOx8J_Gz8wIf0jGSxTT3IiT6xthvrHhRbME ============================================================================================
  9. ¿Qué emulador y versión debo utilizar? Lo que dice el título, hay muchos emuladores y versiones. Así que estoy un poco mareado ¡Saludos y gracias por responder!
  10. Не работает Bluestack

    Не работает Bluestack Я использую BlueStacks на моем компьютере, и когда я хочу включить его, он тормозит на начальном экране инициализации, то есть долго грузит без результата, уже переустановите его много раз и дальше не работает. А ставить новый BlueStacks 3 нет смысла с ним бот не работает. Что делать ?
  11. MeMu VS Bluestacks

    MeMu VS Bluestacks Hi Everyone, Just wanted to know which PC emulator is better, MeMu or Bluestacks? Which one is better? In performance? I've been using MeMu for 3 weeks. The only issue I have is that MeMu takes a lot of RAM. It slows down my whole laptop. So i was thinking if Bluestacks consumes less? Thanks.

    Bot não detecta o bluestacks boa tarde, preciso de ajuda... não tenho o memu instalado no meu PC e quando abro o bot não detecta o emulador de android Bluestacks gostaria de saber como e aonde configurar para começar a detectar o bluestacks @Rafaela Santos Edited by Rafa
  13. Solving the Multiple Emulator running issues. this is for those who have troubles after installing bluestacks/memu/nox and ect. and running those instances due to others being installed. What it will look like: C:\Users\Owner\Desktop\MyBot7.3.1-master\mybot.run.exe 02 Emulator most of this is just copy and paste from windows explorer since the only changes will happen to the last to parts. so we will focus here: \mybot.run.exe MyVillage Emulator Emulator_1 "Emulator_1" is for Clones...! "\mybot.run.exe" = run mybot "MyVillage" = profile name or make a new profile in mybot "Emulator" = Nox, Memu, Bluestacks, ect... "Emulator_1"= Clone of nox or memu. NOT Needed unless you have a clone. Dont Forget to Read The sum up. ____________________________________ to sum it up .
  14. What is "Best" Emulator? There is constant debate about "What is best emulator?" Even among developers! "Best" is relative question and depends on many factors: with hardware available and actual use requirements being dominate factors. More useful questions to ask are: What emulator is: - best for limited resource PC? - best for multi-instance? or maybe - easiest to setup and use by newbie? First: Easiest to install and setup by Newbie! ALL emulators are packaged by creators to be easy with auto installation! For majority of PC hardware, MyBot.run will auto set the required emulator window size for image detection to run as designed and use does not need to change anything. The challenges occur when PC hardware or configuration require changes for emulator to work with MyBot.run farming bot. So there can a couple problems with easy setup, that are easy to solve: [and are well documented in these forums] >> Memory limitations: >Running ANY emulator without lag requires about 2GB system RAM per instance. Some require less, but you still need RAM for OS to run without lag too. Anyone with less 4GB of system ram may have lag issues. : Solution: Set limit on memory use allowed by emulator, recommend 512-640MB maximum. Bluestacks requires editing registry, Memu requires custom settings on config panel. >> Display size limitations: >Bluestacks does not support full background mode, like other virtual box based emulators. [fakes BG mode by hiding window off screen, hehe] This means NOTHING is allowed to overlap the BS window (mouse, other windows, etc), or bot fails to operate as designed. : Solution: Use a minimum display resolution of 1366x768 with task bar hidden, or minimum standard resolution of 1440x900 with task bar always visible. Plus keep mouse out of BS window even when using Background mode, or use Dock mode. > Memu has internal feature to auto-size the window which will attempt to over ride MBR display size settings on PC with display resolution of less 1366x768. : Solution: Include hide the Windows task bar to stop Memu resize, and/or change Memu internal settings and force window resolution. >> Anti-Virus (AV) Program Compatibility: >All emulators store large virtual disk (VDisk) files on PC. Any installed AV program with real time scanning will constantly be checking these files and can slow emulator performance. :Solution: Exclude the emulator VDisk files from within AV program. > Some AV hook into the virtualization and significantly reduce Android performance. :Solution: Avast users may have problems, unless you disable hardware-assisted virtualization in troubleshooting section of Avast. >> Hyper-V virtualization Compatibility: Hyper-V virtualization support must be disabled with bcdedit. If Hyper-V is enabled, Virtual Box based emulators (all except BS1) will have lag issues, or may not even install/run. Second: What emulator uses least amount of resources? (and which run's best on MY PC) Here are typical rankings of resources required by supported emulators based on miscellaneous pile of random developer data: A >> PC more than 3 year old, SINGLE instance: #1 = BS v0.10.7 un-rooted set to 512MB memory >> lowest resources, fastest running, fewest issues #2 = Memu v2.5 - v2.86 >> if PC is more than 5 years old, may not support required virtualization and will have lag, v2.5 recently started having random wifi issues with CoC servers Note: If Memu runs without lag on your older PC, difference in resources required between #1 & 2 is less than 15%. #3 = BS v2.2 rooted set to 512MB memory or Nox or Droid4x >> About same, all work, but amount of lag depends on hardware when above have issues B >> PC less than 3 years old, SINGLE instance: #1 = BS v0.10.7 un-rooted set to 512MB memory >> lowest resources, fastest running #2 = iTools >> if you can get past Chinese only setup, works well #3 = LeapDroid >> not recommended due being discontinued, no new versions, future support limited #4 = Memu v2.86+ >> requires proper BIOS Vtx virtualization setting for best performance, older versions started having CoC server wifi issues lately. Note: difference in resources required between each of above is less than 10% overall. #5 = BS v2.2+ >> Easiest install/setup, higher resources than above #6 = Droid4x >> supported, but not recommended due overall speed, and various random issues with version updates #7 = NOX >> Supported, but not recommended as it has minor annoying problems due different control mechanisms than other emulators supported. C >> Less than ~3 year old PC with multi-instance required: #1 = iTools >> if you can get past Chinese only setup, lowest resources for multi-instance #2 = LeapDroid >> not recommended due being discontinued, no new versions, future support limited #3 = Memu v2.5 thru v2.86 >> fewest issues with setup/config, v2.5 recently started having random wifi issues with CoC servers Difference in resources required between 1, 2, & 3; is small, well less than 10% between 1 & 3. #10 = Nox or Droid4x > both will run multi-instance, but require significantly more resources than above. Note: resources required are higher when using more than 1 brand of emulator with multi-instance. Try to use all same brand. D >> Multi-instance with PC older than 4 years old: #1 = Run one native BS v0.10.7 un-rooted set to 512MB memory and run other instances inside VMWare Player v7.1.2+ (not workstation product which uses more resources) with Tiny7, each running same BS v.010.7 #2 = Run different emulators - BS v0.10.7 un-rooted set to 512MB memory >> lowest resources, fastest running, fewest issues - Plus up to one each of Memu, Nox, Or Droid4x that runs on the older PC If having lag issues with multi-instance set up, read this post to learn areas that may need optimization in your system. Final comments: #1 - If you need information about one of the emulators listed above, or want information on how to optimize performance for them; please search the forum for answers. This thread is not for discussing how to use different emulators. There are specific threads for each emulator type where this is discussed! #2 - This rank list has averaged data in it. There will always be hardware configurations that will use more/less resources to run specific emulator version, and can be more highly optimized to run one emulator better than others. For emulators where resource requirements are very similar, the ranking on highly optimized hardware may be little different. But, the top 2-3 will still be the top emulator choices. #3 - The rank order list is constantly being attacked from every direction, and comparing data on it can be like comparing apples to oranges. - Every time a new emulator version is released, it can be faster/slower which will change ranking slightly. - Development team is constantly working to improve and optimize emulator management to get best performance from each one. #4 - Above ranking is subject to change without notice and change at random times as decided by magic leprechauns that make up these lists.
  15. Один из главных минусов Bluestacks он не поддерживает мультиботтинг, но как вариант (при достаточной мощности компьютера) вы можете использовать виртуальные машины в которой будут запущены по одному экземпляру эмулятора и бота... Также на форуме 4pda.ru были умельцы которые смогли запустить на одной машине сразу две версии Bluestacks (v0.10.... и v2.0....) но это требует много усилий и знание в области редактирования реестра и файлов эмулятора... PS: В ближайшее время (как выдастся свободный день) будет создана аналогичная тема по установки и настройки Bluestacks, данный вопрос и ответ будут перемещены в эту тему...
  16. Dec Update: Bluestacks versions below v3.0 have known compatibility issues with latest Windows 10 and Windows Server 2017 OS updates. 2017 Windows 10 OS "creators" update that is finally being rolled out to most PC worldwide. This update force enables HyperV emulation, and this is not compatible with Bluestacks v1 or v2. Compatibility information is available on Microsoft or Bluestacks support web sites. If you disable the new HyperV setting in control panel (and prevent latest virtual desktop features from working), BS v2.5 can be used on some Windows 10 PC. If you can not disable HyperV emulation, then you need to use BS v3+ on Windows 10 2017. It is possible to force BS versions prior to V2.5 to run with 2017 Windows 10 creators update, but it requires several permanent changes to system registry and other system setting changes (not recommended for typical PC user or PC being used for more than farming). Windows 7/8 users can continue to versions 0.10.7 unrooted, v2.2 and v2.5 described below. For all versions, SC game update sometimes require Google Play Store, Google Play Games, or Google Play Services updates to work properly.. Make sure you have latest versions in Play Store! Here are some notes on various Bluestacks versions for reference: -- BS v0.9.X - Not recommended Used by many community members. No reason to upgrade unless you have issues with Google Play Games and "Gamer ID". Has many reported problems with Google Play games and Google Play services auto app updates. These require you to remove/reinstall CoC app and Google Account with every major update. Since the October 2016 game update, this version now has issues randomly crashing game and returns to main BS home screen. -- BS v0.10.X - Recommended Windows 7/8 only >>> BS v0.10.7.5601 non-rooted Most older rooted BS versions crash since Oct 2016 update, but original version can be downloaded from FileHippo and is running fine for most community http://filehippo.com/download_bluestacks_app_player/64518/ Non-rooted version does require manual removal of free download games advertising. Just Disable 'App Sync' & 'My Bluestacks' Apps (Disable Option Is in AppInfo) To Remove Bluestacks Ads" or follow the instructions here > http://druss.co/2015/06/how-to-remove-bluestacks-ads-sponsored-apps-popup/ While BS is spamming older version BS users with messages to upgrade, and even forcing automatic updates to latest version; v0.10.7 is best emulator for running a single emulator on your PC. Fastest, lowest resources, and is heavily used by community with great success. Has had some minor issues with Google Play service updates not being applied properly and Google Play Games "Gamer ID" failing to operate. Unless you understand process for fixing app version compatibility issues, most problems with this version are solved with simple removal & installation, install latest Google Play Games, and the install latest CoC. -- BS v2.0.X - Not recommended for new installations >>> BS v2.0.2 rooted ALL versions of BS prior to latest v2.2 are being spammed with upgrade notices. Most stable version found by MBR community is v2.0.2. The rooted version available in our forums was created by a Russian user and has some minor language/keyboard settings that are easily to change, and it works well. Most of Google Play games updates experienced with v0.1.X are gone with this version. Requires more system resources and users of old Core Duo CPU report minor lag issues. A portion of community have reported that this rooted version has same CoC app crash as all v0.XX versions. -- BS v2.1X - Not Recommended for new installations ALL versions of BS prior to latest v2.2 are being spammed with upgrade notices. Most stable version with spam free download found by MBR community is v2.1.7. Some Win 10 users report lag issues with all 2.0.X versions is lower using v.2.1.X. I recommend you download spam free native BS installer for v2.1.7.5658 linked from XDA site: http://forum.xda-developers.com/wiki/BlueStacks_App_Player Look in table of BS versions for v2.1.7.5658 and it has a download link. Then use the instructions in this thread using BS Easy to create your own de-bloated & rooted BS: https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/topic/15318-tools-auto-root-any-bluestacks-remove-ads-08103096-to-2185663/ This process is not hard. But, There is no shame in admitting that creation of your own rooted version of BlueStacks is too complicated for you to accomplish. You can use any recommended version. Update: The newer v2.2+ versions of BS2 fix internal bugs with app compatibility, and bot has been taught how to better control them. -- BS v2.2.X+ - Most releases up through v2.5.XX have been tested to work better on Win7/8 systems - may not work for every hardware configuration. All version of BS after v2.1.8 included 2 different virtualization engines in program. They have legacy mode for older PC, and new virtualization engine that is using Oracle Virtual box technology used by some of newer emulators. New virtualization engine allows BS to have multiple apps open in separate tabs (in halt state when hidden - not useful for bot), and quickly switch between them. Development team has been in constant update mode trying to deal with v2.2+ BS and fact that is installs/behaves differently based on users hardware configuration. Many users of i3/i5 CPU prior to Gen 4 hardware are having issues with new virtualization support, and get errors such as BS is stuck trying to start up. One of our long time top contributors has posted rooted v2.2.27.6431 & rooted v2.4.43.6254 in this forum. So if your PC is less than 2-3 years old; one of these versions may work well for you. Note: It appears the newest versions of BS are now setting a default Android DPI of 240 in registry. The bot image detection is trained with standard DPI setting of 160 used on older versions. You need to check registry and edit/remove this new setting as discussed here. -- BS v2.5.X+ - Supported on Windows 7/8/10, Recommend v2.5.43 All recent versions of BS 2.5.x should work. A copy of BS v2.5.43.8001 rooted can be found here: https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/topic/23339-rooted-bluestacks-25438001/ MBR v6 had some issues controlling latest BS2 versions. Since V7 release these have been resolved and BS2.5 works well with bot. The v2.5.43 has fixed most of the installation issues on older PC where wrong virtualization mode was selected, and run well on older or resource limited PC. All above BlueStacks Versions: Will need to apply registry fix to stop BS phoning home and forcing auto update without your approval. https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/topic/19107-tool-remove-bluestacks-shared-folders-stop-spam-in-taskbar/ Just remember to run BS and add your Google ID after installation AND before applying the reg file to make sure BS initializes correctly first. If you modify the registry values before BS is fully installed, it will get stuck forever at blue loading screen and you must reinstall. -- BS v3.X+ - Supported (actually based on BS v2.10.X) BS v3.X version seems to be based on BS v2.10.X and does work. Though, DPI must be validated and manually set in Windows Registry to 160. See HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\BlueStacks\Guests\Android\BootParameters and find the DPI=xxx value and change xxx to 160. Full reboot with HD-Quit.exe required! Also, the Launcher is missing - so just install Nova Launcher using "ADB install" on the downloaded APK and all is good. Existing manual ads removal doesn't seem to work - for me this one did: 1. Launch adb shell using HD-Adb.exe or adb.exe 2. Within shell call /system/xbin/bstk/su 3. Then call pm block com.uncube.account Having Problem choosing which version? Read this thread: What is best emulator? Best Luck.
  17. Bluestacks (v0.9.XX to v2.18 tested) has 2 bad behaviors that most users desire to change. 1) Bluestacks is constantly sending web requests to Bluestacks servers checking for updates and also sending time and app usage data home. Recently, many users of older versions of Bluestacks are receiving tray messages that V2 is available or even messages that versions prior to BS 2.0 are no longer supported and will be disabled. :This behavior can be prevented by changing IP address of BS servers to local host, so BS can longer phone home. 2) By default, Bluestacks always adds shared folder links inside registry to enable apps inside BS to access several of your shared folders. These folders include "My Documents", "Pictures", "Public Pictures", and Public Documents". If your BS is rooted than you are exposing these shared folders to any app running in BS. This represents a potential method for SC to find bot users, and ban them. : We can stop this behavior by removing path location to shared files so they are not available inside BS. The attached registry editor file corrects both these bad behaviors. >>> BlueStacks Registry Security Fix update06032106.reg Mirror link Here Mirror link2 Here Simply download, and from an account with administrator access, double click to run file, then reboot PC to have it active. It will permanently fix the BS bad behavior unless you reinstall or update BS. If you are paranoid and want to see exactly what file is changing, right click on file and select edit. Hope this helps! PS - have tested on a couple Win7 PC, should work for most other OS, but I can provide any support if it does not work on your PC. You can easily open file with edit to see keys edited, and find those same keys your BS installation. [Update June 3, 2016] Several users that already have been infected with forced update message from BS servers, suggested an addition to reg file to remove problem. File has been updated to remove information on update. Best Luck!
  18. So suddenly my Bluestacks Rooted is stuck on initializing. I have tried re-installing everything and still no luck. Some help please!
  19. Vantagens : Não ter de instalar nenhuma VirtualMachine mais toda a configuração do sistema Operativo nela ... e duas contas sempre a funcionar Desvantagens : O MEmu ainda precisa de mais de tempo até ficar perfeito ( os devs terão ainda algum trabalho com o adb e o background mode) , problema maior é o Focus na Janela , Ufff cada 1 minuto não consigo escrever perco focus aqui e vai para a janela MEmu lol , o PC está Louco LOL !!!! Realmente o MEmu está um excelente Emulador .... e o progresso deste BOT maravilhoso , nem a pagar temos melhor !!!
  20. BlueStacks App Player Pro Rooted+Offline For View details please Click on <Reveal hidden contents> Download: BlueStacks App Player Pro Rooted + Offline Download Link: Mirror 01: For Download Click Here (mega) Mirror 02: For Download Click Here (uploadboy) Mirror 03: For Download Click Here (revclouds) Mirror 04: For Download Click Here (uploadex) Password: mybot.run OLDER STABLE VERSIONS For View Guide please Click on <Reveal hidden contents> If you have problem with non-English On-Screen Keyboard Layout please follow this tutorial How to Change the On-Screen Keyboard Language/Layout ? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ BlueStacks App Player Pro v2.0.2.5627 Offline MOD is Here ! [LATEST] For View details please Click on <Reveal hidden contents> Download: BlueStacks App Player Pro v2.0.2.5627 Offline MOD | Mirror ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ How to Make BlueStacks Rooted Using BS Easy ! [Guide] [All Versions] For View Guide please Click on <Reveal hidden contents> Download: BS Easy ToolKit v3.5 (92 MB) | Mirror important note ATTENTION POSSIBILITY OF MALWARE if you want Download from revclouds server make sure you read this post first