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Found 2 results

  1. Official MyBot v7.7.7 Chill MOD v1.0.4 Official MyBot v7.7.7 Chill MOD v1.0.4 ** Click: To keep these MODs coming!! ** Chat Room: https://www.mbrchat.com/channel/mod-chillmod Special Thank You to @Z E U S for the banner. And also to the wonderful people who helped me beta test: @Nordic @SubFlow @WarMagic00001 @moji.erfi Chill MOD Features Humanization @Roro-Titi @Chilly-Chill War Preparation @demen @Chilly-Chill Choose when to stop for war and when to resume farming. Custom train and Quick train war army. Builder Base Attacking @Chilly-Chill Custom Drop Order or Drop in order of Slots. Custom Drop Timings. Daily Discounts Manager @Chilly-Chill Choose which deals to buy from the daily trader. Empty Siege Support @Chilly-Chill Ignore BB Wall Upgrades @Chilly-Chill Change Log MBR v7.7.7 Chill MOD v1.0.4! Get it here!! [Download] Post Bugs/Errors Here or in Chill MOD chat room @ this link and be sure to include any important detail. Images, log files or anything you feel helps to explain the issue. Create New Profiles as always. Thank You to the entire MyBotRun Community!! Your support keeps us going! ** Click: To keep these MODs coming!! **
  2. [Official] MBR v7.7.x | AIO++ MOD v2.0.4 If there is a code error, please read this article: Mod Features and Info Change Logs: [Soon...!] Official v7.7.x|AiO MOD++ v2.0.4 [xx/08/2019] | Github Release [Here] We will add more features in the future! If the Problem Occurs Please Report Here With Including Bot Logs And Screenshot !!! Don't use the existent profile folders !!! Thanks To AiO Team! @NguyenAnhHD, @Eloy, @Boldina, @Chilly-Chill If You Liked My Mod, Work & Time I Gave To This Mod The Best Way To Show Your Appreciation Is To Click On Regards!!!! Clash On!!!
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