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  1. ⏩✅NEED A CLAN?✅⏪ ⏩✅ MAKE SURE IT'S GREEN ✅⏪ ⏩✅✅⏪ JUST COMMENT DOWN IF YOU ARE INTERESTED TO JOIN / MESSAGE ME ON TELEGRAM ✅t.me/joinclannow✅ Contact Me Sanjana Mia Or My Friend [Q]'Hollow [For Joining] ⚪►◄⚫ ⚪►◄⚪ ⚫►◄⚫ ⚪►◄⚪ ⚫►◄⚫ ✅CLAN BIO:✅ Level: 12 Members: [49/50] Location: India Status: Invite Only Record: 106-42-11 Win %: (100-99.50)% Win Streak:12 War Freq: Always ✅CLAN ACTIVE CHATS:✅ ✅DONATIONS SCREENSHOTS:✅ ✅REQUIREMENTS:✅ Town-Hall: 9+ Heroes: Beginner Trophies: 1000+ Language: English ⛔IMPORTANT ⛔ Please Never Ask Anything On Clan Chat About Bot⛔ ✅ Results✅ ✅ Clan Games Records ✅ ✅War Track Records✅ ✅✅ ⏩⬛Sending Join Req. On Forums/Messages,You Will Get Reply At My Login Timings⬛⏪ ⏩ ⬛My Login Timings UTC +5:30 [ 23:00-23.30 ]⬛ ⏪
  2. ⭐️LEVEL 6⭐️No Wars✌️ Farming/Push Clan✌️ ⭐️24/7 Donations ⭐️Air Supported ⭐️Clan games⭐️Only Townhall level 12 and 13 and Ground and Air Attacks supported - 24/7 Donations Clan games always Level 7 Active Clan - PM me for joining info or Telegram @Badghost76 or Discord Luís#6013 Relaxing environment Enghish Speaking Only Bot Users Fast Donations: balloons, lava, edrags, Giants, wiz, Pekka 24/7D Donation/Received ratio is 1:1 No wars EVER ONLY clan games Only Town Hall Level 12 and 13 welcome Must respect other members DISCORD is MANDATORY to communicate ( we all use) Have fun!!! ⛔IMPORTANT ⛔ Please Never Ask Anything On Clan Chat About Bot⛔ How to Join Our Clan: - Townhall Level - Hero Levels - Hours per day you bot - Discord
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