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Found 4 results

  1. Hello ! Do you will have new version on bot or fix the problem with new update on game ? My bot 7.8.2 version can't to zoom out when he is start ! Thanks
  2. hi bot remove some troops and then retrain same troop the bot some time remove some existing troops (most of time electro and some time balloon) and retrain that again even when that troop count reached the number that i set in train army tab i think this is some logical problem in bot source code (i has this problem even in previous version of bot) most of time this problem occurred after several hours of running bot i'm use bot 7.8.2 on MEmu 3.5.0 on windows 7 SP1 64bit this is screen shot from bot log tab that show the remove and retrain electro dragon|: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ahz3KoNfgG6Tgl-dt8Iy92lR53EL screen shot from train army tab that show i set training 2 electro drag: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ahz3KoNfgG6Tgl5uZ3G-vrpYMbCy here is my bot config.ini(my seeting): https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ahz3KoNfgG6TgmDVYjvp-Hy6PRMS and this is my log file: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ahz3KoNfgG6TgmHgzaEogYkP_bJ8 you can search "- Electro Dragon:" on log to see the problem best regard mahyar
  3. Bot says League Day ended already! Try again later My bot version 7.8.2 Emulator: Nox Operating System: Windows 10 Log: [5:20:10 PM] Trying to locate Main Screen [5:20:13 PM] Main Screen located [5:20:14 PM] Entering Clan Games [5:20:15 PM] Caravan not available [5:20:15 PM] Pulled shared_prefs of profile AaronElectroloon (19 files) [5:20:15 PM] Going to Attack [5:20:19 PM] League Day ended already! Trying again later [5:20:19 PM] Pulled shared_prefs of profile AaronElectroloon (19 files) [5:20:19 PM] Closing CoC...... [5:20:26 PM] Enabled bot controls due to long wait time [5:20:26 PM] Waiting 11 minutes before starting CoC @Chilly-ChillNot sure how to supply debug file.
  4. Bot stuck in Builder Base 23/01/20 Hey its me again and Im here to ask if anyone has a bug where Mybot is stuck in Builder Base. I've tried to choose the different zooming out scripts but it seems that it doesnt work with any of those Im not 100% sure about it but it seems to happen ONLY when the bot launches Clash of Clans and starts off in Builder Base, starting in Home Village everything works fine, the bot zooms out in builder base and switches village. A manual workaround when I spot this is just moving the Screen slightly and it will zoom out, other than that its stuck in an endless loop and will keep running like this till I see it and fix it manually. I hope someone can help me My Setup: MyBot 7.8.2 official version Memu Log Incident 1: Log Incident 2: .
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