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Found 3 results

  1. Level 11 No wall(s) next to previously upgraded found Level 11 walls are not recognized, even though they are in plain sight. it is working on other lower level walls. log (debug enabled): Thanks for helping!
  2. help with 7.7.7 bot doesnt show the max cnt trops to make: https://imgur.com/RaJQ4uA and when I move the cursor over there, it disappears https://imgur.com/a/VpPMfnw please i need ur help.
  3. Train Troops / Donate Troops Problems Hey, im using the newest Version of the bot 7.7.7 and memo 2.7.2. I got two problems sice the new update. 1. The Bot will build up my Army wich is preset as "Army 1" but then deletes it manaualy because of this message "Clear troop queue before removing unexpected troops in army" 2. The Bot wou´t donate any wall wrecks ect. It always says "No siege machines available, skip siege donation" or "Clan Castle troops are full, skip troop donation" even if i have them ready in my Army. Thanks to anyone who maybe could help me!!! Some Log: [19:54:39] Checking for Donate Requests in Clan Chat [19:54:40] Using OCR to read Latin derived alphabets. [19:54:43] Chat Request: Luft Max Frost Max XXL loon [19:54:43] Stone Slammer Keyword found: xxl loon [19:54:43] Chat Troops: 40/40 [19:54:43] Clan Castle troops are full, skip troop donation... [19:54:43] No siege machines available, skip siege donation... [19:54:59] Total Army Camp Capacity: 26/280 (9%) [19:55:01] - 26 Barbarians Available [19:55:02] Troops time: 24.00 min [19:55:02] - Barbarian King Available [19:55:02] - Archer Queen Available [19:55:02] - Grand Warden Available [19:55:04] Clan Castle Full/No Clan. [19:55:04] Total Clan Castle Spells: 2/2 [19:55:05] Total Siege CC Capacity: 1/1 [19:55:05] - 1 Wall Wrecker Available [19:55:12] Clear troop queue before removing unexpected troops in army [19:55:13] Open Train Troops Tab [19:55:18] - Delete Troops Queued!
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