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  1. What you need to run multiple Bots at the same Time BlueStacks, MEmu, Droid4X, Nox ,Leapdroid, KOPLAYER or iTools Mybot 2 or more Profiles Not the worst PC Included a Self Made Tool with AutoIt which lets you run Bots easily and let you save Pre Made Setups ( additional ) Guide Unzip your downloaded Mybot and put the folder where you wish it to be stored Hold shift and right click the bot folder, there should be an option to open a command prompt there. 3. Run the command prompt and the CMD window will be already directed to the bot's folder 4. Now you can type in: "mybot.run.exe MyVillage BlueStacks" to run the first bot 5. After you type in: "mybot.run.exe My2Village MEmu MEmu" to run the second bot 6. Now you have two different Mybot's running, one says Bluestacks in the title and the other MEmu 7. Just make sure your first opened Mybot got profile 1 selected and the other profile 2 8. Press start and both bots should start botting at the same time Basic Command to run any Bot on Droid4x, Bluestacks, MEmu, Nox, Leapdroid, Koplayer or iTools So this was the Basic on how to run two at the same time, lets go over to if you want more Bots, or different Emulators When you directed the CMD Window into your Bot Folder you can start typing: (Name of the Bots Exe File) (The Name of your Profile) (Emulator You want to start) (MEmu, Droid, Nox and Leapdroid got multi Instance Support so select yours ) at the End the Command should look something like this: e.g. mybot.run.exe MyProfile MEmu MEmu_1 mybot.run.exe MyProfile2 Droid4X Droid4X_2 mybot.run.exe MyProfile3 BlueStacks2 mybot.run.exe MyVillage MEmu MEmu_34 mybot.run.exe MyVillage3 Leapdroid vm1 mybot.run.exe MyTh7 iTools iToolsVM mybot.run.exe Village iTools iToolsVM_2 Bluestacks and BlueStacks2 doesn't support multiple Instances so no second Parameter needed. ( Leave last Parameter empty!) BlueStacks3 now support multiple Instances! You can choose between Instances like this: mybot.run.exe MyProfile BlueStacks2 Android mybot.run.exe MyProfile BlueStacks2 Android_ To create new Instances open MEmu's multiple Instance Manager Program and just press create ( each created one is a complete new android instance ) Tool to select which Emulator you want to run: I have made a program with the help of @zengzeng. Feel Free to use! Changes: Added Special Command Line Parameters V 3.8.3 Download: Download 3.8 Here (Apr/3rd/2017) Source Code is on the Github aswell! Short Video of How to: Feel free to ask if you got Problems
  2. TOP Botting Clan Around. Level 16 Clan. Description: Level 18 War/Botting Clan Botting members only English speaking Maxed out Clan games every time! CWL Wars available Requirements: Townhall 12s Only Must BE ACTIVE Always requesting and donating troops Participate in Clan Games Keyword donations: Any, anything, def Blacklist (DO NOT DONATE): War, maxed, max Troops to not donate: Wall breakers and gobs (unless requested) DO NOT USE THE WORD "BOT" or "MYBOT" in the CHAT! *We have a lot of trophy pushers recently using lavaloons therefore, IF you are requesting and pushing, PLEASE DONATE Loons with the KEY WORDS: loons and balloons Spell donate: Rage: Key word: Rage If not, this will cause an issue with a lot of trophy pushers requesting and no one donating... How to join: Only one way to enter: 2) Private message me on the forums here and clan name will be given plus secret word needed to join! 3) Reply to this thread with the following info: - Townhall Level - Hero Levels - Hours per day you bot - Do you war? (If you say yes, we expect you to be skilled and attack every war) - Do you have Discord? Space is very limit. Little Bit About Our Us: We've been in the game since 2013 so 6 years and most of the members have been in the clan for over 4 years! A lot of them are from this page (Mybot) so we are all accustom to how the bot works. However, every player in the clan is intelligent meaning that they do not talk about the bot in the clan, are able to follow directions, and able to set up their bots properly to avoid donating incorrectly. If you cannot follow simple rules, there's a lot of subpar clans in this forum that you can join. That being said, we are a fun bunch and donating A LOT! Come join the top botting/war clan in the game!! We had over 1000+ replies in our previous post but MYBOT shut down the recruitment page and we are now starting over!
  3. What is VPS? A virtual private server (VPS) is a virtual machine sold as a service by an Internet hosting service. A VPS runs its own copy of an operating system, and customers have superuser-level access to that operating system instance, so they can install almost any software that runs on that OS - Wikipedia Where do I get a VPS? There are free or 'free trial' VPS and there are paid VPS listed below. Free or 'free trial' VPS do not last long and performance may degrade over time due to abusive usage and overcrowding. Paid VPS lasts as long as you need based on a number of credits you purchase or the term of your lease i.e. monthly, quarterly, etc. Paid VPS performance is generally more stable, however, that will also depend on how the VPS is managed by the provider. Why do I need a VPS? The most common reason is you want to run your bot 24/7. You want to run multiple bots on multiple CoC accounts. You do not have a powerful PC to run virtualization i.e. VMWare or Hyper-V. Other reasons like you do not want to short-lived your laptop running 24/7, you want to avoid paying a hefty electricity bill, you cannot stand the humming sound of your PC running all night. More reasons in the Top 18 list below. How do I use a VPS? There are How-to guides written on how you can set up a VPS on some of the providers listed below. These how-to guides can be a bit too technical and if you do not feel comfortable setting up a VPS on your own, I suggest that you go for the 'Clash of Clans Bot ready' VPS listed below. Your bot will be up and running within a few minutes. TOP 18 REASONS WHY YOU USE VPS FOR CoC Botting: 1. If you want to run your bot 24/7 2. If your laptop or PC is too old or too slow to run BlueStacks 3. If your laptop or PC is too old or too slow to run Virtualization 4. If you want to run your bot on multiple villages 5. If you want to give your laptop or PC a rest from running 24/7 6. If you want your laptop or PC to last longer 7. If you don't want your PC to overheat running 24/7 8. If you are want to have quiet nights at home 9. If you want to save on electricity 10. If you travel or move places a lot 11. If you do not want to own obsolete hardware 12. If you have no space for that extra PC or laptop 13. If you want the freedom of accessing your bot anywhere in the world 14. If you are using a Mac 15. If you are using a Chrome book 16. If you only have a smartphone 17. If you don't have a PC or laptop to bot 18. If your mum keeps nagging you to off that PC List of VPS providers giving free trial: Choose VPS specification with these minimum requirements: 2 Cores 2Gb Ram The big boys: 1. Amazon Web Services - EC2 (free for 12 months but 750hours/month limit) - free tier t2.micro (1core 1Gb ram) too weak to run Mybot. 2. Microsoft Azure - Virtual Machines (free $200 for 1-month trial) - user reported graphic card issue with Azure VM. 3. Google Cloud - Compute Engine (free $300 for 60 days trial) How to guide - No longer allows Windows VM for free tier. 4.HP Helion - Cloud Compute (free $300 for 90 days trial) How-to guide No longer available! 5. Alibaba Cloud - https://www.alibabacloud.com/campaign/free-trial Elastic Compute Service (ECS) - free 3-mths trial - individual or 12-months for Enterprise. 6. IBM Cloud - https://www.ibm.com/cloud/virtual-servers IBM Cloud Virtual Servers - $200 free credits for 1-month free trial. 7. Oracle Cloud - https://www.oracle.com/au/cloud/free/ Compute Virtual Machines - $300 free credits 30-days free trial. Mid-tier: 1. Rackspace - https://developer.rackspace.com/ (free $600 for 12 months!) No longer available! 2. DimensionData Public Cloud - https://cloud.dimensiondata.com/ap/en/limitedoffer/ (free $100) How-to guide 3. RunAbove - Intel Steadfast instances https://www.runabove.com (free 1-week trial) No longer available! Others: 1. Vultr - https://www.vultr.com/coupons/?refid=6841876 (free $50 for 2 months trial) How-to guide 2. https://www.profitbricks.com/trial (free for 14 days) - no credit card needed but you need a business email and reason for using their VPS??!! 3. http://cloudsigma.com/ (free for 7 days) - no credit card needed! 4. Digital Ocean - www.digitalocean.com - free $10 credit with promo code: DROPLET10 or DO10 - No Windows provided! More info here 5. http://ezywatch.com/freevps/ (free for 1 month) - no credit card needed! 6. Legionhoster - VPS http://legionhoster.com (1week trial available on request from helpdesk - just mentioned CGB/MyBot!) 7. http://www.yellowcircle.net/ - no credit card needed! No network access was given! 8. https://www.ctl.io/free-trial/ (free $2500 or 1 month - whichever comes first) How-to guide 9. https://www.ihor.ru/ (free for 3 days) - no credit card needed! 10. http://www.neuprime.com/l_vds3.php (free for 10 days trial) - phone verification required. No free trial but worth mentioning: 1. Ramnode - KVM-SSD http://ramnode.com/vps.php (affordable pricing) 2. OVH - Classic VPS http://www.ovh.com/us/vps/vps-classic.xml (Do not support Bluestacks!) 3. https://www.atlantic.net/ 4. https://phoenixnap.com/ 5. https://irie-server.de/hosting/kvm-server/ (Do not support Bluestacks!) 6. http://winode.org/cart.php (Do not support Bluestacks!) 7. https://verelox.com/cloud/ (affordable pricing) 8. http://a.seoclerks.com/linkin/385680/vps-webhosting/391373/VPS-24-7-CoC-bot-service (affordable pricing + CoC Bot ready VPS!) How-to guide 9. http://www.nodevps.net/ (affordable pricing) 10. http://ksolnet.com/ks/link.php?id=1 (affordable pricing + 'Instant' CoC Bot ready VPS!) How-to guide 11. https://contabo.com/?show=vps ( Beware of hidden costs - setup fee and Windows license fee) - Recommended for MyBot! *** Security Tips - safeguarding your Google Account when botting on VPS - enable 2-Step Verification How-to guide ***
  4. I was curious to know how their bot detection was working... After the last ban wave and losing a few accounts. My guess would be in their code I would say they would be using something like "Unbotify". Now time to spin up Fiddler and route traffic via Fiddler as a proxy to see what data was being leaked. Turns out they are using Unbotify and sending out data to the Unbotify domains. The easiest way to circumvent bot detection would be to stop the data going out to the 3rd party company (Adjust) that's doing the monitoring with AI and flagging users. To do that you could block that traffic at the firewall by using the 3rd party company's IP address range. The domains in which the company uses to receive data via their app/sdk are listed below. https://app.adjust.com https://unbotify.adjust.com Blocking via HOSTS file would only work for Windows, not the Emulators. This is why you need to block via the Firewall. IP Range: If you don't care about the technical details, just follow the instructions from here: go to Control Panel > windows FireWall > in the left side click Advanced Setting go to Outbound Rule and in right side Click New Rule in New Outbound Rule Wizard select Custom and click Next in Program Screen Select All Program And click Next in protocol and ports Leave default Setting and click Next in Scope Screen Under Which remote IP address Does This rule apply to? select These IP address and click add Button in IP Address Dialog under This IP address or subnet: and click OK and then click next in Action screen select Block the connection and click next in Profile screen leave all 3 check box selected and click next in Name Screen choose a name for rule e.g. Block Unbotify and click finish You could test its working by opening a browser on your emulator and going to https://app.adjust.com which should result in a timeout error. If you get a "Url not found" message then you haven't blocked the traffic and you should review your settings. Unbotify_Guide.pdf
  5. MyBot v7.8.2 Depois de inúmeras horas de batidas de teclados e muita cafeína, cerveja e mais álcool; Estamos orgulhosos de lançar a versão 7.8.2 .:. O unico bot com modo segundo plano e suporte multi-bot .:. (O link de download está na parte inferior desta postagem, mas leia a publicação inteira antes de fazer o download. Há uma grande quantia de informações importantes.) Como Instalar e Iniciar (Inglês): https://github.com/MyBotRun/MyBot/wiki/Installation Problemas Conhecidos: Um Spoiler de problemas nesta versão. Acompanharemos a lista de erros relatada encontradas neste tópico >> Clique Aqui... NOTA: NÃO UTILIZE A PASTA DE PERFIL DA VERSÕES ANTIGAS V6 / V7! Ao atualizar o bot existente: por favor, reveja suas opções e configurações se tudo está configurado como esperado, pois as configurações de novas opções ou renomeadas com nova versão podem não estar corretas. 7.8.2 Change log: [Adicionado] [Corrigido] [Melhorado] [Atualizado] Nota aos Autores de MODS: Desde a 7.3, adicionamos um aplicativo de exemplo MiniGUI do Mybot, apenas uma GUI que controla remotamente uma instância do backend bot usando mensagens da janela. Você pode criar novos "fronteds GUI" em qualquer idioma, como C# ou Java, que controle o bot. Mais funções serão adicionadas em versões futuras. AutoIt e Malware / Antivirus : https://www.autoitscript.com/wiki/AutoIt_and_Malware O bot não é um vírus, é criado com uma linguagem de script chamada AutoIT, que algumas vezes são usadas por pessoas para criarem malware. Por isso os antivirus marcam todos os Programas que utilizam a linguagem AutoIT como virus, mesmo que não prejudiquem seu sistema. O código AutoIT do bot está disponível gratuitamente; você pode olhar através dele e compilá-lo você mesmo se estiver preocupado. Se o bot for detectado pelo seu software de antivírus, adicione sua pasta á sua lista de exceções / lista branca e baixe o bot novamente. DOWNLOAD: v7.8.2 - [2019-12-31] Use esse link para baixar o bot diretamente: https://github.com/MyBotRun/MyBot/releases/download/MBR_v7.8.1/MyBot-MBR_v7.8.2.zip Lançamentos Anteriores: https://github.com/MyBotRun/MyBot/releases Antes de Baixar o bot, por favor leia as instruções de instalação >> https://github.com/MyBotRun/MyBot/wiki/Installation (português) Se você estiver tendo problemas ao download do bot no Github por favor leia este tópico >> How to Download Bot ATENÇÃO POR FAVOR! - Reduzir a memória do emulador abaixo de 768 mudará o pixel gráfico exibido pelo emulador, o que significa que o bot pode falhar na detecção de imagem. Estou testando com 768Mb e uma CPU com bons resultados, mas com 512Mb aconteceu alguns problemas. - Configurações de coletores em bases abandonadas, não use do level 10 ao 12 em 100%, mantenha-o em 50%, ou a busca de bases abandonadas não funcionará. Novas opções para instâncias múltiplas: Opção 1 - Ao executar vários bots, especifique quantos podem ser executados ao mesmo tempo. Isso reduz significativamente a sua utilização da CPU. A metade dos processadores lógicos disponíveis é um bom número. Essa configuração é compartilhada em todos os perfis / instâncias e um reinício de todos os bots é necessário (feche tudo, aguarde e comece tudo de novo!) Opção 2 - Ao executar vários bots, especifique quantos segmentos globais para tarefas de processamento de imagem podem ser executados ao mesmo tempo. Isso reduz significativamente a sua utilização da CPU. A metade dos processadores lógicos disponíveis é um bom número. Essa configuração é compartilhada em todos os perfis / instâncias e um reinício de todos os bots é necessário (feche tudo, aguarde e comece tudo de novo!) "). Opção 3 - Quando as imagens são processadas, vários segmentos são usados. Aqui você especifica quantos threads este bot pode usar. Menos threads reduzem significativamente a sua utilização da CPU. A metade dos processadores lógicos disponíveis é um bom número. Use 0 para todos disponíveis. A configuração de threads globais tem prioridade. English Post (Original Post) PS: uma breve utilização do google tradutor.
  6. This is a guide to order an 'Instant activation' 24/7 CoC bot ready VPS from KSOL - you'll be able to start botting in a matter of minutes ! Prerequisite: 1. PayPal or Credit/Debit card. Order, Registration and Payment: 1. Go to the link: http://ksolnet.com/ks/link.php?id=1 2. Click on blue 'Plans and Pricing' button in the middle of the page. 3. Select 1 week or 1 month from the 'choose another category' drop-down list. 4. Start ordering by clicking on the green 'Order Now' button. 5. Check your Order Summary and then click on the blue 'Continue' button. 6. Enter the following information in Your Details - New customer tab: a. Username b. Email Address c. Password and Confirm Password e. Country 7. Click on the blue 'Checkout' button. 8. At the PayPal page, login using your PayPal credentials to make payment. VPS Login: 1. Your VPS should be ready within a few minutes - after a successful payment. 2. Go to your client area page and then select Email History to retrieve your VPS login credentials: 3. You can now login to the VPS using Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) with the VPS login credentials given. 4. Immediately after RDP into the VPS, change the default password to your own. 5. Click on the '' desktop shortcut and you will find that Bluestacks and bot are already installed inside the RDP window session. 6. You can load your village by login to Google Play and then configure your bot. 7. That's it and enjoy your instant 24/7 CoC botting VPS ! Do remember to give your feed-back/reviews/comments/ratings in this thread for the benefit of all the readers here.
  7. This is a guide to order a 'Clash Of Clans MY bot ready' VPS from Seoclerks. Prerequisite: 1. PayPal or Credit/Debit card. Registration and Payment: 1. Go to the link: http://a.seoclerks.com/linkin/385680/vps-webhosting/391373/VPS-24-7-CoC-bot-service 2. Click on the red 'Order Now' button on the left. 3. Select the duration you need to use the VPS and the quantity. 4. Enter the following information: a. Email b. Username c. Password and Confirm Password d. Check the 'I agree to the terms of service' box. 5. Click on 'Pay using PayPal' link. 6. At the PayPal page, login using your PayPal credentials to make payment. 7. There is also an option to pay using 'Credit/Debit card' once you login to Seoclerks. Ordering: 1. Once payment is made, you will be able to view your order -> Buyer-> Shopping -> My Shopping 2. Click on the order # to view the details of your order. 3. At the bottom of the order page, submit the seller order requirement questions, sample answers in RED 4. Once you click on the Submit button, wait for the seller's response with your VPS login credentials. Expected Delivery is average within 2 hours. 5. You can now login to the VPS using Remote Desktop Connection with the login credentials given. 6. Once you are in the VPS, you will find that Bluestacks and bot are already installed. 7. Within window, you can retrieve your village by login to Google Play and then configure your bot. 8. Lastly, if you are happy with the VPS service, leave a recommendation for the seller. 9. That's it and enjoy 24 7 CoC botting - the hassle free way! Some common sense tips when buying VPS from Seoclerk to avoid scams: 1. Check Seller's reputation by looking at Positive rating %, User ratings comments and Recommendations on the service page. The higher the better. 2. Check Seller's profile page for last login, response time, no. of positive ratings. This shows you how active is the seller and their response time to deliver. 3. Check Seller's Level. It is advisable to buy from a Seller with level 2 and above. FYI, Level 2 seller has successfully delivered 10 orders. More info on seller level here: https://www.seoclerk.com/userlevels/ 4. This seller is a level 5 seller! https://www.seoclerk.com/user/runard
  8. Hi all, I'm a new user of the bot and i'm not able to use the bot. Could you please help me to find the correct version of the bot to download and the correct version of the emulator? I've tried to use the last version of bluestakcs and an older version but the bot don't recognize them... I'm a noob in this field and i really don't know what to do. Could you please help me and tell me everything I need to do? Thank you for the help! (sorry for bad english)
  9. Waiting for shared folder to get mounted... hello. bot gives this message and freezes like this forever is there any way to counter this?
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