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  1. Time for a quick update from the Devs desk :-)

    Read our work in progress:

    - We have set the BlueStacks window to a new resolution 860x780 to have the Zoom out work again.

    - Location/detection of your village on some TH works, but not all, we are making new images for the detection.

    - Reading (OCR) still works, and the village report can find all gold, elixir, dark elixir etc values.

    - Training window is messy, because the game can STACK the troops like spells now. We are running into issues on removing excess troops and the reset of the Train functions don't work correctly because of this.

    - Attack functions can read (OCR) all onscreen trophies, gold, elixir and dark elixir values.

    - Finding deadbases works, but it skips some that are a dead base or attack a non-dead base on some occasions, we are reviewing images and working on that too.

    - Dropping troops on attack works, the End battle functions also work, but the attack log/loot bonus screen returns empty. We are reviewing that too.

    That's it for now. Back to WORK :-)

  2. Hi botting clashers!

    As you may know or not know already, Supercell is bringing us a new version of the Clash of Clans game sometime this week (assumed date: 10th of december).

    You can read some of the sneak peaks here and here.

    Since we do not know how the Clash My Bot 4.2.3 will respond to this update, we are uncertain if the game update will break the bot.

    Just to let you know:  The developers of MyBot are as anxious to know what will happen as you are!

    We will do our best to bring you an updated Clash My Bot as soon as possible, we do this in our spare time and we don't charge any money for it..

    So, please don't spam the forums with "When?" questions, ok?

    It will be ready when it is ready, and meanwhile you go and explore the new stuff in the game! :D

    Remember to like us on Facebook for news! https://www.facebook.com/mybot.run/

    The MyBot.run team.

  3. We are proud to give to you BOT VERSION: "v3.1.8" of MyBot!



    Fixes for v3.1

    • FIX - Train HOGS after May 11 Update from SuperCell
    • FIX - Issues with chat request not read
    • FIX-  Issue with chat - stuck in donation
    • FIX - Unable to zoom out COC in bluestacks
    • FIX - Queen ability auto engage
    • FIX - Detection of some troops like dragons
    • FIX - Miss click on "Surrender" / "End battle"
    • FIX - Mod spend Gems to upgrade building
    • FIX - ArmyCamp not available
    • FIX - DropTrophy don't wait for 70% army when not using DeadBase attack
    • FIX - GUI: VillageSearch Delay starts at 0 second by default
    • Improve - Pushbullet
    • Improve - the Wall detection and Upgrade
    • Improve - the waiting for mainscreen
    • Improve - the Building upgrade with the minimun to save like walls.
    • Improve - Train Only 25 troops each time
    • Improve - the Pause/Stop button
    • Improve - RedArea zone detection
    • Improve - Don't click on the ClanCastle when already full (no Gems window)
    • Improve - DonateCC - dont click below the black area to prevent CoC close.
    • Improve - DonateCC - detect when Donate screen is partly hidden
    • Add - PushBullet remote and more stats
    • Add - Unbreakable mode - farm defenses
    • Add - Clan Castle option: Balance between the donation and castle use
    • Add - AttackReport: loot info after attack on log and on GUI more accurate
    • Add - GUI: Profile option to load/save config.ini
    • Add - GUI: Take Loot Snapshot can include Loot Info in filename
    • Updated: GUI tab PushBullet to Notify
    • Updated: GUI Credits

    3.1.1 Hot Fix

    • Fix - Bug OOS each search
    • Fix - PushBullet - AlertPBVillage and AlertPBLastAttack now available

    3.1.2 Hot Fix

    • Fix - Bug STOP button did not respond correctly.
    • Fix - PushBullet - Send a blank screenshot when drop trophies
    • Fix - PushBullet - AlertPBLastRaidTxt now available

    3.1.3 Hot Fix

    • Fix - PushBullet - Error: "Variable not declared"

    3.1.4 Hot Fix

    • Fix - Bot stuck at check main screen

    3.1.5 Hot Fix

    • Fix - Train loop and not attack
    • Fix - Stop button work immediately
    • Add- Train now can wait to full if it detected camp nearly full --> save time
      It mean, when see camp nearly full: ex: 210/200 , it will not do other process(donate, collect,...), and only forcus on train for wait it full then attack
    • Improved - memory management
    • Improved - PushBullet, add "Delete All Messages"

    3.1.6 Hot Fix

    • Fix - Loop at the main screen.
    • Fix - If you stop it while its in that loop state it tries to attack your own base.
    • Fix - If you stop the bot while searching it starts spamming.

    3.1.7 Hot Fix

    • Fix - PushBullet - Message for Wall upgrades with Gold or Elixir separated
    • Fix - PushBullet - Reduced number of calls/pushes to the PushBullet servers :-)
    • Note: If you don't use PushBullet, you can use v3.1.6 also.

    3.1.8 Hot Fix

    • Fix - Hide BlueStacks screen not working for some.

    The bot will only need to detect your building locations upon first run as the coordinates are saved within a seperate config file (if you move your barracks/town hall or collectors please delete "buildings" config and restart the bot)

    There may reside some bugs as this release contain many new workings. If you encounter any please create a thread in the correct forum so that we can roll out hot fixes.

    Remember if you appreciate the work everyone at GameBot.org does then please do donate towards the development as every little bit helps.

    All code within the source of the bot belongs to GameBot.org

    You are free to modify and distribute our source providing you provide a backlink to us and give credit to the developers.

    We do not permit our software re-packaged under a different brand.

    Clash Game Bot is protected under the GNU.

    Pre-requisite to be download for bot to work

    Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86) or newer

    Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Standalone Installer) or newer


    Don´t use the old building.ini or config.ini .. start the v3.1.x from zero please.

    This bot only support ENGLISH langue, please make sure your COC and your Bluestack using English only.

    CGB 3.1.8.rar

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  4. heheheh, you beat me to it :-)

    This Train.au3 attachment updates the colorcode to hotfix 2.0.

    Also credits to scarface008 for making a quick response in thread: https://gamebot.org/forums/showthread.php?tid=1685

    Put the file in .\COCbot\functions\Village folder, replacing the current Train.au3.

    Recompile your bot if that is your preference, or just start the CBG Bot.au3 file using AutoIt.

    For the users that dont have AutoIt installed and previously only used the precompiled downloaded version:

    The CBG Bot.zip contains a precompiled exe (x86) with the hotfix installed, unzip it and replace the current 'CGB Bot.exe' in your root folder.

    We are aware that there are more changes that need hotfixing, please bare with us, we will do our best to both hotfix 2.0 if we can and make haste with the 3.0 release:-)


    CGB Bot.zip

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