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  1. Distributors COC Hi, clashers! Distributors for COC need to be updated and I need some help! Since there are dozens of distributors in China, I cannot review all to fix this problem! So what you guys need to do to fix this: Open Bot and Start Bot Wait For Error on Bot Unable to load Clash of Clans, install/reinstall the game. The Bot will stop automatic when receiving this info Open game Manually on emulator! On Bot go to "Bot Tab -> Android Tab" Start ADB shell in new Console window New Console Windows with Game Running on emulator, write this command: dumpsys window windows | grep -E 'mCurrentFocus' Console Windows Will return value like this: mCurrentFocus=Window{25ead47e u0 com.supercell.clashofclans/com.supercell.titan.GameApp} Send me Return command by DM with the distributor name! Thanks!
  2. Open Google Play and Update the game. Exist optional update for a game without that bot don't work.
  3. Is working good for me. Let me check one thing. Create a file with the name EnableMBRDebug.txt on your root bot folder. Restart bot goes to Bot->Debug enable OCR. Let bot make a loop and then send me an image and txt file from debug. Files will be: Lib\Debug
  4. If you have more problems tell me. I will fix all for you. If exist more characters don't detect don't forget to add an image.
  5. @OlegD Replace on LIB folder. It is not necessary but to be a safe restart bot! listSymbols_listSymbols_coc-latin-cyr.xml
  6. Screenshot from game with chat windows open! Use button photo (Where is start bot, pause, resume)!
  7. 1 With Bot Closed. Bot -> Profiles -> MyProfileName Open file config.ini Search by this: DBWardenWait or/and ABWardenWait Change value from 1 to 0 like this DBWardenWait=0 ABWardenWait=0 Save 2 Next, Reopen Bot and Locate TH manually! Confirm you don't have checked Warden to Upgrade! Done
  8. Upload Screenshot with a request, please!
  9. Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm You are using my version right? You need to make an update on Google Play, exist optional updates for the game! Without that my version doesn't workmate.
  10. Download Last Version from my git and dont Forget update game! Exist optional update on google play!
  11. @ChacalGyn Update your version for last code i have on my git!
  12. ReDownload new version! To use max 8 accs you need to use Shared Pre Using SC ID only support max 5 accs.
  13. https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/topic/44477-supercell-id-account-switch-update/&page=3&tab=comments#comment-352631
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