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  1. Any game that can be botted ? List your game that can be botted in here
  2. Can bot fight in legend league ? just reach 5k, wondering if bot can still auto in it or not
  3. @faikozcoban1018 th12 Townhall Level: 12 Barbarian king level: 53 Archer queen level: 65 Grand warden level:40 How many hours run bot per a day: 10 +
  4. th12 LF FARMING CLAN need a farming/donate clan, im free to give rage and wall wreckers, i need people to donate back 10-20 mins for 1 donate is good
  5. Man, cant believe i stay in this clan for almost half a year now hahaha, been a long way, although im not active much though cuz i need to upgrade everything XD
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