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  1. david_gaudreau10

    War notification via telegram

    War notification via telegram Hi, Was wondering if it would be a good idea to get nofification when war has been declared, when battle day starts etc. As a war player, it would be really benificial I think. Thanks
  2. david_gaudreau10

    Long time clasher, new botter here!!

    this bot is amazing! So far in 5 days it got me 2 mortars going to max, along with 30 lvl 13 walls and keeps my lab running! LOVE IT!!
  3. So.....no worries if my clan is in Champ 3?
  4. david_gaudreau10

    Long time clasher, new botter here!!

    Long time clasher, new botter here!! Hi everyone! I'm a security systems integrator from Canada that has been playing clash for almost 5 years now. I was using another farming bot for the longest time until they made their free version unavailable and forced member to pay. I got frustrated and begin to search for a new option and found this awesome BOT. I must say, I'm mind blown by how effective this bot works!! I'm using Memu because the last bot required this version...seems to work just fine with mybot. I'm a maxed TH12 working on lvl 13 walls and it's brutal. In the last 24 hrs, the bot was able to do 10 walls! I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!! I really like how it detects different messages and knows in what menu it is all the time (last bot got stuck in builder base for hours and didn't know how to get out haha). LOVE the telegram option to send info to your phone. Looking forward to help out in any way the community (sharing settings, bringing suggestions and such) Clash on!!