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  1. For this guide, I will use Nox as the example. This applies for all emulators though, you’ll just have to adapt the solution to yours. The error message: - Please wait while Nox and CoC start... - Waiting for shared folder to get mounted... - Nox cannot use ADB on shared folder, "(/mnt/shared/Other|/mnt/shell/emulated/0/Download/other)" not found - File not found: C:\Users\username\Documents\Nox_share\Other\177943ECDA34CA325C52D7C2857D78473445A829 If you expierence any/all of the error message above, here’s the solution: How to fix it: 1. Go to your emulator settings 2. Tick the box called “Root” (or Root Startup) 3. Save your changes 4. Reboot the emulator and MBR 5. (optional) If it still doesn’t work, reboot your computer. Here’s what it looks like in Nox: https://ibb.co/CJYGGpL
  2. Max th9. I prefer the most active clan with the high level members! Thanks
  3. ClashWarrior11

    no longer a thing

    TH: 9 (max except heroes) Botting: 20/7 Discord: Yeah
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    unsupported any emulator

    Download Nox, not the latest version.
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    Notify Telegram Screenshot Error

    Notify Telegram Screenshot Error I bumped another thread about this issue, but I wasn’t sure if anyone would actually look at it, so I’m making a new one. I’m running Nox, AutoIt installed, Windows Defender AV disabled, OpenGL switched to DirectX in Nox settings, and Telegram configured properly. Whenever I request a screenshot or the bot tries to automatically send one, I get this error on my computer (bot log): Notify Telegram: ScreenShot HD request received Notify Telegram: Unable to send file Screenshot_xxx.jpg Notify Telegram: Screenshot sent! And this error on my Telegram bot chat: | Chief, your request for Screenshot will be processed ASAP 2018-10-22_18.41 | Unable to Upload File Occured an error type 2 uploading file to Telegram server... 2018-10-22_18.41 How can I fix this error? Resolved. For anyone who encounters the same issue, attempting to disable Defender completely wont work. Instead, add the mybot main and profiles folders to the exception list. ^^ EDIT: RESOLVED. READ ABOVE. ^^
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    Telegram screenshot command

    Bump. Anyone have a fix?
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    MBR can’t log back in after village needs a break

    Thanks, missed that thread because I only checked the support category.
  8. MBR can’t log back in after village needs a break Everytime COC kicks me out for needing a personal break, the bot will get stuck in the login screen, even when I specified in settings that it’s SC ID #1. The bot log spams “Verified Log In with Supercell ID boot screen” and loops until I fix it. How can I resolve this issue?
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    Builder Base Attack

    I agree with your comment and this suggestion.