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  1. [CLAN LEVEL 6] [ANY TOWNHALL] NEW FARMING BOT CLAN [22/50 MEMBERS] WAR-NON-STOP [NO MATTERS WIN/LOSE] NEED STARS ONLY Firstly I should be loyal to you because this is my 1st Clan Ever. I don't have many players to donate 24x7 but mybot has 8 switch Id profiles with donation option enabled ( Specially GIANTS \ ARCHERS ) so there may be little delay in a donation. If you will support me then I am damn sure we will go very far away. See I just want to say if we support each other's back we will definitely the best clan ever for me. So After reading all these things still if you want to be a part of my clan. You Are Most Welcome. Join Our Clan For [Farming] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If You are searching for a Donations, And Farming Then You are At Right Place. # FOR JOINING OUR CLAN YOU HAVE TO FOLLOWS SOME STEPS # Send Me Your Village Profile ID [ Sanjana Mia #6847 ] / @Sanjana Mia ( I´ll send you an invitation Link of CLAN ) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE --> Please keep in mind that if you join this clan, Do NOT Talk About The Bot In Clash Of Clans Chat ! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------