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      Malicious and Banned Links   10/09/2016

      Please be careful of downloading ANY LINKS that are not originating from a MyBot.Run URL or another trusted URL (such as apkmirror.com, bluestacks, memu, xda-developers, etc).   We have banned ALL telegram links and other verified malicious links we have come across already. Users attempting to do this or get around this ban will be banned permanently.   Please report ANY suspicious links to MyBot Staff or pm me directly
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      MyBot.run V7.4.4 RELEASED!   02/17/2018

      MyBot.run continues the legacy again with release of V7.4.4!!   This release supports the December 2017 game update and has some new features hidden inside as well   Get your copy in thread below!!   Click here to get to the release thread MyBot.run v7.4.4 Release


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  1. Rights on MBR Forums

    working now. What I have discovered is that there are sections on the forums that when you post threads and/or replies, the post count doesn't increment. That is why I have a higher post count on the profile than what is actually showing publically on the boards here.
  2. AutoIT in OSX

    Explain the steps and processes you used to get this working. At the end of the day, the Windows API calls are needed so the only way I see this working is this being installed on a Bootcamp partition (which is Windows).
  3. SCID

    I'm testing this out currently with a few accounts and on a tablet. It's pretty flawless so far (the SC ID part). I've yet to test our MBR with an account using the SCID.
  4. Rights on MBR Forums

    Good point. Didn't think of that one. Thanks for that info but it has been verified for some time now.
  5. Rights on MBR Forums

    What does email verification got to do with this issue (as my account has been verified since 2017)?
  6. Rights on MBR Forums

    Any update to this? My Posts count is completely off to what it should be.
  7. Rights on MBR Forums

    Any reason why my post count isn't increasing on the forums? I can post on here but the number stays the same. I'm showing that I have 17 posts per my profile but yet under the avatar it says only 5.
  8. Rights on MBR Forums

    Any progress on what the reason for not being able to edit my original post? Also, another question. I'm on other IP Boards and the replies count in the overall total. Is this not the case here? I'm asking as I have a couple threads and replies. Just wondering if both counts towards the overall posts count. If that's the case, then my number isn't increasing.
  9. Hello

    Hello I've been on the forums for a while now and discovered that I have never bothered to post anything here. I've been botting for about a year now. I ran across (Removed, we are team MyBot yeahh). About 3 days later, I discovered MyBot! Since that time, I have been using MyBot exclusively. I currently run 3 clan - all of which are botting clans. 2 Clans are Air farmers (and one being a push clan) and the 3rd clan is a ground & air mixed clan. In total, we have about 100+ people in a combined chat room. Some of those are testers, script writers, programmers, computer nerds and whatever else can come to mind (and I fall in some of those!). While I'm not in game, I currently work for a Fortune 100 (well, maybe a Fortune 20) company and currently finishing my Bachelors Degree in IT Security.
  10. Rights on MBR Forums Guys (Moderators & Admins) I have some issues with the forums. I can easily create threads, replies and such on the forums. When I create a Thread/post and while I am still on the page, I can see the edit option. However, if I log out of the forums and come back into the forums (after logging back in), I do not have the ability to edit my own posts here. Can someone please look at my account here and help me resolve this issue as others on the forums can see the edit on their original threads as well as update their original posts. Thanks