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  1. [Level 15 Clan] [FWA/OL] TH9 -TH11 welcome!

    Having you in the clan wouldn't be an issue. The bigger issue is how the FWA will handle the new TH Level. They are looking at this currently to see what changes would be needed but so far no official announcement. If you were to join, all that I would ask is to hold off on starting the upgrade until they release this info. I have many TH11's in the clan in the same situation.
  2. [Level 15 Clan] [FWA/OL] TH9 -TH11 welcome!

    Sure. Will send private message.
  3. [Level 15 Clan] [FWA/OL] TH9 -TH11 welcome!

    PM sent. Check your inbox sczr.
  4. [Level 15 Clan] [FWA/OL] TH9 -TH11 welcome!

    PM sent. Please check your inbox.
  5. Have you tried using BS 0.10.x?
  6. Bot clan

    Guys, I run a Level 15 OL Clan (Orange League). Due to it being OL (similiar to FWA), TH9+ is needed (engineered & defenseless accounts unfortunately not accepted). If any of you still need a clan, send me a private message.
  7. [Level 15 Clan] [FWA/OL] TH9 -TH11 welcome!

    Doing the Clan Games via the MyBot settings is good. That's how we do it here.
  8. [Level 15 Clan] [FWA/OL] TH9 -TH11 welcome!

    PM sent badghost.
  9. [Level 15 Clan] [FWA/OL] TH9 -TH11 welcome!

    No but you can push if you wish.
  10. [Level 15 Clan] [FWA/OL] TH9 -TH11 welcome!

    Clan Games starting tomorrow. We have room for any TH9-11 looking to get into an OL Clan. Looking for Air and Ground farmers (if you farm Giants & Wizards, then you're a bonus!).
  11. I currently run a Level 15 OL (Orange League) clan where we do 50v50 wars. I'm currently recruiting TH9-TH11 botters who would like to join the team for easy loot wars (win or lose). Below are the rules & requirements: Basic requirements: TH9-TH11 non-rushed accounts (engineered accounts not allowed) Must have current TH defenses plus current TH defenses 1000 donations per season (unlimited requests) Clan Games participation required Both attacks in all wars Discord for external clan chat English only in game & Discord Rules: Please do not Mention word "BOT" in clan chat . Special room on Discord for this chatter! Donate and request option must be on. Allowed to donate as per given keywords only. Keywords are: giants, wizards, loons, rage, haste, quake. (more keywords to be added soon). Reply to this thread or send me a PM if interested. I will provide further details on clan and how to join.