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  1. WarMagic00001

    Bat Spell detected as Rage Spell

    Damn... that was simple!!! that did it Thanks!!!
  2. WarMagic00001

    Bat Spell detected as Rage Spell

    did all the above instructions. Something wrong with the image I'm assuming since it goes out and deletes the rage spell in the CC. I've notice that when saving the image above, the default extension is .PNG so I renamed it to .XML. Is this correct? I'm guessing that I'm doing something wrong so it doesn't recognize the correct spell in CC now... [1:30:00 PM] Getting current available troops and spells in Clan Castle... [1:30:03 PM] - 8x Balloons (Clan Castle) [1:30:04 PM] - 1x Rage Spell (Clan Castle) [1:30:04 PM] Removing unexpected spells: [1:30:04 PM] - 1x Rage spell [1:30:06 PM] Bot was Paused! As you can see the rage was being removed. The bot is configured to request and accept rage in CC which had been working previously until this fix was implemented.