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  1. i replaced bushido's 4.0.1 mod au3 file' date=' and now the unit delay speed is good as V1


    you are using bushido's mod file with which file (DropOnEdge)?

    nope, everything is from here except DropOnEdge, because when i try his mod, i noticed that the 4finger barch is faster in deployment

    v1.2 I set to 0 and sure that faster than v1

    huh? i set 0 at V1.2 but still slower than V1

    [4.0]Improved training order https://gamebot.org/forums/thread-5400-post-46196.html#pid46196

    [MOD] Add hourly stats https://gamebot.org/forums/thread-2959-post-42344.html#pid42344

    [bUG][v4.0]: Minions not training at correct quantity https://gamebot.org/forums/thread-5155-post-46794.html#pid46794

  2. Hi all' date='


    -  Added Delay unit and Randomize delay unit to determine the deployment of troops. Delay unit : 1 for bot like and 10 for human like (was ignored in previous version)

    -  Remove text in bot log shown second wave deployment for Barbarians and Archers

    -  Applied on GCB Version 4.0.1

    *Download links and steps had been updated.


    what's the previous version's default unit delay ?

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