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  1. hmm. confusing post without DATA. Read the forum posting requirements for bugs/issues next time! :(

    1) Clarification - Normal farming troop deployment across all the V4 versions has not changed. It has NEVER "hold down" the button. It has always clicked for every single action. The only troop deployment changes made across V4 was for TH snipe. So if you are seeing change in deployment speed, suggest you look at your PC for other programs stealing CPU resources and slowing everything down. You also need to know that BS has heap memory leak/management issues, and BS can make your PC slower over time and the only fix is to reboot.

    2) There is a delay feature on the expert tab for adding a delay in troop training. In V4 this was defaulted to 20ms. In v4.1.1 this was changed to default of 10ms and the old minimum value of 20ms was reduced to 1ms. If you want the bot to click faster and your computer can handle it, then change the minimum to 1.

    3) V4.0 added safety checks to avoid gem spending in training, as well a check to stop clicking when the barrack was full. This did slow the loading of troops into the barracks by a few milliseconds per click, but the total impact was slightly less than 2 seconds overall for 240 troops! Continuing with history as you are not very specific on which update you used: V4 had some issues arise when SC provided a quiet bug fix to the big June update and with color changes to a couple of troops. This caused training errors, and Hotfix V4.01 removed the full barracks check so the bot could be used till every broken troop color code was found and fixed. V4.1 the color values and the training issues for specific troops were fixed and the full barracks check was turned back on. So yes, the training may be a couple seconds slower.

    I have a question for you:

    When it takes 15-22 MINUTES to train an attack army, WHY DO YOU CARE ABOUT A FEW MORE SECONDS DURING TRAINING?

    And yes this is Rhetorical question, as this thread is now closed.

    Thanks for donation support!

  2. Sorry - rejected.

    Autoit is single threaded PL. There is now way to precisely activate the hero's ability at any given time AND do anything else while you watch the color bar for the exact change you want.

    There are also significant challenges in determining hero remaining health as it is constantly changing COLOR while the progress bar gets shorter. Since the colors vary slightly PC to PC, and AutoIt can only use a very crude RGB tolerance comparison, the only fool proof way the developers have found to activate the hero's is by looking for a background pixel in the progress bar and waiting for it to be the right color. The current location is roughly 50% health. Moving the check pixel to a location in the background of the icon will not work as the color is too close the color of the progress bar and the check is not reliable. Feel free to play with it and see for yourself. Don't forget to test it on 30 different PC, and use different OS, BS versions, and video cards; to make it is reliable.


  3. "village report" log message is telling you the bot is about to start collecting your village information:

    how many builders,

    how many trophy

    how much loot,

    It uses this information to make decisions during search and upgrades.

    Thanks for your support!

  4. hmm, baffled on this one. You are hitting the 4min safety time out to avoid a hung bot on the BS restart.

    Question -

    When this error happens has BS restarted, meaning is the BS window open, or

    is it still trying to load? or

    Is BS not starting at all? or

    If you uncheck background mode, does that change it?


  5. @Foss

    Thanks for the information that full storages are also creating a read problem.

    Didn't see this in the OCR debug data collected when the donation text issue was discovered.

    In theory, it is an easy fix to avoid the full storage red text, and that is to make the bot wait during the collect process for it clear off the screen before going to another function.

    Not sure I want penalize the entire user community with a long collect delay, if they do not have full storages. Hmm...

    Need to collect some data on this issue to see if there is an easy code fix.

    For now. will add this the issues list.


  6. V4.1.1 should be improved on this error, BUT:

    the bot will randomly train "extra" minions in the dark barracks or archers in the regular barracks by design.

    It does this as a means to fix a major potential problem with some custom army configurations.

    The issue might be tough to understand, but will try to explain why it is doing this?

    If the army camp is not full, and the troops queued require more space than the space available for troops, the bot will can get stuck and never attack.

    (This heavily depends on the users setting for army full percentage and custom army configuration, most will never see this issue!)

    Since deleting finished troops from camp to correct any imbalance will waste elixir, the bot will only clear the troops stopped in the queue, and train the smallest troops to fill the space so the bot can fill the camp, and attack. This means some extra archer/minion will be queued and trained.

    So if your army configuration, and the troop training order create a combination of conditions that will get stuck, the bot tries to fix it and keep attacking.

    While it may be a happy moment to see extra minions or archers, without this the bot would be stuck and never attack and make you more unhappy? :D

    If you find that you constantly see extra minions or archers, then suggest you adjust your custom army configuration to see if it helps. This issue is seldom seen when you have the troop counts evenly dividable by the number of barracks you have available. So using 12 or 16 giants (with 4 barracks) instead of 13-15, should help. Same principle applies to the dark barracks.

    Hope this helps!

    Thanks for your support!

  7. The answer to your problem is posted in the SC forums.


    There are tons of additional user posts on the issues with this change in the SC forums.

    In Summary:

    This change in the match making back in April 2015 has a had huge negative impact.

    Since the matchmaking now has a priority to match you to similar TH level (algorithm appears to be 60-80% are +/- 1 TH level, and rest can be +/- 2 levels), it is extremely hard for low level TH to increase trophies above the range that all the other bases in your TH range are located.

    Also the matchmaker only looks for bases in a range of +/- 200 trophy initially. If the search time goes above some threshold, it starts looking for bases in wider trophy range. Since most of the lower TH bases on in silver and gold leagues, the higher you push trophy, the more often you find 1 trophy battles because all the matches are in much lower leagues. (Note - the trophy reward is based on the difference in your trophy level and the base you attack, the higher the defending base is the more trophy you get.)

    The biggest compliant I have about the attempt to make the matchmaking fair, it they did not make the change for all leagues. The champion league matchmaking was left alone. So if a TH below TH8 was lucky enough to already be in Champion, he finds ALL exposed TH levels for farm or snipe, while all the other bases below TH8 get stuck in Masters league as they are NEVER allowed to attack any exposed TH bases more than 2 levels above their TH level (Masters 1&2 is 96% TH10). Before the change I had a TH6 @ 3000 trophy, within 2 weeks of continuous sniping the base dropped to 2200-2300 cups and was never able to go higher. Due the matchmaker I would earn 5-7 trophy per hour for the 6hours before the forced break, and then lose up to 54 trophy due a revenge attack.

    So based on my experience with TH4, TH6, & TH7 test bases - It is almost impossible for anyone below TH8 to reach champion leagues.

    Hope this helps.

  8. One last comment:

    There is one command in the bot that can force the PC to reboot on purpose, and it is a setting that YOU the user must enable.

    So unless you have configured the bot use the Halt Attack options (on the MISC tab) that call for the system Reboot after meeting certain conditions, you have a very weird local problem we have never seen. If you have selected the Reboot PC option, then the bot is doing what you told it do.

    Best of luck.

  9. You post is confusing?

    1st you ask about donate more, then you mention decrease time to ask (request) troops.

    These are 2 different topics.

    V4.1.1 currently checks to donate 8 times every pass of the idle loop during training, or looks to donate about 40% of the total time in the loop.

    Requesting CC is only done once per attack cycle.

    Since the time between request is 20min and the time to train a BARCH farming army is 15-20 minutes this usually works ok?

    Nether of these has a "timer" you can change to make them happen more often.


  10. Hmm. My guess is that no one is answering you as activating hero's on timer or health both have been tested extensively, and it works.

    Even with the hidden capture data finally posted, you still have not shared how it does not work?

    Is it farming or TH snipe, what are your troop/search/attack settings, what does the log show when it is not activating hero's?

    My only thought is there is difference in expectation? There are many times in the drop troop code that hero's health status is checked for health based activation. But the activation wait timer only starts once all the troops have been dropped, so the dropping of troops is not interrupted. Also, using the hero ability to early is considered a waste, as you can not boost the hero's health above 100% and should really wait till the health is ~35% gone?

    I suggest you try the health activation mode, as based on feedback I get -- most users select health based activation.

    Thanks for your support!

  11. I need re-iterate what mystical stated:

    If may not be BS/Bot forcing the reboot, but they may be overheating the PC if it has a hidden problem.

    Example - If you graphics cooling fan on your video card is not working or in the process of failing; you will need something like BS or another graphics intensive program running to raise the temp and force a failure. I have had this happen twice on some older PC's when the GPU cooling fan died. The surf the internet fine, but 30-90min of gaming and boom reboot. Highly suggest you make sure normal preventive maintenance is done. Open the PC box, clean out the dust and make sure all your fans are actually working.


  12. @bryanjay420 >>> The search feature changed drastically in V4 with dual mode search and your old settings and knowledge are not correct. :)

    TH Snipe is now truly a stand alone combo mode, that is tested last after all the other search criteria is checked.

    You do not need anything special in the search or attack settings to enable trophy mode. If you check TH Snipe combo, it ADDS trophy mode to your regular dual mode settings.

    So, If you set your loot search for zero and town hall outside, that is what you get,

    I.E every base with TH outside is attacked by dead/live base attack settings.

    It will not use the trophy mode "TH Snipe" settings as the loot farming settings are tested first.

    If you want to ONLY TH Snipe, then you need to set your regular dual mode search settings so they never attack!

    That means: Disable TH level, Disable weak base, disable TH outside, use extremely high loot values (Max 999999), disable meet one then attack

    Maybe now you understand why everyone is thinking you're posting like a noob?

    Hope this helps!

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