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  1. Look! We have another user that can not read or follow the directions the bot posts in the log! :P

    1) The bot already checks the building and lab upgrades before the walls.

    2) The bot unchecks (turns off) the wall upgrade if you train any building upgrades, AND logs a message "Upgrade Buildings and Auto Wall Upgrade Can Not Use same Loot Type!"

    Did you see this message, or choose to ignore it? As the issue you are trying to fix has already been addressed in the code?

    Could we add more complicated code to check what wall level the user is upgrading and prioritize the other upgrades?

    Sure. But if we do that it basically turns off the wall upgrade feature for TH9/10. If we turn off the wall upgrades, then we now get user complaints it is not working.

    Basically, there is now way to WIN here, we either spend a month trying make all the upgrades code really smart and work together no matter what silly options the user selects, or we make it flexible and force the user to make smart choices with adjustable settings (min loot, etc). We have chosen to make it flexible.

    Most of the developers prefer to let the user make smart choices, unless it ruins the basic ability of the bot to farm for loot and then we spend the many hours writing/debugging code to keep users out of trouble. Upgrades are a nice to have feature, and not something that I want spend another month working on it to deal with inevitable many possible stupid human tricks.


    Thread closed.

  2. lol, lots of uninformed opinions?

    My TH9 just spent 3.5 days using TH Snipe to get from Crystal 3 to Champion 3. Could it get to Titan? Maybe?

    Since getting into my TH9 to champion 3 about 8 hours ago, it is already over 3300 trophy!

    I manually farmed my TH10 in Champion 2 for several weeks before the major SC changes back in April and June. I am pushing a couple of bases now to see what is up here, and maybe test some new code. :)

    FWIW -

    The big issue for getting to any higher league is YOUR TH level and troop levels.

    Since the April update when SC changed the match making to be more fair to lower level TH; it has become almost impossible for TH8 and below to get to Champion.

    Since you keep getting matched with only +/- 2 TH levels to yours, and most of the lower TH are in lower leagues, the higher you get, the more 1-2 trophy matches you see.

    With only 1-2 trophy per snipe (or even with a 3 star attack) and the 31-54 trophy losses for forced the breaks every 6 hours you get stuck.

    I have test TH7 that has been stuck between 2950-3080 for 3-4 days now due this issue. :(

    Why are the higher leagues so tough to get more 1-2 trophy? For Master 3 and above, it is 99% TH10 bases!

    So - if you used a TH9/TH10 with at least max TH9 defenses, walls, and troops; then you will have no problem with the SC match making. And you are then able to find the fairly numerous TH Snipe that I know exist above 3300 trophy.

    There is always a dead zone of exposed TH +/- 150 trophy at every major league change, Crystal to Master, Master to Champion. As many bases in these zones are trying to gain trophy by defense wins! Since there are so few people in Titan, I would guess that the same phenomenon exits in Champion 1 at the Titan league change point. But I won't know that till I get there. :)

    Hope this helps!

  3. @redrose143445

    1) Stop posting new threads or posts on the same problem.

    They will keep getting deleted like the last posts and you will get additional warnings, or even banned.

    2) Learn how to post for help!




    3) Read the FAQ as posted above by the auto responder


    4) Search the forums for other posts with your same problem:


    5) Read the sticky posts in the help and support section!


    We do have time to spoon fed users who make useless posts like you keep making here.

    You will get very little help if you do not include the information requested in the above threads.


  4. To get a decent gowipe attack you have to hard code some training and deployment order changes.

    The attack can be made to work. BUT Without properly placed hero's and spells, the 50% 1 star success rate was really low in my testing.

    IMHO - Until the bot can figure how to find troops that are moving in battle and back them up with hero's and protect/rage them with spells it is hard to make a successful gowipe without baby sitting every attack.


  5. May not be your settings?

    TH10 loot in Gold1/Crystal3 has been 20-30% of normal the few last days for me. I have changed nothing for weeks.

    My DE is holding @ 1.6-2Khr, but loaded dead bases are hard to find. Some are 150-250 next per attack (at 121 next average right now which is unusually high for me) and I do not see many bases over 500K total loot. My gold has been 200K/hr due search costs, and elixir only 350K/hr. Gold 2 seemed a little better 10-12 hours ago, but turned to junk after a few hours too.

    I am moving up to C1/2 now in hopes of finding where the loot is hiding, usually the bonus in crystal gets me more than 400K/hr.

    My guess is, we had a larger weekend warrior crowd this weekend than most. Almost feels like it does after a game update or major SC advertising push.

    If past is any measure of future, by Tuesday/Wednesday things will return to normal.


  6. Zoom out only logs "zooming out" if it can not see the black line just above the main screen.


    You MUST have an issue that interferes with this zoom out indicator:

    Wrong BS window resolution

    non-standard computed Display resolution

    Wrong display DPI setting (not 100%)

    BS window not visible on display 100%

    Overlapping windows,

    We will never know which till you post a desktop screen shot.

    and read this:


  7. The out sync error primarily happen when your internet connection or your pc are not able to stay in sync between the CoC server and your PC.

    For most users, increasing the village search delay on the misc tab will fix the problem. It is a trial and error process and no two PC need the same setting for the same reason.

    If you are using a wireless connection between your PC and the CoC servers, and you have packet reliability issues, there may nothing that will help.

    Thanks for your donation support!

  8. Another useless post. Thanks!

    V4.1.1 does not have a stuck problem as you are suggesting?

    But then we have no idea what you are you talking about as you refused to follow the guidelines for posting bugs or issues?

    So until you give us something useful that helps us understand your bot problem, you will likely remain stuck.

    Start here:





  9. Hmm, that last posts tells me a lot.

    If hidden capture provides wrong information, then you are likely using windows 10 and due all the crazy issues discovered, we do not provide support for Win10 yet.

    https://gamebot.org/forums/thread-7296.html But I am guessing by the way you posted you already knew this :(

    FYI -

    The 4K may be related to the problem, but the reason the bot is not working is because:

    "Please restart your computer for the applied changes to take effect."

    This message means that the bot found BS does not have the proper window size in the registry, it tried to change it, and needs you to reboot for the changes to take effect.

    After you get that message, NOTHING the bot tries to do will work....

    Thread closed due to being a Win10 OS support issue.

    Thanks for your donation support!

  10. This idea provides no benefit.

    The server game timer requires the account be logged off for 18-20 minutes before it resets the timer.

    Also -  no matter if  you log off for 1 minute or 20 minutes, you are placed on the top of the search queue for being online for hours and hours and you will get attacked if you have loot, or exposed TH.

    So logging off early provides zero benefit, all you gain is reduced farm loot.

    The general opinion of the development team is they would rather use the 20 minutes for 1-2 more attacks and more loot than avoiding a forced break. Taking this further, the code even tries to see the forced break as early as possible to avoid losing another 5 minutes when attacking is disabled as you wait for the server to kick you off.

    If there was a valid benefit to avoiding the forced break, it would already be implemented.


  11. FYI - I have been a Genymotion user since V1, a even attempted to convert the bot to Genymotion back with V1.

    Even if you match the BS resolution perfectly, this is not a simple MOD. It is a complete rewrite of most every function.

    - none of the existing window handles, controls or get position commands will work, so every function that gets or clicks is impacted

    - the android menu buttons are in different places depending on the device and Android version emulated

    - zoom out does not use keyboard, and it does not have the telltale black line on top that shows it is zoomed out which makes zoom position unreliable

    - the window handles changed based on the name given to the emulated device, so the same custom appliance would have to be created and used by everyone

    - Genymotion uses different graphics engines depending on what is available in PC, there are noticeably larger range of rendered pixel colors and this impacts all the text reading and button finding

    - The existing DLL is not designed to have more than on instance running and will get confused, even if run from different directories.

    I am not saying it is impossible, only these request is for someone to rewrite a whole new bot.

    I wish whomever attempts this "mod" the best of luck.


  12. I am pretty sure that simply removing CoC, rebooting BS, and reinstalling CoC will fix the problem.

    But if it does not, Please download the modified OpenBS function in this thread, https://gamebot.org/forums/thread-8015-post-63897.html#pid63897

    and help me collect data on the issue. Maybe in future I can warn users when BS or CoC is not installed correctly, when you start and not when SC forces a break.

    Thanks for your donation support!

  13. You did not follow the installation instructions, you are either:

    - are missing the prerequisite software or you have too many versions of .NET and/or C++ libraries installed. or

    - you moved, renamed, deleted required files.

    Make sure that your virus software didn't delete any files in the \Lib directory.

    We have seen a few overzealous software tools remove the needed files.


  14. Ok. And the next silly monkey post is going request that they want to donate Wall Breakers 1st before goblins. What about his preference? :D

    User selectable donation order? Why not, on the list.

    We already have tons of stuff I will never code ( IMO - donations are a waste of farming time); but maybe some one else will adopt the suggestion.

    Thread closed.

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