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  1. Another great idea!

    Oh wait, it already sort of exists?

    Granted it is not automatically added to every users PC when they download the bot, but it is really easy to add it on your PC or VPS (which is why it was made in the 1st place).


    You will find on the expert tab the auto start check box, check it. Set the wait time to how long you want it to wait to start.

    Then place a shortcut to the bot .exe file in your startup folder.

    This can be done by dragging the shortcut to the startup folder in the menu, or

    copying it to your "AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup" location.

    Boom, there you have it instant bot at every boot up.


  2. :D

    Do not forget the AutoIt Bot code is open source.

    Just because your idea is not something to be added to the feature backlog, there is nothing stopping you writing a MOD for it and sharing it in the MOD section for users that may agree with you.

    There are already several MODS written for features on the developers rejected list. :P

    Thanks for your support!

  3. Hmm,

    First: If you are using a MOD, please post your question in the MOD thread where you downloaded the code. The general forum we will only support the released version.

    Second: We can not investigate your claim of a bug without data. Please stop making unsubstantiated claims, and provide data if you really want an answer to your question!

    Try following the bug posting guidelines so we can stop more useless posts:




    Thanks for your donation support!

  4. Puisque vous mentionnez mon nom, je suis curieux, quelle partie est pas compréhensible?

    après avoir vérifié les version traduite du guide d'aide dans Google Chrome, je peux voir certains domaines qui peuvent être difficiles à comprendre pour parler personne non anglais. Je viens de faire quelques changements qui, je l'espère le rendre plus clair.

    S'il vous plaît accepter mes apoligies pour la traduction de Google brut. Je ne parle pas français.

  5. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Sorry you do not like the donation option. If it is nonsense, then do not use it? :P

    The current requirement to use both the white and black list makes the donation feature much safer for users, especially .vs. an "or" check box option.

    The very last thing we want is users getting reported or banned for constantly making improper donations.

    Your suggestion will not only make it easier for users to donate incorrectly, it will also require users to figure out and configure yet another option. Adding more options that only get users in trouble, and/or make set up more complicated is not improvement to the bot.


  6. Welcome.

    If you can not find the source code, then you have not looked very hard in the latest released thread >. https://gamebot.org/forums/thread-6924.html

    If you want to show off your code skills there is a huge backlog of development ideas posted in the suggestions section >> https://gamebot.org/forums/thread-7974.html

    So do what the everyone else does: read the forums "how to" posts, and then write code & share it in the MODS section.


  7. Interesting request? This exactly opposite of what all the other users have requested?

    Most of our users are requesting the that bot request MORE often to make sure they CC is filled, especially when their clan level allows for requests as often as every 10 minutes.

    If a request in not getting filled and sits in chat log, then requesting again will let clan members donate more than once if they choose to help you.

    Suggestion that if your Request sits in the chat log for long time and never gets filled, then maybe you need a new clan unless you are happy with low donation levels?

    Will leave this suggestion open to gather some user opinions.

  8. Dear Pecker:

    Sorry you are having issues with forums due to jealous competitors that keep trying to DDOS the site.

    There is very little we can do to stop the DDOS. We have already changed hosts 3 times trying to improve the reliability of this site.

    You should be happy that we only get minor annoyances with the latest attacks, we used to go offline for 3-4 hours with one hosting service.

    The Admin team has done a great job. Despite miserable donation levels from our user community, we are now on a fully dedicated server, and have decent DDOS protection. They are constantly working with the host service to prevent the attacks from interrupting these forums. So unless you want to donate enough money to enable a hardware solution, you will have to leave with some minor problems.

    As far as your Bot problem?

    Who knows. You didn't even post the basic information required to enable us to help.

    Thanks for your donation support!

  9. Sounds like you have a play store upgrade problem.

    Happens very often with BS v0.9.XX when an upgrade comes out and you do not the latest compatible version of other apps.

    So if you miss the play upgrade and get the CoC upgrade or visa versa it can hang up.

    easily thing to do is:

    uninstall CoC,

    Upgrade any and all the Google applications you have installed,

    reinstall CoC.

    For really severe cases, you may have to remove the existing Google account, stop/delete all the app data in the app manager, reboot BS, and then add back the Google account and reinstall Google Play and CoC.


  10. HaHa - Yes, I would like to know too. :D


    I wonder if they feel the same way I do about all the noob users complaining over, over, and over about the same error.

    Especially when 99.9% of the time it is simply because they are to lazy to read what others post, or they want it fixed right now, and refuse to wait for a solution.

    And to all those that think the bot looks really cool and works so well, that making MY changes should be really easy,

    You should try writing a MOD, and let us know how you feel after you spoon feed hundreds and hundreds of lazy software leeches.


    Thank you modder's for your community contribution!

    and for the rest; Thanks for your donation support!

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