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  1. strange? This part of the log shows where the problem is occurring:

    [08:28:52] Collecting Resources

    [08:29:07] Waiting for Main Screen

    [08:29:08] Trying to locate Main Screen

    [08:29:08] Main Screen Located

    The bot should not be "Waiting for Main Screen" unless there is something blocking the screen right after it is done collecting resources.

    Will need a screen shot from when this happens to understand what is causing the error?

    would also be helpful to have debugclick and debugsetlog turned on.


  2. patience is a virtue, possess it if you can, seldom found in women, never found in man...


    The verification of your buildings requires that you properly install all the prerequisite software. But:

    Without a whole lot more information, we have no clue what might be happening. :( We are not mind readers!

    Read all the threads posted above and make sure you do not have made a typical newbie mistake, missing something trying to rush for loot.

    Also try following the bug posting guidelines unless you want more ridicule:




    Thanks for your donation support!

  3. :)

    Verify with the VPS customer support staff that their VPS service supports running BlueStacks.

    If they don't know, then you are a test mule and wish you best of luck.

    If they say yes, then use it.

    There are many threads on these forums regarding VPS setup and operation.

    Easy to find with some searching.


    PS - IMHO VPS is waste of time/money when I can buy used older dual core PC's for $50-100 that only need a little cleanup or new $40 hard drive, Plus refurbished business PC for $200-$250. Even if I spend $1/month on electricity, they pay for themselves in a couple months .vs. the $10-20/month it costs to get a reliable BS capable VPS. Most of the VPS posts on this site are people trying to leverage "FREE" VPS and that may work for a couple months, but is not a long term solution. Especially when one understands it takes almost 2 years to max TH8/9/10 base without spending gems.

  4. @Cru34

    Thanks for the reply. I love to be PROVEN wrong, no joke - really I mean it. :)

    Bring your data, leave your opinion at home and lets go!

    But wait, rather than arguing about whose opinion is right or wrong, why not help the community and use your passion to write code to change it?

    Why do I say this? Because none of the current developers have any plans to touch donation code at this time.


    PS - Looking forward to your new donation MOD!

  5. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Xmod works by reading memory of CoC while running, which is a HACK of CoC and easily detectable by CoC servers.

    While playing CoC on a PC is violation of the T&C, the bot is reading the screen and pressing keys just like a user would do so that it looks like a human is playing.

    Please read the sticky post in this section >> CGB will develop any HACK mods for CoC.


    Thread closed.

  6. Server 2008 does not have OpenGL support required to run BS, unless the server hardware has installed a server rated graphics card with OpenGL V2+ support.

    The standard minimum installation of Server 2012 does not support OpenGL either, but if the server owner has installed HyperV graphics emulation then it will work.

    Not many shared VPS sellers will install the graphics emulation as it is a resource hog, slows the all the clients running on a shared server, and reduces their profit by limiting the number of users on a box.

  7. If the bot is not able to read the text of the building names during startup, then you have an installation problem!

    You or your virus software either renamed, moved, or deleted necessary files, or the prerequisite software is missing or corrupt.

    There are many others that posted the exact same problem, and the solutions have been posted many times.


  8. Wall upgrade is not perfect, but it works pretty well for the first 60-80% of your walls. If it is not working well for you than your base layout is preventing it from working

    There are hundreds of posts by people claiming to have issues concerning wall upgrades. Please go read those as I refuse to spoon feed the details again!

    Thread closed.

  9. please post the picture.

    If you use the full editor hiding behind the reply to this topic button.

    and not try to reply in the little box at the bottom of the thread,

    in the full editor, there is a button to upload image to imgur and post the link.


  10. Rejected:

    We are not going to make it mandatory for all users that the bot starts with windows as that is simply bad software manners. Would you like all your programs adding themselves to your startup folder and running at boot up even when you didn't need them? No one wants this, and it will not become a standard CGB feature beyond the capability that already exists.

    Now maybe some time in the distant future when we have an official installer, we can add a user installation preference setting in the installer to create the startup shortcut? That would be using good coding practice. But until then, the bot code is not going to force itself into users startup, nor add another optional check box to change files outside the Bot folder as we already have a GUI space shortage. :(

  11. Ummm

    DPI has nothing to do with BS resolution. They are uniquely separate settings?

    The bot was coded for DPI set to 100% in windows with BS window size set to 860x720 pixels, if that is your question?

    (default 100% is 96 DPI, if Google is not available where you have internet.)


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