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  1. OK?  🤔  

    I stop by occasionally too.  My name is on retired developers list if that matters.  😎 

    BTW - Is this a new fangled forum requirement;  didn't know I was supposed to announce my arrival at the buffet table.  😝


    Long live CGB MBR!

  2. Raptorin:

    1) The bot has always closed BS and restarted it. Previous versions used the HD-Restart.exe command to close BS processes/reload them, which failed more than it worked on slow machines/VPS as BS would error out. The current v4.1 now forces BS to close all processes and services (as the slow services close was the problem with HD-Restart.exe). In my debug, the previous restart/hung service issues were all related to Socket IO not responding and BS getting utterly confused and stuck. The socket io issues could have been a slow internet connection or a missed packet ack, regardless BS gave us the same problem without any error messages. Since I can reproduce the current errors, I can not see if we what is causing the problems this time.

    2) The start CoC commands have not really changed, we still use the same HD-RunApp.exe command to run CoC, though we have tried several different command line options to load CoC properly. Both the command line options work perfectly on 99.9% of users. With v4.1 we can start CoC & BS at the same time with one command line, as this was not possible before while the old process/service was hung. This was also the reason we had to loop several times through the Restart BS loop to fix it before v4.1.

    3) You mentioned that this problem just started happening on 1 VM and not all of them. This raises some more silly questions in my brain:

    - The play store has been pushing out a new "Play Games" app, and a new optional CoC update over the past few weeks. There have been a few absolutely weird posts/issues due errors with these updates. We see them every now and then with optional CoC updates. Once users (including me) update to the latest CoC app (and Google Updates), the BS/CoC/Play error messages disappear. I wonder if there is an error in the Android app database with these updates (or SC/Google changed something that is confusing V0.9.24) that is related to why BS fails to create the Apps shortcut and execute the RunApp command properly?

    : What it the current revision state of your 4 VM, do they all have auto updates turned on, and the latest updates for Play & CoC?

    : If you update Play Games, and CoC does that fix it.

    : If you remove/reinstall CoC after updating Google Play Games doe that fix it?

    The fact that is just started now, and V4.1 has been released for almost 2 months, is making me think the entire problem is an Android issue, due the latest CoC/Play Games updates? But until I can replicate the issue, have no clue how to fix it. :(

  3. Many people are having problems with the latest app updates from CoC and the Google "Play games" app.

    If you can not load CoC manually, then bot can not do it, and you need to fix your BS installation.

    There are several posts in the forums by other users having CoC or Play errors that detail the solution.

  4. @thedirectorone

    BTW - You do not need to wait for the break to create the error condition?

    You can simply close BS, then hit start on the bot. It uses the same code to open BS the 1st time as it does after a break.

    If it does not open anything you will see it in much less time, and the bot times out in 4 minutes....


  5. Rejected: >> •Anything to do with Clash of Clans WAR or non-farming army creation


    Detecting a shield is complicated as the shield clock time that shows a shield is present is changing, and can have different start values.

    Primary fool proof way to check is to actually open the attack window, and hope the break shield button appeared, if it didn't then you just started searching for an attack.

    This is a lot of code work, to simply stop faming when you already have tons of options?

    This one goes in the column of another great idea that is not worth the time to code it.

    Plus it complicates the bot operation and it only saves a few trophy when the bot priority is loot.

    BTW - There are a ton of cool features possible as long as some else does the work. :P

    Will leave this one for community to make a MOD if they want it really bad.


  6. Yes, Donate only £5 (or roughly $8 USD at current exchange rates) is required!

    then send @envyus a PM to let him know to look for your kind action,

    and you will have donator badge in a day or less.

    Think of it this way:

    Donate only $8 USD and then use the bot to get your TH7-10 base to champions, and you will get 1000 gem bonus for masters, and 2000 gem bonus for Champion. 3000 gems is worth $25-$35 USD equivalent depending on your local currency. So you are buying gems for 1/3 of normal prices! :D


  7. Thanks again!

    Nothing worked? :(

    Since you seem to know you way around, before you give up on the current rooted version, be sure to read through the various BS log files in the programdata\bluestacks directory.

    BS keeps a ton of log information on what it does or can not do. I am really curious why you can not get the CoC app shortcut created when it is installed, and wonder if the log might say why it failed?

    My guess is there has to be some issue with the internal Android app data base and BS code linking it into Windows, so it may not be the BS command line functions but something sinister in the Android side of the puzzle? BTW - BS is really sneaky and hard to debug internally, if you go looking through the HD-XXXX.exe code, you find it has ELF libraries loaded into Kernel and other DLL's. Which reminds me, have you added, deleted, or disabled any BS apps in Android app manager?



  8. Yes' date=' every link is default by setup. There is no other way to start, only "Start Bluestacks". BS not putting shortcuts of apps into Apps folder. So Apps directory is empty. Like I said I created shortcut for CoC, and start logging system reserves. When i start new shortcut its work take 0.27 seconds and 7,62 kb of memory. Finally produced nothing. Im not at home right now. I will try it in a few hours

    And if you want i can prepare you a remote desktop connection to see it with your own eyes.


    Thank you for your patience with my silly questions!

    I believe what you are telling me, and do not need a RDP session if you can test some things for me?

    BTW - I have seen where the BS Apps folder is empty, but after removing the missing App and re-installing it inside BS. You usually recreate the App shortcuts.  Is really weird that your shortcut is missing and was not fixed after removal/reboot/reinstall.  Need to search the WWW for clues on this one!

    Regarding your shortcut test that failed:  Can you also test these commands below, either on the command line or in a batch file?

    #1: (this is an older command line format for BS and what I changed the above file to use)

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\BlueStacks\HD-RunApp.exe" Android com.supercell.clashofclans com.supercell.clashofclans.GameApp

    If #1 does not work then maybe a 2-step method will work?  Seems like overkill it every is working right, but need to test it anyway. :)

    #2:  (Start the normal Launcher since your BS shortcut works, then start the app)

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\BlueStacks\HD-StartLauncher.exe"

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\BlueStacks\HD-RunApp.exe" -p com.supercell.clashofclans -a com.supercell.clashofclans.GameApp

    #3: (Start the Launcher, then start the App with old command line)

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\BlueStacks\HD-StartLauncher.exe"

    "C:\Program Files (x86)\BlueStacks\HD-RunApp.exe" Android com.supercell.clashofclans com.supercell.clashofclans.GameApp

    Thanks again for your help this far, and appreciate any additional support you can provide on these new ideas.

    PS - you can test the new OpenBlueStacks.au3 file I attached above really easy.

    a) copy/paste the new OpenBlueStacks.au3 into the \COCBot\functions\Main Screen folder and replace the existing file.

    B) Recompile the .exe file, or run as script using the right click functionality on the GameBot.org.au3 file.

    c) With BS closed, hit the start button. CGB will use the same code to open BS as when there is break.

    If the new files works, then BS/CoC should open. (I hope!)


  9. @alejandro69:

    Sorry to sound cruel, but I must even with the added blessing:

    but after 4 posts hijacking other threads, you finally created your own.  Its about time.

    This time you even gave us a little information to prove you are having an issue!  :thumbup:

    But you still are not following the instructions that myself and others have give you!  :facepalm:


    Until you post a log with debug enabled as instructed in the post below, we can not help you!


    All I can see from the log is that sometimes when you open the train page, the bot can find the proper train window checks, clears the screen, and tries again. I have no idea why or how this happening? Do you see anything unusual in CoC when the error happens? Is the window slow to open sometimes, or is the window not opening?

    As I said before, need a lot more information to figure this one out.


  10. @wynyun:

    The deblog does not show the bot randomly pausing? only one pause at the end, that looks like a normal manual pause?

    Did you let it run till the error happened?

    Regardless, I can see from the lib images that also have a display size problem.

    You appear to be using the minimum 1360x766 size recommended, but you need to hide the task bar in order to make it work right.

    The link I posted above as link embedded to show you how to fix this.

    I will delete the debug file you posted now that I have it since your IGN is showing in the windows.


  11. Interesting information, thank you very much.  

    Sorry to read you decided to fix this with a local macro program.  As I really want to adjust the bot for this anomaly.

    Regardless, Still need to verify:

    1) The BS path logged by OpenBS is correct for your machine? (yes)

    2) You can start BS via the "Start BlueStacks" desktop icon/shortcut? (yes)

    3) You are not able to start CoC via the Apps folder CoC icon/shortcut? (yes)

    and a new question

    4) Can you start CoC with the CoC shortcut/icon in the Apps folder AFTER you have started BS via the Start Bluestacks desktop shortcut/icon? (???)

    PS - Would also like if you could test this new OpenBS.au3 file?  

    I changed the format of the runApp command line to use a different set of command line arguments.

    This may actually fix the problem?

    Thanks for your support!


  12. Store bought Android emulators are every where.

    Mainly because it is very easy to create an Android virtual device using the Android SDK like this:


    Once you have built the custom Android device, then you can easily run it within the SDK or run it using the OracleVM tool the others use.

    The challenge with the SDK is it tries to build Phone or Tablet ROM code. And in order to create a BS replacement or other PC friendly device it takes a little bit of extra work to create something for other users.

    So you don't like the store bought options, roll your own. :D

  13. @janepark:

    You display size is too small based on the hidden capture.

    You can could have all kinds of misc errors unless your display resolution is larger than 1360x766, and there are no windows overlapping.

    There is explanation why and link showing the issue in this sticky post. https://gamebot.org/forums/thread-1558.html

    @wynyun : Until you share a log with the debug data I requested earlier or post the hidden capture can't help any further.

    IF the hidden capture says you also do not meet the minimum display requirements, then there is nothing that can be done.


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