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  1. zultan

    MyBot 7.7.2 impulseMOD v1.0.9

    i was really loving this mod. i hope the author will go on updating his work. he said he was busy studying... let´s wait and see. at the moment i am using the official mod
  2. zultan

    .csv Editor

    thank you sooooo much @Boldina it works!!!!!!!! thank you for your help
  3. zultan

    .csv Editor

    Hello i´m having problems editing the csv attack files. understanding how and what to change is already very difficult for me. the problem is that when i open the file it looks all messed up. i mean the columns and the values are not in a line. i tried word pad, word, text editor, csv editor and each time the file looks messed up. anyone can help me or tell me what am i doing wrong??
  4. zultan

    MyBot 7.7.2 impulseMOD v1.0.9

    the simbios mod was absolutely the BEST mod I have ever used all over these years!!! that mod had ALL you could ever desire from the bot. Thank you for bringing those mods in the new version. I´ll start to use it immediately so I can help testing at least since I´m not able to mod myself. thank you again
  5. bot hides the emulator in the tray bar hello i have a problem everything was working fine Yesterday. the bot was happily botting on a nox emulator since a week. then by mistake i tried to move a little the nox window on the screen dragging it by holdind the frame as usual while the bot was working. suddenly nox got minimized and i can´t have it on the screen anymore. if i hover over the nox icon i can see it´s working normally but i can´t have it on the screen if i launch nox manually it stays normally on the screen. as soon as i start the bot it gets minimized. the background option is activated as usual but the button "show/hide" seems not to work anymore. it never happened anything like this in years of botting i restarted the emulator and the bot but it doesn´ work two other instances of the bot working on bluestacks 2 and memu are working fine. maybe the issue is related to nox pushing any option while moving the window??? any idea about how to solve the Problem?? help me please
  6. zultan

    bot hides the emulator in the tray bar

    thanks to all of you guys. i´ll try tonigh and let you know thank you again it´s me again. i fixed the problem somehow pushing the button to rotate the screen on nox. i was pushing buttons randomly then i pushed the rotate screen button. when i rotated back the screen nox was in window size again. now the button show/hide works again. maybe this can help anyone who has this issue. thanks to everybody for your replies
  7. thank you all guys!!! i recompiled the bot following the guide but... i don´t know if i made anything wrong or .... anyway i let the bot working alone... and after a while i found myself with 5 freeze and 3 rages instead of 3 freeze and 4 rages.... the bot don´t like my army at all there must be anything wrong with the freeze spell because I never used freeze spells before (only rages heals and poison or heartquake) and i never had any issue
  8. freeze spell not available due to full queue... but it´s not full Hello everyone. another bug to report. the first army is complete. the bot is training the queue as Always but it says that the queue is full but it´s not so it keeps on removing the 4 rages and then says that can´t train the three freeze because the queue is full but it´s not i don´t know if i explained clearly my problem. do you have any suggestion? the very strange thing is that if you reboot the bot it works fine for a while (a random time can be long or short) then it gets stuck... thank you so much ops i forgot to say that the bot version is the official 7.6.5 and the emulator bluestacks 2
  9. hi thank you for your help @cosote i replaced the file and run mybot.au3. should i Always launch the bot this way now? or just once and then i can use the normal exe? bye
  10. the problem is still present in the 7.7 version. i hope it will be fixed. the same happens in two different accounts (th12 and th11) one working on bluestacks the other on memu (so i don´t think it´s because of the emulator). this happens when in the previous attack freeze spells are not completely used or not used at all because the bot can´t locate eagle and infernos. since then the bot can´t train freeze spell anymore saying that can´t because of full queue. so i can only train the freeze by myself or reboot the bot and the emulator unfortunately changing the spell training, like @AxEgo said, order DON´T work for me. changing the order get the problem even worst because the bot can´t train even the rages the memory of the emulator, as @NguyenAnhHD said, is already set to 1536 mb so this can´t be the cause of the problem i was looking for the option "train" in the debug panel but i don´t have it ??
  11. bot don´t start anymore! what can i do?? today the bot was working fine without big problems. then i decided to set a custom troop donation, damn me, and suddenly the bot crashed and now it doesn´t start anymore and shows this error what should i do to have it working again??? pls help me. thanks a lot
  12. hello i have another but to report. i had a look but i can´t find if it has been already reported. the bot often get stuck in the builder base and can´t return to normal base because the ship is covered by the gem indicator and the bot click on the gems and get stuck in the shop. the emulator is bluestacks 2 and the bot is the official last version. does anyone have the same problem?? bye