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  1. no no it´s not closing randomly. the bot just closes and disappears a few seconds after launch. other people are describing the same issue just like mine here if i disable my av the bot works as usual. then i can re enable the av and the bot works forever.... very strange issue
  2. yeah the same happens here. i see i´m not the only one. i also have to disable antivirus launch the bot and then re activate the antivirus. very annoying
  3. thank you. any help is welcome. I´ll surely try to disable the builder base. I was trying the csv I linked to my post and it´s not working well or should i say not Always well...
  4. hi thank you for your help. your tutorial was great even for an idiot like me. I have tried your mod but I really don´t know what to say. the first attack the bot deployed ONLY the bowlers, NO giants NO witches at all...... the second attack the bot deployed all troops but with strange timings and without using a jump spell as usual.... Now it´s better but I think there is something wrong that the mybot team should investigate.... I have attached the csv that I am using if you want to see it BowWitch V2 by Qandeel giga davanti.csv
  5. I know it´s a false positive. i trust mybot completely. it just never happened to me and I just would like this damn antivirus would let me and mybot alone. i just can´t put mybot in the exception list. i´ll try again later because it´s very annoying to turn off the av each time you launch the bot thank you for your help but I can´t really add the bot to the av exceptions. I never had such a problem when I was using Eset Internet Security. When I switched to avast I started to have problems. The User interface is absolutely awful, totally confusing and unclear. Avast is working fine more or less but I have troubles with the firewall: It was very difficult to set a rule for casting from my pc to my chromecast then I found a way to do it. I still can´t use another program named Connectify Dispatch. I use it to join my adsl line and my mobile lte line. many other people say it´s not working with avast and it was with eset. I have to disable my firewall each time I want to use this program. I am 50 years old and quite experienced user. I never had this problems when I was using Norton or eset. I´m sick of fighting against this av. I will disable it before launching the bot...
  6. does it work for you?? unfortunately the exception doesn´t work in avast antivirus. it´s the worst antivirus i ever had
  7. hi. do you think it depends on the level?? before the spring update the script was working fine with maxed bowlers....
  8. i want to report that csv scripted Attacks are not working properly. I was hoping they would get fixed in the new official version but they still don´t work just like in the "temporary fix" version. The script i am using is bowitch by qandeel. the bot deploys giants and witches but NOT the bowlers. I am going to try electroloon now. i can´t farm in titan League using crappy tropps like barbarians UPDATE: =================== the electroloon script works well. can anyone tell me what can i do to fix the bowitch attack??
  9. @messii the mybot team wrote somewhere that antivirus can detect mybot as a virus and i know it´s not a virus. I´ve been using mybot for many years. the strange thing is that if I try to launch the bot with the antivirus active there is no way the bot closes itself. BUT I GET NO WARNING MESSAGE from the antivirus i added the bot folder to the antivirus exceptions but there is no way. it doesn´t work. the antivirus is the crappy avast but it´s the same I was using before the update and the bot was working fine. now i see that if i disable the avast antivirus and launch the bot the bot works and then I can enable the antivirus and the bot keeps working. it´s a very strange issue
  10. hello i was waiting for the new release of the bot the bot is closing itself with antivirus active. it´s the first time all over these years. i added the bot folder to the avast antivirus exception list but no way the bot closes with antivirus on
  11. i don´t know why but the bot worked well just one day. now it works but don´t deploy troops anymore the csv is bowithc by qandeel 😢 i´m offline again
  12. thank you guys for letting us go back online so soon!!
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