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  1. zultan

    MyBot 7.7.2 impulseMOD v1.0.9

    i was really loving this mod. i hope the author will go on updating his work. he said he was busy studying... let´s wait and see. at the moment i am using the official mod
  2. zultan

    .csv Editor

    thank you sooooo much @Boldina it works!!!!!!!! thank you for your help
  3. zultan

    .csv Editor

    Hello i´m having problems editing the csv attack files. understanding how and what to change is already very difficult for me. the problem is that when i open the file it looks all messed up. i mean the columns and the values are not in a line. i tried word pad, word, text editor, csv editor and each time the file looks messed up. anyone can help me or tell me what am i doing wrong??
  4. zultan

    MyBot 7.7.2 impulseMOD v1.0.9

    the simbios mod was absolutely the BEST mod I have ever used all over these years!!! that mod had ALL you could ever desire from the bot. Thank you for bringing those mods in the new version. I´ll start to use it immediately so I can help testing at least since I´m not able to mod myself. thank you again
  5. zultan

    bot hides the emulator in the tray bar

    thanks to all of you guys. i´ll try tonigh and let you know thank you again it´s me again. i fixed the problem somehow pushing the button to rotate the screen on nox. i was pushing buttons randomly then i pushed the rotate screen button. when i rotated back the screen nox was in window size again. now the button show/hide works again. maybe this can help anyone who has this issue. thanks to everybody for your replies
  6. bot hides the emulator in the tray bar hello i have a problem everything was working fine Yesterday. the bot was happily botting on a nox emulator since a week. then by mistake i tried to move a little the nox window on the screen dragging it by holdind the frame as usual while the bot was working. suddenly nox got minimized and i can´t have it on the screen anymore. if i hover over the nox icon i can see it´s working normally but i can´t have it on the screen if i launch nox manually it stays normally on the screen. as soon as i start the bot it gets minimized. the background option is activated as usual but the button "show/hide" seems not to work anymore. it never happened anything like this in years of botting i restarted the emulator and the bot but it doesn´ work two other instances of the bot working on bluestacks 2 and memu are working fine. maybe the issue is related to nox pushing any option while moving the window??? any idea about how to solve the Problem?? help me please