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  1. still the same using version 7.5.3 here. this annoying bug was present ever since. the bot is working for a day or two or maybe a week then suddenly without changing anything the bot stops detecting the heroes. it happened just Yesterday. i think it´s because I have my BK upgrading (AQ and GW awake). it never happened while upgrading my queen from level 50 to level 60 so it must be anything concerning the BK. I hope that the bot developers can search for a solution moving in that direction. if you are farming in low leagues you can deselect all the "wait for" boxes and attack without heroes sometimes. but if you are farming at high levels (like me in titan 2/3) you can´t attack without heroes. the only workaround is to reboot both bot and emulator (not just bot or emulator) but you never know when this is going to happen again. usually it works just for one attack then you have to reboot both of them again. another problem is that if you are in high leagues as soon as you go offline to reboot they attack you immediately (if you are off shield and guard). anyway the bot is a masterpiece. thank you to all the mybot team
  2. standard attack going crazy after a while

    no way to use barbarians and archers. i had to switch to scripted Attacks. those seem to work
  3. bot deleted army que

    @darksider007 i mean like this i´ve been using this old version of the bot for a very long time (and it still works even after the last update.) and it was perfect. the bot trains your first army and Leaves the queue alone. that´s all. so if you stop the bot for any reason and train the second army the next time you can use it. I would still use it but after the last coc update the bot works, trains and Attacks but it doesn´t wait for heroes anymore. the army check and reset is a good thing but adding the choice to keep the second army (if you know what you are doing) could be a good thing imo
  4. standard attack going crazy after a while

    @darksider007 thank you for your reply. i think i know what you mean. but usually troops are dropped in small groups here and there around the "islands" instead of a straigh line. in my case the csv just drops some barbarians here and there and then archers normally in a line. this way the attack becomes useless. the rest of the barbarians are dropped slowly or not dropped at all. i´ve been botting for years and never happened anything like this before. update. i deleted all my profiles and created a new one. the bot was working fine. after a couple of attaccks the bot again drops archers before barbarians and doesn´t wait for the king wtf is happening?? the emulator is memu and the bot is official latest version. any idea? thank you
  5. standard attack going crazy after a while hello. I have a strange problem with my latest official version of the bot. i am farming with barbarians and archers at the moment. the bot is working fine for a random while BUT suddenly it starts to drop troops strangely. i use the standard attack, use all troops, no red line, al sides equally , delay 2. the army is made of 125 barb and 124 arch. usually the boot drops all the barbarians alla round the base and then all archers the same way around then drops king queen and warden. when it "goes crazy" it drops just some barbs here and there then all the archers all around and then the rest of the barbs slowly. i tried also the "drop order" option but it still drops troops the wrong way. does anyone know if there is any normal reason for this behaviour or what? whan this happen I have to restart the bot. and usually it works fine. the problem is that the bot can´t work unattended this way... thank you in advance...
  6. bot deleted army que

    I completely agree with Emery. I know the bot deletes the queue probably to be sure that there are no wrong troops deploying in the troop fields but I can´t understand why, after all these years, there is no "don´t empty barracks" option in the training panel also in the official version. it´s so simple. many mods have it. so the user can choose if to empty the queue or not.... the bot it´s great by the way. keep on with the good work guys. you are the best!!
  7. @Solchael thank you for your kind reply. i´ve been trying several versions of mybot all over these years. each time i tried to edit a csv from mybot it was Always messed up. just once I installed the new version of the moment and the csv files looked ok. since then they got messed up again. this morning i tried to find a solution.... I could see the script normally only loading the file in Microsoft word. then i had to reduce the left and right margin to 0cm and scale the font to 9. this way i could see the script normally. if i choose edit from mybot it looks messed up. all the words in one single line

    i had the same annoying issue. i re installed memu and tried older and newer version but no way. it seems that i fixed the problem (at the moment) this way. go to the app options and uninstall the play services updates. then go to the play store options and remove automatic updates for apps. the problem seems to be play services related. try and see if it works better.... bye
  9. why I can´t edit csv scripts? (they look messed up) Hello everybody!! I have a problem. a small problem but maybe someone can help me. I have been using mybot for years and I know quite well how to use it but i am not good enough to create a csv attack file from scratch. I found a great miner csv file some time ago but now miner are faster so i would like to modify only the spells timings. when i push edit the script apperas messed up. mostly in one single line. i tried editing the file with word pad, notepad, and Excel but it never really looks formatted. i hate that because editing the file is already quite difficult enough for me. and it gets worst if i can´t see clearly what values means why is this happening? how can i see the script properly formatted? thank you in advance