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      MyBot.run continues the legacy again with release of V7.5.3!!   This release supports the June 2018 game update and has some new features hidden inside as well   Get your copy in thread below!!   Click here to get to the release thread MyBot.run v7.5 Release


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  1. Bot working with june 2018 update !!!!!!!

    don´t know maybe it´s just a lucky "bug". i hope it will work for you too until we wait for a new great bot version !!
  2. Bot working with june 2018 update !!!!!!! Hi people!! I just wanted to share this info with the mybot community. I really don´t know how or why but my old version of my bot, that i am still using with my big account, is working even with my new th12. the version is : 7.2.r2901 I can´t find a lot of loot now but the bot is working, training, upgrading buildings (you have to set the value manually), and attacking. Just anytime it forgets to wait for a hero. but mostly it Waits correctly. Maybe you could be interested in this info. Clash on people!! mybot forever!!
  3. maybe. but i just can´t figure out what. I´ve been botting for years and I Always do the same version after version. first I launch the bluestacks bot then the second bot using the emulator selector tool. anyway it´s not so important. thank you anyway for your help
  4. thanks to you too @Mika1805... today I tried again the new version of the bot. Now I can launch the account that i want on the emulator that i want. the weird problem is that if I use one 7.3 bot and one 7.5 together the old one freezes . and if i use two 7.5 bots when it´s time to go an attack the keep on rebooting. i´ve never seen such an issue all over these years. honestly I don´t have time to waste to understand what´s happening. I´ll go on with my two usual bots that work together flawlessly. I´ll play the clan games manually like before. Thank you anyway for you support. mybot staff and community is Always great
  5. thank you for your fast reply @rbrt you are very kind. in the beginning I wanted to run two accounts on two instances of the same emulator. i followed many guide but i could never achieve that. so i decided to run two accounts on two different emulators. I decided to use bluestacks and memu. i´m running the main account on bluestacks 2 and mybot v. 7.2.r2901 docmaster and the second account on memu and official mybot 7.3.2 b5 Then I realized that the new version 7.5 has a new built in option for the clan games so I wanted to give it a try. without stopping the main account I tried the mybot aio mod 1.8 with the secondary account. I launched the bot and by chance it linked to the memu emulator and it worked fine. then I decided to move also the main account to this new bot. I have two separate bot folders for each account. as usual I start bluestacks first and i launch the first bot to link to that. then using the tool "emulator selector" i select the second bot and I choose in the menu to link to memu emulator. When I opened this topic the second bot refused to launch memu. it was asking for nox. so i downloaded nox and the second bot was working again. After many many many tries I don´t know what happened now I can launch the second bot and link it to memu BUT there is a problem now. when I use two bots aio mod 1.8 or one aio mod 1.8 and one 7.5 official the bots seem to work, they collect resources they train troops but when it´s time to attack the keep on rebooting the emulator. they both keep rebooting. So i thought, ok i will keep an old bot and only a new one. main account on 7.2 docmaster and secondary account on aio mod 1.8 but this way the bluestacks emulator freezes. now i went back to my previous configuration 7.2 and 7.3 and eveything is working fine like before. I never had a problem like this all over the years moving to a newer version of the bot. I´m sorry for this long post. I hope I explained the situation well. thank you again for your attention
  6. can´t have two bots working together as ever before Hi everybody!! I have been botting for years and now I have a "strange" problem I never had before. I have two accounts and, as a developer suggested me years ago, I Always used to have a bot for each account. i mean separate bot folders not to mess up with the profiles. I don´t know why but i was never able to have two instances of the same emulator (even if i read tons of guides) so I also had an emulator for each account. Usually I launch bluestacks and the main bot to recognise the emulator. then using the tool emulator selector I launch the second bot asking to launch memu. It has been working for years until some days ago when I decided to try the new 7.5 version. Now I launch bluestacks and the first bot recognize it as "android" not bluestacks like before. when I launch the second bot there´s no way for it to recognize the memu emulator. It just start using nox (i never used nox). Can anyone help me? Any suggestion? Thank you
  7. How to use Clan Games

    Hi everyone. A big "thank you" to all the mybot staff as the bot is Always GREAT and improving. I just wanted to quote @Casex about the one hour challenges. at the beginning of the post I see the events description but also the completing time is important. I have two accounts one in gold and another in titan League. the low account can farm with just barbarians and archers and can even attack without heroes. this means one attack every 20 minutes on dead bases full of resources. this account can complete the 1 hour tasks. the other account is farming with bowlers etc etc and needs heroes to win. this means it takes more than 45 minutes to attack. that´s why the account can´t complete 1 hour tasks. ok, it´s just one hour and then it gets trashed by itself but if the bot chooses a task like this very often can increase the wasted time. I don´t know if and how this can be fixed. I´m just suggesting the "problem". Anyway the idea itself of auto completing the games is GREAT!! Thank you again for your good work. You are the best. mybot is a masterpiece