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  1. You all can join my clan! //Don't revel clan tag in public, DM for details instead
  2. Same at my BB. But I don't care about BB so it's not bad 😄
  3. Are you sure you made a tick on the box for "use warden ability"?
  4. Even not bluestack will run on it?
  5. I'm happy with my service from runard (seoclerks). 2GB RAM is a bit too slow but it does what it needs to do. I pay 10$ per month, thats nothing...
  6. Dude this is a Forum for a Clash of Clans bot, not for an other game! And I also don't know what a "stupid games" is...
  7. Bot cannot find Goblin Picnic for Goblin XP farming mod... Please fix it!
  8. So does this MOD of version 7.8.3 train and place super barbarion? Also I can't donate Giants and Loons again, like in version 7.8.2... Please help me! Bluestacks don't start with 3.3.8...
  9. Hey ich habe mir vor kurzem einen lvl 11 clan gekauft, um dort all meine Accounts unterzubringen. Jetzt würde ich gern einen Bot Clan daraus machen! Alle meine Accounts haben account switch an, sprich auf jedem Account wird donated angegriffen etc... Kommt einfach rein wenn ihr Bock habt 🙂 #YQVGL9Y9
  10. https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/topic/49794-new-247-botting-clan-donations-247/
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