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  1. thanhtam23

    Bot not dropping barbs and archers on heros

    pls use latest version 7.6.5
  2. thanhtam23

    Which is the best emulator for mybot

    same idea from me i use BS with VPS (no choice) and Memu for PC
  3. thanhtam23

    Teamviewer alternative

    not applicable for personal PC
  4. thanhtam23

    6.7.4 army bug

    i think he means 'enter the attack'
  5. thanhtam23

    Attack ıssue

    nobody knows, just wait
  6. thanhtam23

    Help with MEmu

    it's because of December update, stay tune and wait for bot update
  7. thanhtam23

    Lagging bs

    i would recommend BS2
  8. thanhtam23


    you need to change your config file
  9. thanhtam23

    Bluestacks refrshing when bot is stopped??

    As you said, it is something to do with BS so I guess we cannot do anything here. I sometimes have this issue also, bot is stop but BS is still remain with COC screen. My suggestion is, after pause/stop please wait few minutes so COC in BS become inactive.
  10. thanhtam23

    force HALT mode!

    as rbt say, how much elixir you have? is it enough to train troops?
  11. thanhtam23

    How to let bot attack first

    what are the processes? can you share your bot log? and your bot settings?
  12. thanhtam23

    Lagging bs

    can show your error screenshot i'm very familiar with contabo
  13. thanhtam23

    New PC not running bot

    please try to edit your config file in profile folder
  14. as i replied in your different topic, it's not an issue bro
  15. thanhtam23

    Out of sync error

    that's normal error when your bot click too fast on the screen, you can try to increase delay in Search tab anyway, it still happen occasionally but that error will not impact to your bot so just live with it, i dont think it is an issue