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    Impossible. =========== Updated the first post with Dissociable.Matching.dll v. - Fixed issue with WinAPI captures.
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    Updated the first post with v. - Fixed issue with WinAPI captures.
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    *** First of All *** Show Your Appreciation to Us: Click On ( or just get out of here ) . . . Thanks to All MyBot Team . . . Release: MyBot 7.8.5 Light [r01] + QuickTrain ( With DEB ) DoubleTrain ( for Siege Machines ) CCWT - Max LogOut Time ( Support Legend Leagle ) + Switch Account (While in Legends) + BB Attack Loop (While in Boost Mode) WARNING: The use of any "BOT" will result in a BAN. Use at your own risk! This is All We Need ✌️ Focus on a Stable Revision *** LOAD STRATEGIES *** The easy and fast way to create a fresh profile Full Pack Executable available ( or use AutoIt to compile/run this fork ) *** Download and Play *** Support MyBot.run development and help towards running costs ! Donate to MyBot.Run Features ( It's a Work in Progress ) Changelog Config - ScreenShots Load Strategies: FFC, MultiFinger or GiBArchGobWalWizHogPekGolem TH10 - Log TH11 - Log DownLoad ( Revision 7.8.5 Light [r01] ) Official Edition Based MyBot 7.8.x.r_xx ( Newest ) Enjoy it ✌️
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    If you have added a guide into this section please DM a member of staff and ask for it to be added here. Thank you to everyone for the contributions 🙂 Using the Bot How to use the bot by @Fliegerfaust How to Run Multiple Bots/How to bot on Droid4X, Nox and MEmu w/ updated Tool! by @Fliegerfaust How to Switch Accounts Using Shared_Prefs Switch Guide by @The_Extractor Bot Functions How to use Account Switch Groups by @Hecki Notitfy > Telegram - Configuration Step by Step by @IceCube How does SmartZap/Noobzap work? (Updated for v7.1+) by @TripleM How to use Clan Games by @Hecki Double Train and Donate queued troops only, how it works by @demen Wait for Clan Castle/Request Clan Castle (Updated for v7.6.2+) by @TripleM How to share bot settings with community using Strategy Files by @monkeyhunter Double Train and Donate queued troops only, how it works by @demen Botting Tips Why and How to move the Taskbar by @Hecki How to use Run Function [DebugTab] by @Chilly-Chill HOW TO use bot LIKE MORE HUMAN by @ratakantez How To Drop All Sieges Empty or Not by @Chilly-Chill Emulators How to Replace MEmu Font by @zengzeng MEmu resolution issue by @Z E O N Manually throttle Bluestacks - Cooler & quieter PC by @Vertron Bluestack can't install by @Belmont Install rooted BlueStacks w/ reg changes, hidden traps & teslas by @swvr How to change BlueStacks Size and revert back to original by @[Smite] how to chat on bluestack by @karimhawk Manually Root BlueStacks ( ... by @rumbla How to stop Bluestacks from downloading unwanted apps? by @malforion How to: Root the latest version of Bluestacks 2 by @Sjakie1987 How to mod BlueStacks by @malforion Manually Root (and Debloat) BlueStacks - Reprise (tested up to v2.4.43.6254) by @rumbla Bot Hosting List of VPS providers with free trial by @kimmo88 Instant VPS 24/7 Clash of Clans (CoC) bot service from KSOL by @kimmo88 VPS 24 7 Clash of Clans (CoC) bot service from Seoclerks by @kimmo88 24/7 Bot using Google Cloud VPS - free for 2 months! by @kimmo88 Free Trial VPS High Performance $500 Credit BOT 24/7 by @blero Another free VPS to bot 24/7: Vultr by @Usman Unsorted How To Download MyBot.run Clash of Clans Farming Bot by @monkeyhunter Botting multiple accounts on same PC using VMware by @Sm0kE How Use and Make CSV Attack Script Files by @zengzeng Bot 24/7 and relaunch on crash by @Joachim HOW TO USE CSV MAKER 2020 v1.8 by @ratakantez How To Recompile The Bot / Run Bot as Script by @zengzeng Mybot.Run & Nox ALL in RAM - Full HiSpeed, HDD NO Stress & Clean VM by @coccolino Botting multiple accounts on same PC using VMware by @Sm0kE How to remove the "sponsored session" pop-up after teamviewing @ExtremeTH How to modify all profiles at once by @Joachim How to speed up bluestacks by @KINGGOD Auto Starting MyBot in windows 10 ( if startup fails to launch ) by @mastercheatr How to run MBR with the monitor powered down by @Franco259 Fix “Waiting for shared folder to get mounted..." (ADB error) by @Cync Wait for Clan Castle/Request Clan Castle (Updated for v7.6.2+) by @TripleM How to start the bot automatically everytime you boot your PC! [Advanced guide] by @almdudler How does SmartZap/Noobzap work? (Updated for v7.1+) by @TripleM How to use the "Processor/Thread Advanced" settings by @Sjakie1987 How to Push over 6000+ trophies by Why and How to move the Taskbar by @Hecki Run Multiple Emulators & Instances by @Derex Botting in close LID, Advance solution by @eidecedie03 How to fix MS Visual C++ 2010 installation problems by @monkeyhunter How to use Quick Train by @zengzeng NEW Suspend/Sleep Computer support by @cosote Change DPI to 100% by @zengzeng For those who have a problem with the language of the bot by @Roro-Titi disable X/Z zoom and use ENTER to send message by @sardo How to link your iOS account to BlueStacks (Google) by @Proxy How to Use PushBullet INSIDE by @TuborGRedTR Personal Break Time Management by @monkeyhunter Zooming Out İssues on Bluestacks and Memu Waiting for Main screen issue For Windows Series by @TuborGRedTR Understanding image detection issues in MyBot.run by @monkeyhunter How to make your own TH Snipe csv files by @zengzeng How to Bot on a Mac by @warriornetwork Compilation of Useful Links by @zengzeng Increase System Performance by @pbernardoo How to use RDP over RDP in Windows 10 by @Hecki How to use MyBot Unbreakable Mode [Updated] by @knowjack How To: Learn Autoit programming by @knowjack Running the bot in a VM by @DixonHill How ease the access to the chat in COC using BS by @DJ09 Play Games in FullScreen while the Bot is Working in Background by @Cru
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    Hello, Hmm, not going to make so many lines to Introduce it all. I have made a new toy that can be used by everyone who needs to add some Text Recognition parts to this BOT. This toy is at least 2X faster than the Official toy (i mean the Official Developers only limited one) according to the benchmark comparison tests we got. This is a simple, small and lightweight .dll file that can be used in AutoIt by DllCall. The .dll itself is not open-sourced yet! i mean it might be, who knows...?! How-To An example .au3 file has been included to the Archive to let you know what parameters it takes and how to use it in AutoIt. How-To make Bundles/OCR files Easily, Crop the Char you want to recognize from an Image Erase (Make transparent) the pixels of the cropped image that usually has different colors in another scenes and images Your cropped image file will be something like the below, save that as a 32-bit png file. The ocr file name has a template! that is: Char_MaxDiff_SomeNumber.png Char: The value that will be returned if it recognize. MaxDif: The Maximum Difference that the Red, Green, Blue or Alpha that is allowed to have in comparison to the Source image, If Source image's first pixel is (Red: 200, Green: 215, Blue: 217) and the OCR image's first pixel has (Red: 180, Green: 200, Blue: 200), with a MaxDiff of 20, it will be a match! Note: Transparent pixels are matches anyway. SomeNumber: Used to make it possible to have multiple files with same char and maxdiff. NOTE: I didn't made it like it delete Duplicated matches in same positions, But why?: That way you're forced to make your bundle carefully and not with bunch of useless ocr files for the same char, results less Ocr files which means a faster recognition It can also read a long width image and delimit the OCR values with " | " I have also made a GUI application for the library to simplify testing bunch of Source images to an OCR Bundle, Creating Bundle files and Extracting them. Everyone can use this toys to extend the OCR functionality of the BOT or their MOD. Thanks to the AIO-MOD team for testing this, they have also implemented this all in their MOD so you can use their Github repo. to see how to implement it in your own MOD or Compilation. Download Dissociable.OCR.GUI.zip Let me know if you have found issues or bugs right in here.
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    Hello Just the same Dissociable.OCR not going to talk so much LOL But it's a bit more complicated and needs more information than that one lol Here we go. I have coded a DLL file in C# to do Image Matching, Yes it is Dissociable.Matching.dll . But why? why not just simply use ImgLoc? Here we go for some reasons: Alpha Channel support (Ignore Transparent Pixels). Three Pixel Comparison algorithms, Simple per-channel difference comparison, CIE1976 comparison and CIE2000 Boosted Multi-Threading. not processing several template files using Parallel, but processing pixels in a Multi-Threaded manner. Smart! It detects if it costs less time by processing several template files using Parallel instead of Multi-Threaded Pixel Processing. like when the Source Image Height is less than 200. GUI available to debug bunch of Images. Bundling and Bundle extraction. Dependency free! However, ImgLoc also was/is the result of @trlopes's hard work with so many functions that the BOT relying on. Q&A: Q: How can i get all these fantastic things? A: Just click the text below! Dissociable.Matching.GUI.zip Q: I'm getting a message regarding the name. why? A: Because. never rename my boy's name. --- End Q&A --- Documentation Find The 'Find' function has 11 parameters! Parameters and defaults: IntPtr sourceHandle, string templatePath, ushort levelStart = 0, ushort levelEnd = 0, ushort regionX = 0, ushort regionY = 0, ushort regionWidth = 0, ushort regionHeight = 0, ushort threads = 32, ushort limit = 0, bool saveDebugImage = false sourceHandle: hBitmap of source image you willing to search images in. templatePath: The Path to Directory or Bundle (.dmat) file containing template images to search in Source Image. levelStart: The Starting level that the dll will start searching for. Default: 0 = No level limit levelEnd: The Highest level that the dll can search for. Default: 0 = No level limit regionX: The X point that the dll will start from in Source Image. Default: 0 = 0 regionY: The Y point that the dll will start from in Source Image. Default: 0 = 0 regionWidth: The Width of the Rectangle that the dll will search in within the Source Image. Default: 0 = Source Image's Width. regionHeight: The Height of the Rectangle that the dll will search in within the Source Image. Default: 0 = Source Image's Height. Threads: The amount of the threads that the dll will create to search within the pixels. Default = 32 - NOTE: Will not process pixels in a Multi-Threaded manner for Source Images with Height lower than 200. Limit: Limit the number of matches. Improves the performance by not processing leftover template images or the leftover pixels if reached to the limit. Default: 0 = No limit. saveDebugImage: Save Debug Images. If true, two images will be Saved in 'Dissociable.Imaging.DebugImages' Folder located in dll folder. The first one is the Source Image used to search templates in. The second one also is the Source Image, but with marked up found points. NOTE: Second Debug Image will be Saved "ONLY" if it get any matches. NOTE2: Debug Images are saved in Sub-folders for each Bundle file/dir to be more organized (bundles with small file name/dir name will have some sub-folders name in folder name). NOTE: All parameters has to be passed to 'Find' function, but you can use their defaults. GetVersion The 'GetVersion' function has no parameters. this function returns the dll version. CreateBundle / ExtractBundle There are also 'CreateBundle' and 'ExtractBundle' functions. but i recommend you use the GUI. NOTE: GUI also uses those functions of the dll. but you don't need coding 🙂 Template Files They must be a 32-bit png files. Their names must be in this format: ObjectName_MaxDiff_PixelComparisonAlgo_Level.png Defaults: "_0_S_0.png" After the level, you can include anything. doesn't make changes. Available Pixel Comparison Algorithms: CIE76 CIE2000 S (NOTE: S Stands for Simple, anything else than CIE76 (or CIE1976)/CIE2000 will be compared by Per-Channel Difference Comparsion) NOTE: S is so Simple, Fastest comparison. then we get CIE76, it has a few math BUT then we have CIE2000 comparison, its complicated so it is slowest. Examples Example .au3 file and bundle has included within the download archive. Let me know if you have found issues or bugs right in here. Impossible🤴. The GUI Mapping Files Q&A: Q: What is that?! A: GUI can load a 'map' file so you can map your images to it. --- Q: Whats the point of having map files and mapping images?! A: The GUI will always check if that objects and that amount is found. then it will tell you if it Is a Match or Not. Matches are Colored green while NotMatches are Red! --- Q: Wow! so it helps me debug thousands of images within a minute! right? A: Yes! You don't need to see every image's points and debug image. --- Q: Wait what? Debug Image? I still want to see that! where's it? A: Click on the Source Image you want which is listed in the Grid. Surprise. --- Q: How can i create map files? A: place a 'dmat.map.txt' file in the same folder as your Source Images folder. --- Q: Just that? will i have a map file by just creating that txt file? A: No! Map files must have a line 'Per' Source Image, The line format is: FileNameWithExtension:ObjectName|ObjectLevel|ObjectCount --- Q: Can you tell me an example of a line of a map file? A: Why not. SourceImage.png:Elix-14-7|Inferno-6-2 --- Q: What if i don't care to the level or count of the objects? A: Make it like Inferno-0-0 --- Q: Do i need to map all Source Images? A: No, you can even map just one image! the others will have 'NoMap' in their Status column --- Q: Is it even necessary, all these map file things? A: No! It will get you the matches and debug images and all. but just it will not tell you if all required things been found or not, you will get 'NoMap' in status column. --- Q: I'm amazed of all the works you did! what can i do for you? A: Buy me a beer! 16Sod3Ak914m5kHWdDyshgf9k92qLKuCFY (BTC)
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    Training the archers will use the value taken from the additional delay slider under the android tab. That always worked that's why this has been missed up until now. What didn't work was if you created a function and specified the $speed parameter. That value was being overwritten by the value from the additional delay slider before executing the clicks. Its a good catch by you, easily missed. Thanks for the report.
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    @Boldina give this a try and let me know please. Tested on Nox so far Android.au3
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    English only at help and support área, btw... Hmmmm, foi feita algumas atualizações e isso pode ter afetado o desempenho do programa, a situação persiste se os processos do bot estiverem pausados ou parados? (Sem apertar start no bot) Qualquer coisa dá uma detalhada melhor aí se possível, não ficou muito claro mas acho que você fala da opção que torna o emulador e o bot uma única janela se ainda insistir na área Help and Support, descrever o problema em inglês, com prints e logs se possível.
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    AIO Mod++ - v4.2.6 / MBR v7.8.5 Download (zip): AIO Mod++ Last release - v4.2.6 (Based on MyBot v7.8.5) - 04/09/2020. Last changelog. More releases: Here Active team: @Eloy @Boldina @vdragon Special thanks @LookMomImOnTheWeb Special thanks to @Chilly-Chill, @NguyenAnhHD, @ChacalGyn, for all and @PeKKaBnT by CSV's, among others... Beta test: https://github.com/boludoz/AIO-Mod/issues Report all known bugs here.
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    I love you guys, thanks for doing this for everyone.
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    Released: MyBot 7.8.5 Light [r01] + QuickTrain ( With DEB ) DoubleTrain ( for Siege Machines ) CCWT - Max LogOut Time ( Support Legend Leagle ) + Switch Account (While in Legends) + BB Attack Loop (While in Boost Mode) DownLoad ( Revision 7.8.5 Light [r01] ) Official Edition Based MyBot 7.8.x.r_xx ( Newest ) Enjoy it ✌️ Done ✌️
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    MyBot.run Multitool I started this just for some practice with AutoIT with the hope I can make something that may be useful to some. I will add to this as and when I have new ideas and have some free time. Feel free to critique the code, I did start it for the sake of learning after all 🙂 Also feel free to make comments and suggestions. This is just a little side project, so don't expect too much in the way of updates and additions. What is It? - A Multi instance launcher with the ability to set launch parameters and create a launch batch file - A convenient downloader for the usual things we need. https://mega.nz/file/2ZVGQSZL#_dglUDUjunb_NHSjC7pujjtZXJDUlNOYO6x7QFvy1tQ
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    Updated the first post with v1.0.3.0: + Slightly performance improvement + Target Framework is now .NET Framework 4.5 (as MBR minimum requirement)
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