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    *** First of All *** Show Your Appreciation to Us: Click On ( or just get out of here ) . . . Thanks to All MyBot Team . . . Release: MyBot 7.7.7 Light [r10] + QuickTrain ( With DEB ) DoubleTrain ( for Siege Machines ) CCWT - Max LogOut Time ( back and play ) DRTRT - Don't retype text when request troops ( just once ) + BB Play ( Attack in Builder Base) + June/2019++ Updates + TempFix to "Not" Remove Troops This is All We Need Focus on a Stable Revision *** LOAD STRATEGIES *** The easy and fast way to create a fresh profile WARNING: - The use of "MultiFinger Attacks" appear very bot-like and can potentially result in a ban. Use at your own risk! Full Pack Executable available ( or use AutoIt to compile/run this fork ) *** Download and Play *** Support MyBot.run development and help towards running costs ! Donate to MyBot.Run Features ( It's a Work in Progress ) Changelog Config - ScreenShots Load Strategies: FFC, MultiFinger or GiBArchGobWalWizHogPekGolem TH10 - Log TH11 - Log DownLoad ( Revision 7.7.7 [r10] ) Official Edition Based MyBot 7.7.x.r_xx ( Newest ) Enjoy it
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    Bot updated 14.07.19 Status: working ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Send me screenshots of your highest donation amounts! development halted until the dust settled a bit Current version has a bug, woops. New version *soon* (if you don't want to be affected, have at least 1 spell trained or training when you start clanhop) Features as of now: - Join random clans and donate troops (giants or barbarians) and dark spells in any open requests - Leave clan and start over - Keep track of exactly how many troops and spells were donated, train new ones once needed - Switch to a farming profile once elixir is lower than value X - Switch back to clanhop profile once elixier is higher than value X - Boost barracks while clanhopping - Make 10-20k EXP/Day (Donate 4 days -> ~70k EXP, farm 1 day, then repeat), 100k EXP/week definitely possible (barrack-boost while farming will increase this amount even further) Roadmap: - improving switch from farming to clanhop to make it 100% efficient (note to self: mybot.run.au3, line 1060 todo) - donate custom (right now only barbs and giants possible) - switch to profile in X hours - (custom wait time) -> I don't understand why that would be a good feature (suggest more) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to use: - Clanhop settings are under "Village -> Request and Donate -> Donate -> Bottom Right Corner (Clancastle-Icon)" - You will have to enable Troop-donation, both on clanhop and on farming profile (If you don't want to donate anything on farming profile, just don't select any troops) - Either boost barracks manually before starting or set boost under "Attack Plan > Train Army > Boost" - Settings are pretty self-explainatory. Configuring Clanhop-Profile: - Enable "This is a clanhop-profile" and "Activate Clanhop" in Clanhop-Settings and configure switch-profile settings - In "Attack Plan -> Train Army -> Army", train as many giants (or barbs) as fit in your camps (also train dark spells if you activated it) - You do not have to activate donations for giants, barbarians or spells in the donation-tab itself, just tick the options in the clanhop options - Activate "Double-Train Army" Configuring Farming-Profile: - Disable "This is a clanhop-profile", enable "This is a farming-profile" and configure switch-profile settings - Configure the farming profile just as you would normally ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks to @Malzacher for helping me test Based on @MantasM and @Rhinoceros clanhop mods. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Issue Tracker (issues do not affect functionality of clanhop) Changelog Download
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    Official MyBot v7.7.6 Chill MOD v1.0.2 ** Show some love if this helps you. Click: ** Chat Room: https://www.mbrchat.com/channel/mod-chillmod Thanks @Z E U S for the new banner!! Features: Change Log: Download Chill MOD v1.0.2 Post Bugs/Errors in Chill MOD chat room @ this link and be sure to include any important detail. Images, log files or anything you feel helps to explain the issue. Create New Profiles as always. ** I will continue updating and adding to this MOD regularly if I see people like it. So show some love and hit that green button! **
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    Hello, i use aio v2.0.3 with the patch. I use it with 8 account. 3 of them are only donate. normaly. because now the the account who should only donat are nor buildung troops any more. can someone help me ? what parameters i must control ? the other accounts are attack and donate. Patch: 1) you need to edit the IsPage.au3 file in \COCBot\functions\Other filder. Write Return True after the line "Func IsLaunchAttackPage()" 2) Edit the file ScreenCoordinates.au3 in \COCBot\functions\Config folder, change these two lines: a) Global $aFindMatchButton[4] = [195, 480 + $g_iBottomOffsetY, 0xFFBF43, 10] ; Find Multiplayer Match Button, Attack Screen 860x780 without shield Global $aFindMatchButton2[4] = [195, 480 + $g_iBottomOffsetY, 0xE75D0D, 10] ; Find Multiplayer Match Button, Attack Screen 860x780 with shield b) For these: Global $aFindMatchButton[4] = [670, 445 , 0xFFBF43, 10] ; Find Multiplayer Match Button, Attack Screen 860x780 without shield Global $aFindMatchButton2[4] = [670, 445 , 0xE75D0D, 10] ; Find Multiplayer Match Button, Attack Screen 860x780 with shield 3) Download and install autoit 3.0 4) Open the app "Compile Script to .exe (x86) 5) Select the source file "MyBot.run.au3" in main bot folder 6) Click on "Convert Button"
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    So you think that SC has access to your computer and it can detect how often the bot is tapping on your "archer-button"? You really believe this?
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    1.Change mybot's language to English 2.Do the follow step by step
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    This thread is for users to post information after receiving ban notice from SC for using 3rd party software in violation of TOS while using MyBot.run. Note : ANY post that does not meet requirements below will be removed and poster will receive a forum warning. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! This thread is NOT a discussion thread. Anyone asking questions, or discussing ban notices will be warned, and post removed!! 1) Must include screen shot of PC desktop showing full emulator window, and MyBot.run Window! - Suggest you use Windows "Snipping Tool" available on the "Accessories" folder of start menu, but you can use any screen capture tool to grab image - Can not post images directly to forums, so you must use a image hosting site like imgur.com to upload your image and post link in your post. Your desktop image should like something like this: (Your emulator/bot window may be different.) 2) Include in your post answers to following questions (can cut & paste text below, then add your answers) Date received Ban notice Which version(s) of the bot did you use in last few weeks prior to ban notice? (official release, or MOD, specify version please) [Update] Which Emulator are you using? (BlueStacks, Memu, Driod4x, Nox & Include version #!) [Update] Have you ever bought gems? [Update] Which version of Clash are you using? [Update] How many devices is your Clash account used on? Which devices are they? What army composition was used? (goblin, BARCH, GiBARCH, etc) What attack search type were you using? (Dead only, Live only, Dead/live, or Dead/Live/Bully/TH combo) If you were attacking live bases, which attack type did you use? (1, 2, 3, or 4 sided; DE Side, TH Side, or Milk Farm) Did you use Scripted Attack feature? (yes/no, please list name of CSV script used FF, 8F, GoWiPe, AQWalk, etc) Did you have smart attack enabled for conventional attack types? (yes/no) If so, were you using drop near collectors? (yes/no) What was your attack delay unit? (1-9, or random) What was your Wave delay (1-9, or random) [Update]How much time per day did you use bot (24/7, or how many hours?)[Before ''Fair play'' news and after ''Fair play'' news] How much time per day did you manually play game? Were you in a clan? (yes/no) Were you in a clan specifically known for bot use? (yes/no) Did you use modifications of CSV files or other game files for CoC app inside Android emulator? (yes/no, and list type: Low GFX, auto zoom out, show traps, etc) [Update] Do you have other game modifications or TOS violating software like xmod or imod installed on your device since Fair Play notice started? (yes/no, if yes which one?) ^^^^ Answer yes even if you did a regular uninstall of xmod. It leaves files even after an uninstall. Have you EVER posted a picture of your base (even with name/clan blurred out), an attack log, or the number of resources you had in clan chat, bot forums, reddit, SC forums, etc.? Does anyone who knows your base name/clan know that you're using the bot? (yes/no) If you have a SC forum account, does it use the same IP/email as your clash account and have you admitted to using the bot or been banned on it? (yes/no) Do you have any prior violations of the ToS (offensive language, offensive base design, etc.) THIS IS NOT A DISCUSSION THREAD - DO NOT MAKE ANY POST THAT DOES NOT CONTAIN YOUR PERSONAL BAN NOTICE!!! Additional rules for this thread: - Do not post YOUR BAN notice unless you used MyBot.run farming software AFTER April 2016 "Fair Play" warning from SC. Bans are not supposed to be for retroactive bot use, so we do not care about any ban prior to April "Fair Play" news from SC. - Do not ask for more information from user posting ban notice! - Do not ask for settings data that may not be included by banned users! - Do not post asking community for settings that may lower risk of ban! Any post that is not a ban notice following guidelines in #1/#2 above from a MyBot.run user will be removed. Any User violating rules for this thread will receive a forum warning! Please follow guidelines above when posting. MBR Staff does not enjoy spending our time reading invalid posts, or giving warnings to users for not following rules. History: Due low past risk of using MBR we have created this thread to track if users are being targeted and to document our Bot use risk. Prior to April "Fair Play" notices from SC, there have been approximately 5-6 MBR users posting they received SC Ban in over one year of MBR available for download. All but one past user receiving a ban admitted to using other "high risk" bots, or discussing bots in clan chat. An example thread for previous ban information can be read here: https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/topic/13535-just-got-31-day-ban-on-coc This past ban data translates into 6 out of 330000+ registered users, or less than 0.002% probability of getting banned (prior to April). In truth, Probability of ban was actually lower if allow for number of bases using bot software, as most users have bot working on more than 1 base. MyBot.run is considered a 3rd party program and violates SC CoC TOS. Any one using MBR software assumes all risk for using program. Your acknowledgement to accept this risk can be found on "About US" tab of Bot user interface. [Updated April 26 2016 23:30] Thank you for sharing your data on Bot use after receiving a SC ban. Following trends were found in data collected during initial wave of ban notices: Banned for "Using Game MOD's" = 27/29 [Includes xMod/iMod/CSV game file MOD] Banned for "Excessive CoC play time" = 2/29 [only unique data point was playing more than 12 hours per day in 24 hours prior to ban] Recommendations to avoid ban have been and will continue to be updated in "Fair Play" thread based on data collected. Bot responsibly and Clash On!
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    Maybe crossed wires that bled in from the post prior to yours, so apologies If I've misunderstood. I did say this in my original post about patterns which I agree with; things like consistency in activities e.g. multiple accounts under the same SC ID (way more than would be necessary), or using the same troops every day at the exact same time with the same makeup for precisely x hours, repetitive attacks at x intervals, x breaks, attacks, or training running at what could be considered notionally irrefutable periods i.e. a person playing 12 -15 hours a day when several of those hours are 2am to 8am in their country of origin, which logically when coupled with other things can provide an informed result with some % of certainty (maybe this is also the information that provides the output/decision, a profile based system that monitors and provides a % of likelihood of 'botting'). I am of course speculating here, as it could simply be some dude in a corner crunching stats (or nothing at all and some element of lets also try to scare people into losing accounts so they stop) It would have to be some pretty advanced automation/AI though to do that.
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    Being honest, it looks like they've just rolled out some old statement and re-posted it. Think about it.....just look at the content. "We have worked hard in the past on an automated detection system which helps us to identify accounts utilizing bots to gain an unfair advantage in the game. The key part to this being as highlighted....IN THE PAST, the other aspect is what the definition of a bot is, they keep saying this over and over and most bans ocurr because of third party apps or mods that need you to modify system files. They then go on to say.. "We’re in the process of implementing and testing this new system" What new system?, they haven't even mentioned anything about a new system, they just said they had worked on something 'in the past', the only even remote inkling that there is some spurious new tech is that they are testing it, how can they have been working in the past on a detection system which has been used to identify accounts, if they are only just testing it, its not even logical. If they had stated "We've been working hard of the last several months to enhance and develop our bot detection systems and after a period of testing we will be rolling out these updates....yada yada yada' I might have believed them Personally I think it's (a bit of) scare tactics because they know they can't knowingly actually detect people through their interaction; I mean seriously do you really think some noddy two bit bunch of android software developers can discern between what is a real screen tap vs a bot tap....pull the other one.... The only viable thing they could do is look for patterns, hell even commonalities between in game names and forum names on 'popular' bot sites and even then it's subjective unless you one of those people that literally leave their bot on 24x7, don't pause/close down CoC between attacks, or don't choose to attack in short periods i.e. mimic actual human behaviour. You're simply asking to be banned in these instances. This then simply falls into the category of profiling users and some are in higher risk/probability brackets than others. If they ban 10/10,000 people and they just manage to get a 'true' hit in that 10, then they hail it a success. I call BS (to a degree), and people stating they have just been banned because of this (even with the announcement and 'grace period') is questionable at best as to whether it has anything to do with this specifically or not, its more likely coincidence or that they simply don't want to admit to their playing habits as they follow what could be seen to be as them being in that category of a 'high risk' profile of being banned, just by the very nature of how they play, or how many accounts they operate cumulatively. There is a classic example on another thread of a ban for account sharing, but it's being labelled as something it isn't Even if it is by some remote chance true, I'm with others, so what, whatever. In fact getting a ban might actually give me reason to do something else. I only bot because I can't be arsed with the grind; I've played enough games in my time to know that having a life is more important that sitting on a mobile or tablet while your on the crapper playing CoC, or sneaking a few attacks during your lunch break or better still ignoring your kids because you need to get some more gold/elixir etc. Mobile gaming *cough* companies are now being scrutinised for encouraging this type of behaviour already. Thinking out loud and from a suggestion point of view, perhaps the bot would actually benefit from a 7 day 'programmable schedule' that can be randomised rather than the current fixed Mon-Sun period and time slots.
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    only by spreading this announcement SC killed more botters than they actually could ever catch with their so called "detecting system"... yeah, my ass... mission accomplished, SuperCell... nice one
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    Question to those who lost accounts: what league were you in? i bet it’s more targeted at the legend league pushers.
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    Improved donations I have a few suggestions to improve donations. 1. During my time of multi account botting i never had to use different keywords for troops/spells for donation requests. It would be more friendly if the keywords for donating a troop or to not donate to these keywords would be allowed to be shared between all accounts and all profiles, while you can still enable troops to be donated individually. Maybe edit a global dictionary that is used by default on all profiles, but you can manually edit one profile to change a troop manually if you desire. 2. Allow a much larger and smarter dictionary. For example, when donating loons i have it donate to "loon" but i have to put on not donate to : 1,2,3,4,5,one,two,three,four,five because somebody might ask for "lava + 2 loons" and i don't want to mess him up filling with loons. But then when another asks for "loons with 2 freeze" i will not donate to him since it has the banned keyword "2". A really cool way would be to save all the custom donation messages in a list, and you can manually select the meaning of the text by selecting the troops. As an example if my explanation it's not good enough, every time somebody requests with a message that's not stored in the list, add it to the list of custom donation requests. So during the day it gets filled with "pekka ice 2 freeze ww" ; "1 dragon with anything else" ; "edrag with 2 loons" and so on. And you can then go into each custom message and select 1 pekka, 1 ice golem, 2 freeze spells, 1 wrecker, and so on for each. 3. Allow filling of partial filled cc. If somebody asks for golem with 2 giants, and he received a golem already, when clicking on the donation it is visible that the golem was already filled, and only needs 2 more giants. So fill those 2 only. 4. Even with donate only and donate like crazy, the bot only peeks once at clan chat for donation requests. Have it peek more often ^^ At least if "donate only" it's enabled, that means donation it's high priority. So first action when logged into bot: check clan chat for donations. Then go through collecting resources and so on but identify when the tiny red notification shows for a new message in clan chat, and when it appears, break any current cycle and go check if there's a donation request. It's wasted alot of time collecting resources and looking at troops several times, when all those seconds can be used instead to peek for donation requests. 5. Replace "waiting for x seconds" where x is a custom time interval in settings, with idling in clan chat taking ss and checking for donation requests. 6. After some troops get donated from queued army, go into training page and retrain them, then drag them in the right training position when possible. While having an army with a bit of everything to cover as many donations as possible, you will end with a large troop bar otherwise. For example, if your army has 20 giants 10 bowlers, 8 loons, 8 wizzards your bar if it's not tidy will end up as: 4 giants, 2 bowlers, 7 loons, 2 wiz, 8 giants, 4 bowlers, 1 loon, 8 giants, 4 bowlers. 6 wiz. 7. If you messed up the donation settings somewhere, for example you forgot "donate giants to all" enabled, you can leave a trustworthy member a keyword that he can type in chat which will disable all donations on all profiles until you come online to check what's wrong. Like you set keyword 2fjt234zkd and as soon as it's detected in a donation request, all donations stop and maybe give a sound alert too.
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    [Official] MBR v7.7.6 | AIO++ MOD v2.0.3 If there is a code error, please read this article: Mod Features and Info Change Logs: [Download] Official v7.7.6|AiO MOD++ v2.0.3 [08/06/2019] | Github Release [Here] We will add more features in the future! If the Problem Occurs Please Report Here With Including Bot Logs And Screenshot !!! Don't use the existent profile folders !!! [NEW] If you want to join AiO MOD++ Tester Team : https://forms.gle/ir1rsJ7TKZy7pXvx5 Thanks To AiO Team! @NguyenAnhHD, @Eloy, @Boldina, @Chilly-Chill If You Liked My Mod, Work & Time I Gave To This Mod The Best Way To Show Your Appreciation Is To Click On Regards!!!! Clash On!!!
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    i think The free Mybot Mod's project seems to be over ! and goinig to be an a VIP..so to use it..you should pay a money and buy it.well done
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    Excuse me... When to update the 7.7.8 Legend Cup bot. thank you. Very need
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    watch the bot as it searches and look at what the log is telling you when it finds a base. If you see it skipping lots of bases that you would want it to hit, then you need to change your settings. Either lower the search settings, or attack live bases as well. The type of attack is irrelevant to the time between attacks, it is basically... Troop training time + to find a base based on your settings
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    this is an error with soemthing in the code within the bot. Not something you can fix as a user. Thanks for reporting it, its good to have errors like that logged here for the Devs to see and fix for the next release. For now just close the window and restart the bot.
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    Please try it with Official version. I think the current reason Bot has not detected the image of TH12. So it will not know where TH12 is located, so it will drop randomly.
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    Admin has another problem: he still doesn't see any report with detailed information, log, screenshot.
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    hmm that is unusual behaviour. try restarting the bot, is it the same after that?
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    Hi liozavac, This Guildline may help you.
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    Hi mate, sometimes it's enough to read topic to find solutions, don't be lazy. @ChacalGyn I'm using your mod on 5 accounts without any kind of issues. Really thanks for your really great work. Best Regards, Mate.
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    Ill just charm in on this here. I have been botting for over 3 years now, using cracked "pro"-bots in "ClashGameBot"-Times (can't remember which). I have always been botting 3 or more instances from one machine/ip basically 24/7. I've also had direct contact with support about many of highly botted accounts to change emails or regain access and they either never checked or didn't bother. I have never been cautious about anything, because I don't really care alot about this game anymore, as I have been playing since 2012 but I have never on any account received any kind of warning or ban. It is also noteworthy that I had been using xmod for a really long time before supercell really picked up on it - all the accounts I heavily used it on were never affected. In my opinion, at this point in time, the chance of getting banned is really small and can be brought down to near 0%, if you just use the bot for farming, if you dont brag about your 500 won fights/season in global and are not doing any kind of stupid shit like uploading vids of the bot attacking to youtube. In pushing, I see a bigger chance of getting banned, especially when using "aggressive" csvs. I just think, that the chance of people watching replays is alot higher upwards of 4500 cups and people quickly get salty and snitch to support about it. That said, I also pushed on really strange looking accounts with sketchy looking csvs and nothing ever happened aswell. Most of the people reporting bans here might just be 12yr-olds trying to get a reaction out of the community and I have been ignoring them for as long as they existed,
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    Warning! This feature is still in beta state and may have bugs! NOT RECOMMENDED for beginner MyBot.run users. Only experienced users with significant bot knowledge should attempt to create new scripts. We have not tested every possible attack, only the ones that are included. Others are not guaranteed to work. If you find a bug or an error, set $debugattackcsv to 1 in MBR Global Variables and post the log found in Profiles\01\Logs\debugAttackCSV.log. Posting a bug without this info will get your post deleted. In future releases, there may be changes and/or additions to CSV capabiities. Mod developers: if you make a mod based on this feature, it will very likely be broken when the new features are added. Please be sure to add the date and bot version supported in NOTES section to any attack scripts posted in forums! You can now make your own custom attack plans without editing any source code! All you need to do is make a simple text file with .csv extension. Where are CSV attack script files stored? These scripted attack plans are located in the bot folder under the \CSV\Attack folder. You can add/edit these files with any text editor (notepad works, but we recommend NotePad++). Bot will automatically update the GUI ATTACK Deploy box with your available CSV attack plans when it starts (must select scripted attack). Can also manually refresh the attack plan list with green "reload" button. How do I use CSV attack script file? How to make custom attack csv files View an attack made with this feature below 1. NOTE At the beginning of each file, you should have some notes that tell the bot what to display when your attack file is selected, like the author, date, and a brief description of your attack. This code: NOTE |Author: Sardo - ver. 1.0 - 07.01.2016 NOTE | NOTE |Attack: Gi-Barch, 3 sides, Dark Elixir Attack. NOTE |Make these Troops: 8-10 Giants, Barb 40%, Arch 60%, Minions optional NOTE |Will drop Barb, Arch, All Heroes, CC and use Rage spell if enabled from GUI will produce this when selected: 2. SIDE The next step is telling the bot which side to attack from. This is done with this command: |EXTR. GOLD |EXTR.ELIXIR|EXTR. DARK |DEPO. GOLD |DEPO.ELIXIR|DEPO. DARK |TOWNHALL |FORCED SIDE| SIDE | | | | | | | | | You can tell the bot to only attack from one side by adding one of these under FORCED SIDE: RANDOM TOP-LEFT TOP-RIGHT BOTTOM-LEFT BOTTOM-RIGHT You can also tell the bot to attack on the side of a certain building/buildings by putting a number underneath one of the building names. Each building's number is its how much ONE of these buildings is worth. For example, if you put 5 under EXTR. GOLD, then each gold collector is worth 5 points. The bot finds which side the building is on and adds 5 points to that side. When all buildings have been detected, then the side with the most points is the side the bot will attack from. |EXTR. GOLD |EXTR.ELIXIR|EXTR. DARK |DEPO. GOLD |DEPO.ELIXIR|DEPO. DARK |TOWNHALL |FORCED SIDE| SIDE |1 |1 |3 |0 |0 |1 | | | In this example, dark drills are worth 3 points while gold/elixir pumps and the DE storage are worth 1 point. This means that, if one side of the base has 1 dark storage and one gold collector and another side has one dark drill, then the bot will attack on the side of the dark drill because that side has 3 points(1 DE drill = 3 points) and the other has 2(1 DE storage = 1 point and 1 gold collector = 1 point). There is also SIDEB command that allows adding defense buildings are targets. At present time, only defense building that can have points added to determine attack side scoring is the Eagle Artillery. |EAGLE |INFERNO |XBOW |WIZTOWER |MORTAR |AIRDEFENSE |GEMBOX |GEMBOX | SIDEB |0 |0 |0 |0 |0 |0 | | | The above example will add 20 points to side of eagle artillery is detected. Sorry, the GEMBOX can not be attacked. These are place holders for more defense buildings to be added in future. Update: V7.2+ includes additional building targets for side weigh calculation: INFERNO, XBOW, WIZTOWER, MORTAR, AIRDEFENSE 3. MAKE The next command involves calculating the troop drop points. Remember, this does not deploy troops. It simply calculates troop drop positions. These positions will be used later. You use the MAKE command like this: |VECTOR_____|SIDE_______|DROP_POINTS|ADDTILES___|VERSUS_____|RANDOMX_PX_|RANDOMY_PX_|BUILDING___| MAKE |A |FRONT-LEFT |10 |1 |INT-EXT |0 |5 | | You can use this image to help you visualize the following instructions: VECTOR is the name of the drop calculation. One VECTOR is basically a list of where troops can be dropped. You can have multiple vectors, up to one for each letter of the alphabet. If you need more than 26 vectors, you can reuse them. You can MAKE a vector with same letter more than once, and the DROP commands after that MAKE will use new locations. SIDE tells the bot which side to attack from. It uses the main side made by the SIDE command to determine which side is which. In the images below, you will see which main side was calculated by the SIDE command, and where the troops would be dropped if you put a different side in the MAKE command. DROP_POINTS is how many different places troops should be dropped. If it is 1, then all troops will be dropped on one spot. If it is 2, troops will be dropped on two spots. As you can see in the image, each of the 8 sections has 10 numbered drop points(circles). These are where your troops will be dropped. ADDTILES is the distance from the red line. In the picture, the red circles are the drop points with a ADDTILES of 1. The green circles have an ADDTILES of 2. If you want to drop spells inside the base, then you will have to make a vector with a negative number for ADDTILES. VERSUS is the direction of troop drop. INT-EXT means that the bot will start dropping troops from the middle of the edges to the corners of the map. EXT-INT means that troops will be dropped from the corners of the map to the middle of the map. RANDOMX_PX and RANDOMY_PX are the amount of randomness to use when dropping. If you have a randomx of 2 and a randomy of 3, then the bot will drop each troop between [droppointX-2, droppointY-3] and [droppointX+2, droppointY+3]. A higher randomness amount may make the bot look more humanlike, but there is a higher chance of accidentally dropping into the red area. UPDATE: v7.2+ capability - DROP on BUILDING BUILDING gives ability for vector to be created that targets buildings. There are two types of drop on building vectors that can be created. When DROP_POINTS = 1; the vector created is on location of building found via image search. When DROP_POINTS = 5; will create five (5) DROP locations that are near red line, at shortest distance to building specified on side of attack. If no target buildings are found on side of attack, building location will be randomly picked, usually on top half of base if more than one exists. With building target MAKE vectors; VERSUS, and RANDOM x,y values will be ignored. VERSUS needs to have valid entry in field: "EXT-INT", "INT-EXT", or "IGNORE". RANDOM can be empty and is ignored as the image find will create variability between attacks and we do not need to add more. ADDTILES is also ignored when using NEAR BUILDING target, but can be used with drop on building to move spells towards/away from attack troops coming to help them reach the building. Available BUILDINGS to target are: TOWNHALL, EAGLE, INFERNO, XBOW, WIZTOWER, MORTAR, AIRDEFENSE Here is summary for MAKE BUILDING: MAKE |VECTOR_____|SIDE_______|DROP_POINTS|ADDTILES___|VERSUS_____|RANDOMX_PX_|RANDOMY_PX_|BUILDING___| |A |FRONT-LEFT | 1 or 5 |same=1 NA=5|IGNORE | | |nameofBldg | UPDATE: v7.7+ capability - DROP on WALL gives ability for vector to be created that targets walls in the given sector. There are two types of wall vectors that can be created. When BUILDING = EX-WALL; the vector created is on most outer wall in the sector found via image search. When BUILDING = IN-WALL; the vector created is on second most outer wall in the sector found via image search. With building target MAKE vectors; VERSUS, and RANDOM x,y values will be ignored. VERSUS needs to have valid entry in field: "EXT-INT", "INT-EXT", or "IGNORE". RANDOM can be empty and is ignored as the image find will create variability between attacks and we do not need to add more. ADDTILES is used with drop on wall to move spells towards/away from map edge. Here is summary for MAKE WALL: |VECTOR_____|SIDE_______|DROP_POINTS|ADDTILES___|VERSUS_____|RANDOMX_PX_|RANDOMY_PX_|BUILDING MAKE |L |FRONT-RIGHT|1 |-1 |IGNORE | | |EX-WALL MAKE |V |FRONT-RIGHT|1 |-1 |IGNORE | | |IN-WALL 4. DROP Drop commands actually drop troops. It uses the vectors you created in step 3 to determine where to drop the troops. |VECTOR_____|INDEX______|QTY_X_VECT_|TROOPNAME__|DELAY_DROP_|DELAYCHANGE|SLEEPAFTER_|___________| DROP |A-B |2 |1 |giant |0 |0 |800-1200 | | VECTOR: use one of the vector letters you have created with a MAKE command here. Note that you can drop on multiple vectors at the same time by separating the vector numbers with a "-". In the example above, the DROP command would drop troops on vectors A and B at the same time. INDEX: Which "drop points" to use. If you created 10 drop points with the MAKE command and put 5-10 in the INDEX column, then the bot will only drop troops on points 5 through 10. QTY_X_VECT: How many troops to drop. If you specify a range here, the bot will choose a random value between the two numbers you set. The number of troops that will be dropped at each point will be QTY_X_VECT/# of INDEX values. TROOPNAME: Which troop to drop in this wave. Here is how to figure out the name of the troop: For elixir and dark elixir troops, the word to put under TROOPNAME is the first four letters of the full troop name(exception: if you want to deploy giants, put giant under TROOPNAME) eg. Dragon -> drag, Lava Hound -> lava, Giant -> giant For spells, put the first letter of the spell name, then the word "SPELL"(exception: for haste spell, put HaSpell because heal spell is HSpell) eg. Lightning Spell -> LSpell, Heal Spell -> HSpell, Poison Spell -> PSpell There are a few special units: Barbarian King, Archer Queen, Warden -> King, Queen, Warden Clan Castle -> Castle DELAY_DROP: If dropping multiple troops on the same spot, how long to wait between each troop.(in ms) DELAYCHANGE: If dropping troops on multiple spots, how long to wait after dropping on each spot. For this, SLEEPAFTER, and DELAY_DROP, you can specify a range so the bot's speed is random. SLEEPAFTER: How long to wait after dropping the wave before moving on to the next instruction. UPDATE: v7.2+ capability Drop on BUILDING target vectors use DROP fields almost same. Key difference is limit on acceptable values for INDEX field. These can be ONLY "1" for drop on building, OR a range with values from 1-5 for drop near BUILDING. These can be a list of comma separated numbers like: 1,3,5 using values 5 or less, or partial range like 2-4. Example DROP line |VECTOR_____|INDEX______|QTY_X_VECT_|TROOPNAME__|DELAY_DROP_|DELAYCHANGE|SLEEPAFTER_|___________| DROP |Same |Any < 5 | Same | Same | Same | Same | Same | | . 5. WAIT Wait is a very simple instruction, works like this: WAIT |100-300 | | | | | | | | This tells the bot to wait between 100 and 300 ms. During this time, the bot will also check for some certain end battle conditions if you have them enabled(certain amount of stars reached/0 resources left). UPDATE: v7.7.3+ capability Can now have conditions set, when to break the wait early, TH, SIEGE and TH+SIEGE When INDEX = TH; breaks early, when enemy townhall is destroyed When INDEX = SIEGE; breaks early, when siegemaschine got destroyed and releases troops When INDEX = TH+SIEGE; breaks early, when both townhall AND siegemaschine got destroyed When INDEX = TH,SIEGE; breaks early, when townhall OR siegemaschine got destroyed when no siegemaschine is deployed before the conditional wait When INDEX = SIEGE; returns immediately When INDEX = TH+SIEGE; demotes to TH, so only waits for TH destruction UPDATE: v7.7.5+ capability Can now have additional conditions 50%, AQ, BK, GW as well as AQ+BK or BK+AQ When INDEX = 50%; breaks early, when 50% damage reached When INDEX = AQ; breaks early, when Archer Queen gets activated When INDEX = BK; breaks early, when Barbarian King gets activated When INDEX = GW; breaks early, when Grand Warden gets activated When INDEX = AQ+BK; breaks early, when both Queen AND King got activated is demoted to INDEX = AQ, when only Queen was deployed is demoted to INDEX = BK, when only King was deployed as before, you can combine different conditions comma separated If conditions are set, but none fits, WAIT will return immediately, like for instance, when INDEX = AQ, but Queen is not yet dropped, or already activated WAIT |60000 |TH,SIEGE | | | | | | | WAIT |60000 |TH+SIEGE | | | | | | | Example to trigger both Queen and King at the same time: WAIT |60000 |AQ,BK | | | | | | | DROP |A |1 |1 |queen |0 |0 |0 | | DROP |A |1 |1 |king |0 |0 |0 | | 6. RECALC This command will make the bot check the number of remaining troops. Keep in mind that this is one of the slowest functions, which can take up to 10 seconds to complete on slower PCs. Try not to use it too much. RECALC| | | | | | | | | 7. Debug scripted attacks There are several debug variables located in the Global Variables.au3 file that can be enabled to help with testing and debug of CSV files. Global $g_iDebugSetlog = 0, $g_iDebugOcr = 0, $g_iDebugImageSave = 0, $g_iDebugBuildingPos = 1, $g_iDebugSetlogTrain = 0, $g_iDebugDisableZoomout = 0, $g_iDebugDisableVillageCentering = 0 . Global $g_iDebugAttackCSV = 1, $g_iDebugMakeIMGCSV = 1 ;attackcsv debug When you enable the AttackCSV variables, code provides more detailed log information during CSV attack, PLUS a separate log file showing how every line in CSV file was processed. The MakeIMGCSV will save in profile, both a clean image of base being attacked, and a mapped image. The mapped image shows the red line points, drop points, and building locations required from attack plan file. If you enable the BuildingPos variable, you will also see log information of building positions found during search, before CSV executes (If building is known from search filter, it is not detected again in CSV) 8. Sharing your attack plans! Once you have made and perfected your attack, please share it here: https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/forum/76-csv-attack-files/ You will also find sub-forums in same location for support and discussion if you need help creating attack plans. Thanks for supporting your community!
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    How To Download MyBot.run Clash of Clans Farming Bot Thank you for asking how to download MyBot.run!! Current official bot release and download links can always be found in Official Releases forum section. Having problems? If you have issues and the GitHub links in current release thread do not work for you, then you may have a local network or PC issue that needs to be fixed? 1) Have you used another CoC bot before finding MyBot.run? Oops. No problem! Some copy cat bots that steal MBR code, and offer it for sale will perform a HOSTS file HIJACK. This will block your PC from reaching GitHub (and sometimes MBR forums). Your favorite search engine can show you how to check and edit your HOSTS file for your Windows OS version, here is one example site. While very rare, some older web browsers can also be hijacked to block websites. To fix this you need to clear your entire browser history (only works after other CoC bot is removed from system). 2) Do you have internet filter or firewall at your location? Since GitHub is public site, and there can be any kind of software available for download (including hacking tools); Some countries and corporations will block GitHub. If you are trying to reach GitHub behind one of these firewalls, then either need to use VPN, or some other internet location to bypass the blocking filters. 3) Is download blocked by Anti-Virus (AV) program? The bot is not a virus. It is made with a scripting language named AutoIt, which is sometimes used by people to create malware. This causes antivirus programs to mark ALL AutoIt programs as viruses, even if they don't harm your system. The AutoIt code of the bot is freely available; you can look through it and compile it yourself if you are worried. Need more information? Read this from people who make AutoIt language used to create MBR: https://www.autoitscript.com/wiki/AutoIt_and_Malware If the bot is detected by your antivirus software: create new folder to store MBR download zip file, add the folder to your antivirus exception list/whitelist and download/extract the bot to that same folder. 4) Are files missing from your download? When visiting GitHub site to download MyBot.run and not using the .zip download links in our release thread, beware that you may not be downloading the proper branch of repository. Our master branch is only used to store version files to notify users for new releases. A zip file with latest release can always be found on releases page of GitHub. Another missing file issue can be your Anti-virus software removing files from zip file, or deleting them when extracted. Read #3 for more information regarding AV problems. General Information: MyBot.run uses GitHub software sharing site for all software releases with community. Our GitHub repository top level is here > https://github.com/MyBotRun/MyBot On this site, you find newest and all past releases by development team. Our repository even has a Wiki with installation, licensing, and History of MyBot.run. The Github repository is primarily used as our download library and is not open for public editing. All problems/issues/bug reports are only supported via this web forum. Thanks for supporting your community!
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    TAMAM DOSTUM BEN BU FORUMU BIRAKIYORUM NE HALİN VARSA GÖR.. GECEN GÜN YAZDIĞIN.. herkeze kolay gelsin birileri bizden fazla biliyor... ama bulduğu COZÜMÜ BİLE ANLATMAYAN ve sizlere karşılık veren.. herkeze bol ganimetler..
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    1. saldırı seklin nedir. kupa 700 - 1000 demişsin o kupada zor bulursun.. ayarlarını anlatırsan daha rahat yardımcı oluruz..
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    Very nice report. Keep up that style and wait for miracle to come. Speechless.
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    Supercell officially declares battle against Bot The ban wave is true, eventually..
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    Bot 7.7.7 Not Working #2 hi again @demen We talked before u say: 1. Using custom train, or 2. If you guys still want to experience quick train, please set the same troops combo in custom train, or 3. Open file TrainSystem.au3 for editing. Find the line 120: "If Not $g_bFullArmy Then" and replace it with: "If Not $g_bFullArmy And Not $g_bQuickTrainEnable Then" but None of these 3 solutions work PLEASE New UPDATE For But
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