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    Released: MyBot 7.7.8 Light [r01] + QuickTrain ( With DEB ) DoubleTrain ( for Siege Machines ) CCWT - Max LogOut Time ( back and play ) DRTRT - Don't retype text when request troops ( just once ) + BB Play ( Attack in Builder Base) + ... This is All We Need Focus on a Stable Revision DownLoad ( Version 7.7.8 [r01] ) Official Edition Based MyBot 7.7.x.r_xx ( Newest ) Enjoy it
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    Official MyBot v7.7.7 Chill MOD v1.0.4 Official MyBot v7.7.7 Chill MOD v1.0.4 ** Click: To keep these MODs coming!! ** Chat Room: https://www.mbrchat.com/channel/mod-chillmod Special Thank You to @Z E U S for the banner. And also to the wonderful people who helped me beta test: @Nordic @SubFlow @WarMagic00001 @moji.erfi Chill MOD Features Humanization @Roro-Titi @Chilly-Chill War Preparation @demen @Chilly-Chill Choose when to stop for war and when to resume farming. Custom train and Quick train war army. Builder Base Attacking @Chilly-Chill Custom Drop Order or Drop in order of Slots. Custom Drop Timings. Daily Discounts Manager @Chilly-Chill Choose which deals to buy from the daily trader. Empty Siege Support @Chilly-Chill Ignore BB Wall Upgrades @Chilly-Chill Change Log MBR v7.7.7 Chill MOD v1.0.4! Get it here!! [Download] Post Bugs/Errors Here or in Chill MOD chat room @ this link and be sure to include any important detail. Images, log files or anything you feel helps to explain the issue. Create New Profiles as always. Thank You to the entire MyBotRun Community!! Your support keeps us going! ** Click: To keep these MODs coming!! **
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    Not sure what happened for you, and i can tell you that those issue come from your profile set-up However, feel free to not use my mod as you will no longer get support from me with those type of negative comments. Remember for any modder, we do this for free and do our best. Without us you wouldnt have certain features. Be appreciative or get lost!
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    @yeamer2004 @cruixh this is tested on memu by one of the beta testers
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    BBAttacks Drop On Near Redline And Drop Orders Base on the code from post below Edit AttackBB.au3 ; #FUNCTION# ==================================================================================================================== ; Name ..........: PrepareAttackBB ; Description ...: This file controls attacking preperation of the builders base ; Syntax ........: ; Parameters ....: None ; Return values .: None ; Author ........: Chilly-Chill (04-2019) ; Modified ......: ; Remarks .......: This file is part of MyBot, previously known as ClashGameBot. Copyright 2015-2017 ; MyBot is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL ; Related .......: ; Link ..........: https://github.com/MyBotRun/MyBot/wiki ; Example .......: No ; =============================================================================================================================== Func AttackBB() If Not $g_bChkEnableBBAttack Then Return local $iSide = Random(0, 1, 1) ; randomly choose top left or top right Local $iBM_Pos = -1 local $aBMPos = 0 ClickP($aAway) SetLog("Going to attack.", $COLOR_BLUE) ; check for troops, loot and Batlle Machine If Not PrepareAttackBB() Then Return SetDebugLog("PrepareAttackBB(): Success.") ; search for a match If _Sleep(2000) Then Return local $aBBFindNow = [521, 308, 0xffc246, 30] ; search button If _CheckPixel($aBBFindNow, True) Then PureClick($aBBFindNow[0], $aBBFindNow[1]) Else SetLog("Could not locate search button to go find an attack.", $COLOR_ERROR) Return EndIf ; wait for the clouds to clear SetLog("Searching for Opponent.", $COLOR_BLUE) local $timer = __TimerInit() local $iPrevTime = 0 While Not CheckBattleStarted() local $iTime = Int(__TimerDiff($timer)/ 60000) If $iTime > $iPrevTime Then ; if we have increased by a minute SetLog("Clouds: " & $iTime & "-Minute(s)") $iPrevTime = $iTime EndIf If _Sleep($DELAYRESPOND) Then Return WEnd ; Get troops on attack bar and their quantities local $aBBAttackBar = GetAttackBarBB() If _Sleep($DELAYRESPOND) Then Return ; Deploy all troops local $bTroopsDropped = False, $bBMDeployed = False SetLog( $g_bBBDropOrderSet = True ? "Deploying Troops in Custom Order." : "Deploying Troops in Order of Attack Bar.", $COLOR_BLUE) While Not $bTroopsDropped local $iNumSlots = UBound($aBBAttackBar, 1) If $g_bBBDropOrderSet = True Then local $asBBDropOrder = StringSplit($g_sBBDropOrder, "|") For $i=0 To $g_iBBTroopCount - 1 ; loop through each name in the drop order local $j=0, $bDone = 0 While $j < $iNumSlots And Not $bDone If $aBBAttackBar[$j][0] = $asBBDropOrder[$i+1] Then DeployBBTroop($aBBAttackBar[$j][0], $aBBAttackBar[$j][1], $aBBAttackBar[$j][2], $aBBAttackBar[$j][4], $iSide) If $j = $iNumSlots-1 Or $aBBAttackBar[$j][0] <> $aBBAttackBar[$j+1][0] Then $bDone = True If _Sleep($g_iBBNextTroopDelay) Then Return ; wait before next troop EndIf EndIf $j+=1 WEnd Next Else For $i=0 To $iNumSlots - 1 DeployBBTroop($aBBAttackBar[$i][0], $aBBAttackBar[$i][1], $aBBAttackBar[$i][2], $aBBAttackBar[$i][4], $iSide) If $i = $iNumSlots-1 Or $aBBAttackBar[$i][0] <> $aBBAttackBar[$i+1][0] Then If _Sleep($g_iBBNextTroopDelay) Then Return ; wait before next troop Else If _Sleep($DELAYRESPOND) Then Return ; we are still on same troop so lets drop them all down a bit faster EndIf Next EndIf $aBBAttackBar = GetAttackBarBB(True) If $aBBAttackBar = "" Then $bTroopsDropped = True WEnd SetLog("All Troops Deployed", $COLOR_SUCCESS) ; place hero and activate ability If $g_bBBMachineReady And Not $bBMDeployed Then SetLog("Deploying Battle Machine.", $COLOR_BLUE) While Not $bBMDeployed And $g_bBBMachineReady ; Check if BM is available ;Setlog("BB: Look for Battle Machine [If Exists]", $COLOR_GREEN) $iBM_Pos = BB_Mach_Slot() $aBMPos = GetMachinePos() If IsArray($aBMPos) Then ;If IsArray($iBM_Pos) Then local $iPoint = Random(0, 9, 1) If $iSide Then BB_Mach_Deploy( $iBM_Pos ) ;PureClick($g_apTR[$iPoint][0], $g_apTR[$iPoint][1]) Else BB_Mach_Deploy( $iBM_Pos ) ;PureClick($g_apTL[$iPoint][0], $g_apTL[$iPoint][1]) EndIf If _Sleep(500) Then Return ; wait before clicking ability PureClickP($aBMPos) Else $bBMDeployed = True EndIf WEnd If $bBMDeployed Then SetLog("Battle Machine Deployed", $COLOR_SUCCESS) ; Continue with abilities until death local $bMachineAlive = True while $bMachineAlive And $bBMDeployed If _Sleep($g_iBBMachAbilityTime) Then Return ; wait for machine to be available local $timer = __TimerInit() ; give a bit of time to check if hero is dead because of the random lightning strikes through graphic $aBMPos = GetMachinePos() While __TimerDiff($timer) < 3000 And Not IsArray($aBMPos) ; give time to find $aBMPos = GetMachinePos() WEnd If Not IsArray($aBMPos) Then ; if machine wasnt found then it is dead, if not we hit ability $bMachineAlive = False Else PureClickP($aBMPos) EndIf WEnd If $bBMDeployed And Not $bMachineAlive Then SetLog("Battle Machine Dead") ; wait for end of battle SetLog("Waiting for end of battle.", $COLOR_BLUE) If Not Okay() Then Return SetLog("Battle Ended.") If _Sleep(3000) Then Return ; wait for ok after both attacks are finished ;SetLog("Waiting for opponent.", $COLOR_BLUE) ;Okay() ;SetLog("Done.", $COLOR_SUCCESS) ;ZoomOut() EndFunc Func CheckBattleStarted() local $sSearchDiamond = GetDiamondFromRect("376,11,420,26") local $aCoords = decodeSingleCoord(findImage("BBBattleStarted", $g_sImgBBBattleStarted, $sSearchDiamond, 1, True)) If IsArray($aCoords) And UBound($aCoords) = 2 Then SetLog("Battle Started", $COLOR_SUCCESS) Return True EndIf Return False ; If battle not started EndFunc Func GetMachinePos() If Not $g_bBBMachineReady Then Return local $sSearchDiamond = GetDiamondFromRect("0,630,860,732") local $aCoords = decodeSingleCoord(findImage("BBBattleMachinePos", $g_sImgBBBattleMachine, $sSearchDiamond, 1, True)) If IsArray($aCoords) And UBound($aCoords) = 2 Then Return $aCoords Else If $g_bDebugImageSave Then DebugImageSave("BBBattleMachinePos") EndIf Return EndFunc Func Okay() ;local $timer = __TimerInit() ;While 1 ;local $aCoords = decodeSingleCoord(findImage("OkayButton", $g_sImgOkButton, "FV", 1, True)) ;If IsArray($aCoords) And UBound($aCoords) = 2 Then ;ClickP($aCoords) ;Return True ;EndIf ;If __TimerDiff($timer) >= 180000 Then ;SetLog("Could not find button 'Okay'", $COLOR_ERROR) ;If $g_bDebugImageSave Then DebugImageSave("BBFindOkay") ;Return False ;EndIf ;If Mod(__TimerDiff($timer), 3000) Then ;If _Sleep($DELAYRESPOND) Then Return ;EndIf ;WEnd ; BB: Wait for Battle End Local $i = 0 Local $j = 0 Local $iSide = 1 Local $iBM_Pos = -1 Local $cPixColor = '' Local $cSideNames = "TR|TL" Local $bDegug = True Local $bContinue = True Local $aOkButtom[4] = [ 400, 495 + $g_iBottomOffsetY, 0xE2F98B, 20 ] Local $aOkButtomColor[2] = [ 0xE2F98B, 0xE2FA8C ] Local $aOkBatleEnd[4] = [ 630, 400 + $g_iBottomOffsetY, 0xDDF685, 20 ] Local $aOkBatleEndColor[2] = [ 0xDDF685, 0xE2FA8C ] Local $aOkWaitBattle[4] = [ 400, 500 + $g_iBottomOffsetY, 0xF0F0F0, 20 ] Local $aTroopSlot[4] = [ 78, 580 + $g_iBottomOffsetY, 0x404040, 20 ] Local $aSlotActive[8] = [0x4C92D3, 0x5198E0, 0x5298E0, 0x5498E0, 0x5598E0, 0x65ADEC, 0x66ADEC, 0x6AB4F1] Local $aSlotOff[2] = [0x464646, 0x454545] Local $iTroopsTo = 0 Local $iWait64 = 64 Local $iWait128 = 128 Local $iWait256 = 256 Local $aAux[2] = [ 0, 0] Setlog("BB: Confirm Battle End [ok]", $COLOR_INFO) $j = 0 While $j < $iWait64 If _Sleep($DELAYRUNBOT1) Then Return $cPixColor = _GetPixelColor($aOkWaitBattle[0], $aOkWaitBattle[1], True) If _ColorCheck( $cPixColor, Hex($aOkWaitBattle[2], 6), 20) Then $j = 32 If _Sleep($DELAYRUNBOT1) Then Return $cPixColor = _GetPixelColor($aOkButtom[0], $aOkButtom[1], True) If _ColorCheck( $cPixColor, Hex($aOkButtom[2], 6), 20) Then $j = $iWait64 Else $j += 1 Endif BB_StatusMsg("Wait for Battle End" & " [ " & String( $j ) & " ]") WEnd If _Sleep($DELAYRUNBOT1) Then Return ; If $aOkWaitBattle Exists Local $cPixColor = '' Local $aOkWaitBattle[4] = [ 400, 500 + $g_iBottomOffsetY, 0xF0F0F0, 20 ] local $aCoords = decodeSingleCoord(findImage("OkayButton", $g_sImgOkButton, "FV", 1, True)) $cPixColor = _GetPixelColor($aOkWaitBattle[0], $aOkWaitBattle[1], True) If IsArray($aCoords) And UBound($aCoords) = 2 Then If _ColorCheck( $cPixColor, Hex($aOkWaitBattle[2], 6), 20) Then If $bDegug Then SetLog("BB: Okay Buttom [no wait battle end], color: " & $cPixColor, $COLOR_DEBUG) ClickP($aOkWaitBattle, 1, 0, "#0000") EndIf If _Sleep($DELAYRUNBOT1) Then Return ; wait $aOkButtom to appear $j = 0 $cPixColor = _GetPixelColor($aOkButtom[0], $aOkButtom[1], True) While Not BB_ColorCheck( $aOkButtom, $aOkButtomColor ) If $bDegug Then BB_StatusMsg("Wait Okay Buttom. [Ok]. color: " & $cPixColor & " [ " & String( $j ) & " ]") If _Sleep($DELAYRUNBOT1) Then Return $j += 1 If $j > $iWait128 Then ExitLoop $cPixColor = _GetPixelColor($aOkButtom[0], $aOkButtom[1], True) WEnd If $j < $iWait128 Then SetLog("BB: Click Buttom. [Ok]. color: " & $cPixColor & " [ " & String( $j ) & " ]", $COLOR_DEBUG) ClickP($aOkButtom, 1, 0, "#0000") Else SetLog("BB: Can't Find Buttom [Ok]. color: " & $cPixColor, $COLOR_ERROR) EndIf If _Sleep($DELAYRUNBOT1) Then Return ; wait $aOkBatleEnd to appear If $j < $iWait64 Then $j = 0 $cPixColor = _GetPixelColor($aOkBatleEnd[0], $aOkBatleEnd[1], True) While Not BB_ColorCheck( $aOkBatleEnd, $aOkBatleEndColor ) If $bDegug Then BB_StatusMsg("Wait Okay Buttom. [end]. color: " & $cPixColor & " [ " & String( $j ) & " ]") If _Sleep($DELAYRUNBOT1) Then Return $j += 1 If $j > $iWait64 Then ExitLoop $cPixColor = _GetPixelColor($aOkBatleEnd[0], $aOkBatleEnd[1], True) Return True WEnd If $j < $iWait64 Then SetLog("BB: Click Buttom [end], color: " & $cPixColor & " [ " & String( $j ) & " ]", $COLOR_DEBUG) ClickP($aOkBatleEnd, 1, 0, "#0000") ClickP($aAway, 1, 0, "#0000") Else SetLog("BB: Can't Find Buttom [End]. color: " & $cPixColor, $COLOR_ERROR) EndIf Else If _Sleep($DELAYRUNBOT1) Then Return ClickP($aAway, 1, 0, "#0000") EndIf EndIf Return True EndFunc Func DeployBBTroop($sName, $x, $y, $iAmount, $iSide) Local $cSideNames = "TR|TL" Local $iBM_Pos = -1 SetLog("Deploying " & $sName & "x" & String($iAmount), $COLOR_ACTION) PureClick($x, $y) ; select troop If _Sleep($g_iBBSameTroopDelay) Then Return ; slow down selecting then dropping troops For $j=0 To $iAmount - 1 local $iPoint = Random(0, 9, 1) If $iSide Then ; pick random point on random side BB_Attack() ;PureClick($g_apTR[$iPoint][0], $g_apTR[$iPoint][1]) Else BB_Attack() ;BB_Mach_Deploy( $iBM_Pos ) ;PureClick($g_apTL[$iPoint][0], $g_apTL[$iPoint][1]) EndIf If _Sleep($g_iBBSameTroopDelay) Then Return ; slow down dropping of troops Next EndFunc Func BB_Attack($Nside = 1, $SIDESNAMES = "TR|TL", $iTroopToDeploy = 4 ) Local $iSide = Random(0, 1, 1) ; randomly choose top left or top right Local $iPoint = Random(0, 9, 1) Local $cSideNames = "TR|TL" Local $aBB_DiamondTop[4] = [420, 300 + $g_iBottomOffsetY, 0x7D6559, 10] Local $aBB_DiamondBottom[4] = [430, 570 + $g_iBottomOffsetY, 0x2B4847, 10] Local $aBB_DiamondLeft[4] = [300, 340 + $g_iBottomOffsetY, 0x213E3E, 10] Local $aBB_DiamondRight[4] = [700, 430 + $g_iBottomOffsetY, 0x2F5351, 10] Local $aBB_LineCenter[2] = [ 0, 0] Local $i = 0 Local $iHalf = 0 Local $iRest = 0 Local $aDropCoord[2] = [ 0, 0] Local $aDropPointX[4] = [ 0, 0, 0x7D6559, 10] Local $aDropPointY[4] = [ 0, 0, 0x7D6559, 10] Local $iBB_MaxDrop = 20 If $iTroopToDeploy < 4 Then $iTroopToDeploy = 4 If $iTroopToDeploy > 8 Then $iTroopToDeploy = 8 $iHalf = INT( $iTroopToDeploy / 2 ) $iRest = $iTroopToDeploy - ( $iHalf * 2 ) $iHalf += $iRest $aBB_LineCenter[0] = INT( ( $aBB_DiamondTop[0] + $aBB_DiamondRight[0] ) / 2 ) $aBB_LineCenter[1] = INT( ( $aBB_DiamondTop[1] + $aBB_DiamondRight[1] ) / 2 ) $aDropCoord[0] = INT( ( ( $aBB_LineCenter[0] - $aBB_DiamondTop[0] ) * 0.9 ) / $iHalf ) $aDropCoord[1] = INT( ( ( $aBB_LineCenter[1] - $aBB_DiamondTop[1] ) * 0.9 ) / $iHalf ) KeepClicks() For $i = $iHalf To 1 Step -1 $aDropPointX[0] = $aBB_LineCenter[0] + ( $i * $aDropCoord[0] ) $aDropPointX[1] = $aBB_LineCenter[1] + ( $i * $aDropCoord[1] ) $aDropPointY[0] = $aBB_LineCenter[0] - ( $i * $aDropCoord[0] ) $aDropPointY[1] = $aBB_LineCenter[1] - ( $i * $aDropCoord[1] ) If _Sleep($DELAYDROPTROOP1) Then Return AttackClick($aDropPointX[0], $aDropPointX[1], 1, SetSleep(0), 0, "#0000") If _Sleep($DELAYDROPTROOP1) Then Return AttackClick($aDropPointY[0], $aDropPointY[1], 1, SetSleep(0), 0, "#0000") Next ReleaseClicks() If _Sleep($DELAYRUNBOT1) Then Return EndFunc ;==>BB_Attack Func BB_Mach_Deploy( $iSlot = -1 ) Local $j = 0 Local $iSide = Random(0, 1, 1) ; randomly choose top left or top right Local $iPoint = Random(0, 9, 1) Local $cPixColor = '' Local $cPixCheck = '' Local $bDegug = True Local $iWait128 = 128 Local $aBMachine[4] = [ 395, 580 + $g_iBottomOffsetY, 0x486E83, 20 ] Local $aBMachineColor[5] = [ 0x487188, 0x486E83, 0x486B7E, 0x486F81, 0x466F84 ] Local $aBatleEndColor[2] = [ 0x020202, 0x020202 ] Local $aDropBM[4] = [ 270, 480 + $g_iBottomOffsetY, 0x7D6559, 20 ] If _Sleep($DELAYRUNBOT3) Then Return ; If BM Present If ( $iSlot + 1 ) > 0 Then ; Slot Pos $aBMachine[0] += ( $iSlot * 72 ) ; Deploy Battle Machine If $bDegug Then SetLog("BB: Click BM, color: " & $cPixColor & " Slot:[ " & String( $iSlot + 5 ) & " ]", $COLOR_DEBUG) KeepClicks() If _Sleep($DELAYDROPTROOP1) Then Return ClickP($aBMachine, 1, 0, "#0000") If _Sleep($DELAYDROPTROOP1) Then Return AttackClick($aDropBM[0], $aDropBM[1], 1, SetSleep(0), 0, "#0000") If _Sleep($DELAYDROPTROOP1) Then Return ReleaseClicks() If _Sleep($DELAYRUNBOT3) Then Return $cPixColor = _GetPixelColor($aBMachine[0], $aBMachine[1], True) $cPixCheck = $cPixColor If _Sleep($DELAYRUNBOT3) Then Return While $j < $iWait128 $j += 1 If _ColorCheck( $cPixColor, $cPixCheck, 20) Then ClickP($aBMachine, 1, 0, "#0000") BB_StatusMsg("Activate BM Power, color: " & $cPixCheck & " [ " & String( $j+1 ) & " ]") Else If _ColorCheck( $cPixCheck, Hex($aBatleEndColor[0], 6), 20) Then If $bDegug Then SetLog("BB: Battle end detected, color: " & $cPixCheck & " Slot:[ " & String( $iSlot + 5 ) & " ]", $COLOR_DEBUG) $j = $iWait128 Else If Mod($j, 8) = 0 Then ClickP($aBMachine, 1, 0, "#0000") EndIf EndIf EndIf If _Sleep($DELAYRUNBOT1) Then Return $cPixCheck = _GetPixelColor($aBMachine[0], $aBMachine[1], True) WEnd EndIf EndFunc ;==>BB_Mach_Deploy ; #FUNCTION# ==================================================================================================================== ; Name ..........: BB_ColorCheck( $aInfo, $aColors ) ; Description ...: Check an Array of Colors ( instead just one ) ; Author ........: Chackal++ ; Modified ......: ; Remarks .......: This file is part of MyBot, previously known as ClashGameBot. Copyright 2015-2016 ; MyBot is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL ; Related .......: ; Link ..........: https://github.com/MyBotRun/MyBot/wiki ; Example .......: No ; =============================================================================================================================== Func BB_ColorCheck( $aInfo, $aColors ) Local $i Local $cPixel Local $bResult = False Local $iLoop = UBound( $aColors ) - 1 $cPixel = _GetPixelColor($aInfo[0], $aInfo[1], True) For $i = 0 to $iLoop If _ColorCheck( $cPixel, Hex($aColors[$i], 6), 20) Then $bResult = True ExitLoop EndIf Next Return $bResult EndFunc ;==>BB_ColorCheck Func BB_StatusMsg( $cTxt ) _GUICtrlStatusBar_SetTextEx($g_hStatusBar, "BB Status: " & $cTxt ) EndFunc ;==>BB_StatusMsg Func BB_Mach_Slot() Local $i = 0 Local $iSlot = -1 Local $cPixColor = '' Local $cPixCheck = '' Local $bDegug = True Local $aBMachine[4] = [ 392, 580 + $g_iBottomOffsetY, 0x486E83, 20 ] Local $aBMachineColor[5] = [ 0x487188, 0x486E83, 0x486B7E, 0x486F81, 0x466F84 ] If _Sleep($DELAYRUNBOT3) Then Return ; Find Battle Machine For $i = 0 To 2 ; Pos Next Slot If ($i > 0) Then $aBMachine[0] += 72 EndIf $cPixColor = _GetPixelColor($aBMachine[0], $aBMachine[1], True) If _Sleep($DELAYRUNBOT3) Then Return IF BB_ColorCheck( $aBMachine, $aBMachineColor ) Then If $bDegug Then SetLog("BB: BM Found, color: " & $cPixColor & " Slot:[ " & String( $i + 5 ) & " ]", $COLOR_DEBUG) $iSlot = $i $i = 2 EndIf Next Return $iSlot EndFunc ;==>BB_Mach_Slot
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    Sounds like you both throwing your toys out the pram. Grow up.
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    Also having a regular downvoter Like @BabyDragon posted. A guy called big nox player literally downvotes everything I post. He's downvoted my 15 times in total. I mean wtf, that is so not fair lol. I should be at atleast 25 rep. He'll probably downvote this too. I swear this kind of thing is against the forum rules. I post on here only to figure out something or sort something out. Since BabyDragon posted about it, I figured I'd post about it too.
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    Try this first before you reinstall Windows; Download a fresh copy of Chill MOD v1.0.4 Extract it Delete the 'Profiles' folder that's in the main folder Run the bot as per usual
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    Hi guys, inspired by good old bananas fan @monkeyhunter, I'm consolidating here useful information about MEmu support of the bot. MEmu is best emulator for running multiple instances of MEmu and the bot at the same time. See a short overview of supported Android Emulators and additional tech. details Here All versions starting from 2.2.1 till latest 2.8.6 are support. Quite a few users report that 2.5.0 runs best for them, download here from filehippo. Latest can be always download from vendor site memuplay. Starting with version 2.8.0 or so, MEmuConsole.exe is frequently executed when MEmu is running to check instance state. This consumes significant computer resources. To fix this, simply rename MEmuConsole.exe to MEmuConsole_.exe or so. Using multiple android and bot instances required command line options for the bot. GUI configuration is in the making and hopefully available soon. "c:\mybot\mybot.run.exe" "My Village 1" MEmu MEmu starts bot with village names My Village 1 in MEmu using instance MEmu "c:\mybot\mybot.run.exe" "My Village 2" MEmu MEmu_1 starts bot with village names My Village 2 in MEmu using instance MEmu_1 (usually the 2nd clone/new emulator instance in MEmu) Be aware that new name displayed in the MEmu Window Title or MEmu Console doesn't need to show the correct instance name. To list all available instances you can use MEmuHyperv command line tool MEmuManage.exe you find in MEmuHyperv program folder "C:\Program Files\Microvirt\MEmuHyperv" or where you've installed it: MemuManage.exe list vms Also, good fellow @Fliegerfaust created a great documentation and launch tool for the bot to handle multiple instances and launched the bot with right command line parameters: Useful MEmu Links: Experiencing LAG issues with Memu: Improve Memu performance How to enable Hardware Virtualization( Performance Improvement): http://www.memuplay.com/blog/index.php/2016/01/27/enable-hardware-virtualization/ MEmu Official FAQ Page: http://www.memuplay.com/blog/index.php/category/faq/ Having Problem choosing emulator to use? What is best emulator?
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    @Exorth Currently the default is random, not customized as before
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    3.56.74 Download: https://mega.nz/#!yRozxZBJ!FGE9y8S3bvWQkqhOFnGGu93Eoj_iFUNKlTnkHmxlHkI =========================================================================================== 3.56.73 Download: https://mega.nz/#!2QJXDCKD!fNr7orxOnk_IGfRHaHvIC4iB3IIO6ybM0Oq-BefZUj8 =========================================================================================== 3.55.70 Download: https://mega.nz/#!bZRHUY6Q!0SHyMnO0_SdDimPAZIbKA2ycfipDPUR--owkwmiWnPk =========================================================================================== 3.54.65 Download: https://mega.nz/#!GN9CBIaB!qUrlXY8QKcOEeVYYASL52QSk1WqV1lhIXh1SVQGDNG0 =========================================================================================== 3.50.52 Download: https://mega.nz/#!ed8XQJAB!xIXtzDOpzQ9vx_GZIwcmKZgfXzKsvQnN8aP94ZAIT2g ============================================================================================ 2.6.105 Download: https://mega.nz/#!uIFERDRY!Gx5jCLQESAIsMSC5lM6yLBBi2J30lZUQz4-hV5sqNmM ============================================================================================ 2.5.43 Download: https://mega.nz/#!zBJzybjD!vD1UiBWmns72n8UP8H9lWuKbF-5Co5lBOpWunCcTeIY ============================================================================================ 2.4.43 Download: https://mega.nz/#!vAhSxZBS!kx99h5tY7nfI88yVi8sQ2LeucJcJomqU9UOiAppBxQM ============================================================================================ 2.2.21 Download: https://mega.nz/#!qcJARDTB!1RC6zRdV0okGlO21UjjDWAEZdRIhnuNDJz1I_Ei4lGQ ============================================================================================ 0.10.7 Download: https://mega.nz/#!GFVilDAL!Wkyp2xpxFOx8J_Gz8wIf0jGSxTT3IiT6xthvrHhRbME ============================================================================================
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    Sorry but fortunately (or unfortunately) we have life beyond the forum. For this reason, I can't always answer quickly. Also because I had a huge damage with my machine recently and I'm sure you will not help me in the costs right? Anyway, I'll be looking at the private messages and replying (If friend Hecki hasn't resolved.)
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    Não esqueçam de atualizar a versão de vocês. Ontem foi lançada a 7.7.8 e o primeiro post da @Rafaela Santos já foi editado. v7.7.8 - [2019-09-15] https://github.com/MyBotRun/MyBot/releases/download/MBR_v7.7.8/MyBot-MBR_v7.7.8.zip
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    Eu usava de uma forma humanizada, estou pensando em criar um csv pensando nisso, um ataque que eu não saiba diferenciar de um bot para um ataque humano e pensar em fazer configurações no bot que torne o bot o mais fora de padrão possível, mas isso fica pro mês que vem em uma cv8 que irei testar.
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    @tranduyquang If I am being completely honest, I am not totally sure what suspend and resume does. I know the issue is because of that, and I might know how to fix it... I have fixed it for clouds in the past but the attacking feature was like glitchy. I am still trying to work it out tho @old-duffer can you use nox maaybe? @leex2912 U have thought about that and maybe in the future. It is more tricky in BB than regular heros because ability always happens and I dont want things to be laggy so I gotta sort out the code a bit @qqq131ppp Not as the mod currently sits, but it could be an easy add in.
  19. 1 point
    skip donate custom troops if cannot give all listed Let's describe problem: Custom Troops will donate 1 x Electro Dragons + 2 x Balloons (so, cc lvl5 got Electro, lvl6-7 - Electro and Balloon, and lvl8 - Electro + 2 Ballons). After some sequental requests my Electro troops was gone, but Ballons still exists. So, on the next request mybot will donate 0 Electro and 2 Ballons - this is definitely not the same as the requestor’s expectations. Suggestion is very simple: do not donate until all the troops listed are ready. Maybe via checkbox option.
  20. 1 point
    If i look at your profile, it seems you first started spamming @Guineapig04 with downvotes first. It's actually the other way around lol.
  21. 1 point
    Called me out for what? I still play this game a bunch, which means I still enjoy this game. Stop manufacturing crap.
  22. 1 point
    It could be.. You can use any old version from @monkeyhunter 's topic
  23. 1 point
    here is the bug with level 5 earth quake spell
  24. 1 point
    @Chilly-Chill hi, great job on Mods ! bot sometimes not attack on BB attacks when switch to other account my setting is lower 100 higher 5000
  25. 1 point
    Dec Update: Bluestacks versions below v3.0 have known compatibility issues with latest Windows 10 and Windows Server 2017 OS updates. 2017 Windows 10 OS "creators" update that is finally being rolled out to most PC worldwide. This update force enables HyperV emulation, and this is not compatible with Bluestacks v1 or v2. Compatibility information is available on Microsoft or Bluestacks support web sites. If you disable the new HyperV setting in control panel (and prevent latest virtual desktop features from working), BS v2.5 can be used on some Windows 10 PC. If you can not disable HyperV emulation, then you need to use BS v3+ on Windows 10 2017. It is possible to force BS versions prior to V2.5 to run with 2017 Windows 10 creators update, but it requires several permanent changes to system registry and other system setting changes (not recommended for typical PC user or PC being used for more than farming). Windows 7/8 users can continue to versions 0.10.7 unrooted, v2.2 and v2.5 described below. For all versions, SC game update sometimes require Google Play Store, Google Play Games, or Google Play Services updates to work properly.. Make sure you have latest versions in Play Store! Here are some notes on various Bluestacks versions for reference: -- BS v0.9.X - Not recommended Used by many community members. No reason to upgrade unless you have issues with Google Play Games and "Gamer ID". Has many reported problems with Google Play games and Google Play services auto app updates. These require you to remove/reinstall CoC app and Google Account with every major update. Since the October 2016 game update, this version now has issues randomly crashing game and returns to main BS home screen. -- BS v0.10.X - Recommended Windows 7/8 only >>> BS v0.10.7.5601 non-rooted Most older rooted BS versions crash since Oct 2016 update, but original version can be downloaded from FileHippo and is running fine for most community http://filehippo.com/download_bluestacks_app_player/64518/ Non-rooted version does require manual removal of free download games advertising. Just Disable 'App Sync' & 'My Bluestacks' Apps (Disable Option Is in AppInfo) To Remove Bluestacks Ads" or follow the instructions here > http://druss.co/2015/06/how-to-remove-bluestacks-ads-sponsored-apps-popup/ While BS is spamming older version BS users with messages to upgrade, and even forcing automatic updates to latest version; v0.10.7 is best emulator for running a single emulator on your PC. Fastest, lowest resources, and is heavily used by community with great success. Has had some minor issues with Google Play service updates not being applied properly and Google Play Games "Gamer ID" failing to operate. Unless you understand process for fixing app version compatibility issues, most problems with this version are solved with simple removal & installation, install latest Google Play Games, and the install latest CoC. 2019-Feb Update: Clash of Clans might not install or update from Play Store with error "CPU ABI incompatible" or so. In that case just install the latest arm-v7a version from apkmirror.com: https://www.apkmirror.com/wp-content/themes/APKMirror/download.php?id=599517 -- BS v2.0.X - Not recommended for new installations >>> BS v2.0.2 rooted ALL versions of BS prior to latest v2.2 are being spammed with upgrade notices. Most stable version found by MBR community is v2.0.2. The rooted version available in our forums was created by a Russian user and has some minor language/keyboard settings that are easily to change, and it works well. Most of Google Play games updates experienced with v0.1.X are gone with this version. Requires more system resources and users of old Core Duo CPU report minor lag issues. A portion of community have reported that this rooted version has same CoC app crash as all v0.XX versions. -- BS v2.1X - Not Recommended for new installations ALL versions of BS prior to latest v2.2 are being spammed with upgrade notices. Most stable version with spam free download found by MBR community is v2.1.7. Some Win 10 users report lag issues with all 2.0.X versions is lower using v.2.1.X. I recommend you download spam free native BS installer for v2.1.7.5658 linked from XDA site: http://forum.xda-developers.com/wiki/BlueStacks_App_Player Look in table of BS versions for v2.1.7.5658 and it has a download link. Then use the instructions in this thread using BS Easy to create your own de-bloated & rooted BS: https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/topic/15318-tools-auto-root-any-bluestacks-remove-ads-08103096-to-2185663/ This process is not hard. But, There is no shame in admitting that creation of your own rooted version of BlueStacks is too complicated for you to accomplish. You can use any recommended version. Update: The newer v2.2+ versions of BS2 fix internal bugs with app compatibility, and bot has been taught how to better control them. -- BS v2.2.X+ - Most releases up through v2.5.XX have been tested to work better on Win7/8 systems - may not work for every hardware configuration. All version of BS after v2.1.8 included 2 different virtualization engines in program. They have legacy mode for older PC, and new virtualization engine that is using Oracle Virtual box technology used by some of newer emulators. New virtualization engine allows BS to have multiple apps open in separate tabs (in halt state when hidden - not useful for bot), and quickly switch between them. Development team has been in constant update mode trying to deal with v2.2+ BS and fact that is installs/behaves differently based on users hardware configuration. Many users of i3/i5 CPU prior to Gen 4 hardware are having issues with new virtualization support, and get errors such as BS is stuck trying to start up. One of our long time top contributors has posted rooted v2.2.27.6431 & rooted v2.4.43.6254 in this forum. So if your PC is less than 2-3 years old; one of these versions may work well for you. Note: It appears the newest versions of BS are now setting a default Android DPI of 240 in registry. The bot image detection is trained with standard DPI setting of 160 used on older versions. You need to check registry and edit/remove this new setting as discussed here. -- BS v2.5.X+ - Supported on Windows 7/8/10, Recommend v2.5.43 All recent versions of BS 2.5.x should work. A copy of BS v2.5.43.8001 rooted can be found here: https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/topic/23339-rooted-bluestacks-25438001/ MBR v6 had some issues controlling latest BS2 versions. Since V7 release these have been resolved and BS2.5 works well with bot. The v2.5.43 has fixed most of the installation issues on older PC where wrong virtualization mode was selected, and run well on older or resource limited PC. All above BlueStacks Versions: Will need to apply registry fix to stop BS phoning home and forcing auto update without your approval. https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/topic/19107-tool-remove-bluestacks-shared-folders-stop-spam-in-taskbar/ Just remember to run BS and add your Google ID after installation AND before applying the reg file to make sure BS initializes correctly first. If you modify the registry values before BS is fully installed, it will get stuck forever at blue loading screen and you must reinstall. -- BS v3.X+ - Supported (actually based on BS v2.10.X) BS v3.X version seems to be based on BS v2.10.X and does work. Though, DPI must be validated and manually set in Windows Registry to 160. See HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\BlueStacks\Guests\Android\BootParameters and find the DPI=xxx value and change xxx to 160. Full reboot with HD-Quit.exe required! Also, the Launcher is missing - so just install Nova Launcher using "ADB install" on the downloaded APK and all is good. Existing manual ads removal doesn't seem to work - for me this one did: 1. Launch adb shell using HD-Adb.exe or adb.exe 2. Within shell call /system/xbin/bstk/su 3. Then call pm block com.uncube.account -- BS v4.X+ - Supported BS v4.X version have now also the custom FPS setting like Nox or MEmu, but CPU consumption is even less... best I've seen so far when using 20 fps: https://support.bluestacks.com/hc/en-us/articles/360021616891-Introducing-custom-FPS-frames-per-second-feature-on-BlueStacks Having Problem choosing which version? Read this thread: What is best emulator? Best Luck.
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    lets think.. supercell has been collectin all data. like opening training, what you write, your donation, receive, attack numbers per day, clicking speed, ip numbers, war logs bla bla more and more since game has begun. So i am using bot since 2014 ( i think i started with clash bot v3.xx) Anyway All old bots (clash bot) and new mybots are in githup with open codes If i was in SC, I look them and wirte a code to detect account that do same in mybot codes. . This means account is using mybot. Let we use other bots. i can record scripts other bots (I dont know if there are any bot exept mybot) and write codes for them.. For example when you open training with bot you always click same point to open it. Which human can click same point always??? SC can detect the point in their data and detect you even if you use bot like human or you stopped using bot. BUT!!!! No game wants to ban users who are online much if games always have much online player and have many new players So SC has not these options. But they should care non bot playing and youtubers and other advertisers. If BOTS USE LIKE A BOT (NOT LIKE HUMAN) people who play with hands starts to protest or leave. So ban wave is a intimidation. SC wants bot user but they says "please dont play like a shit with bot. we have data and we can banish you" It is open because they are still doing nothing (3 months). Only a small ban wave.. I mean if you use your bot like human probably %90 nothing will happens. SC need us.
  27. 1 point
    Hope you enjoy! My BB attack comes with the ability to customize your dropping order and adjust the times at which troops are dropped.
  28. 1 point
    Set emulator to DirectX and change bot settings from OpenGL/ABD screencapture TO DirectX, and also, root your nox player. Hope it helps!
  29. 1 point
    Close bot Delete your profile folder in mybot folder and open again
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    150 accout or to much drugs.
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    Belediye Binasını Bota Tekrardan İşaretletirseniz veya en basit yoldan profilinizi silip tekrardan kurup 11 belediye binası için daha sağlıklı bir hale getirebilirsiniz.
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    @Keridori think you are looking for a topic like @ratakantezcreated. I think you can get some ideas from this.
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    just a few person got banned,and they only post all the same picture of ban. and still many of other MyBot user dont care about the ban wave.
  37. 1 point
    I have a decent level of programming skills. Did computer science at A level.
  38. 1 point
    vai ver você não ativou nas configurações do bot, tem que ativar lá onde tu escolhe o CSV desejado, ao lado esquerdo tem os feitiços e heróis, tem que habilitar eles.
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    2 main accounts banned. Got the notice today. Memu switching between the 2 accounts. Google Play accounts. Been attacking dead bases for several years 24x7. Funny thing is I shut my PC down last night the logged in tonight and had the perma-ban. Oh well, SuperCell just lost my 3 accounts. Good for them. Had a good run, been playing for about 5 years. Ran 2 different guilds, one with 50 members at one point. Watched both guilds die out until it was just my 3 left. It's been fun, farewell Clash and MBR. Thank you developers for all your help and hard work over the years. Kade out.
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    This is not good, you need to check your settings I think
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    https://www.clashofstats.com/rankings/players/attack-wins/global/all/1 Here is some hard botters I never reach this list
  43. 1 point
    How do you dream of using the bot 1 month later? 1. If they ban who continue to bot than you can never bot again 2. If they ban who bot in the past too than you can never bot again and probably you’ll loose your accounts 3. If they didn’t ban anyone maybe you could but there was already a ban wave and seems they’ll continue to try cleaning high leagues in the future too and you’ll continue to wait forever so it’s not possible either
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    Thanks, but I mean. Downvoting like that is ridiculous. They clearly aren't following the forum rules, so they should get their account suspended idk.
  45. -1 points
    You deadass feeling this cut, maybe we should both be banned then huh? You done it to me cause i called you out. You didn't like the fact I asked why are you botting on a game you don't like. We;ve been over this. grow up.
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    Already released. Check this post: https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/topic/30238-mybot-v778-release-working-with-june-2019-update/&tab=comments#comment-270087
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