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      Malicious and Banned Links   10/09/2016

      Please be careful of downloading ANY LINKS that are not originating from a MyBot.Run URL or another trusted URL (such as apkmirror.com, bluestacks, memu, xda-developers, etc).   We have banned ALL telegram links and other verified malicious links we have come across already. Users attempting to do this or get around this ban will be banned permanently.   Please report ANY suspicious links to MyBot Staff or pm me directly
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      MyBot.run V7.5.3 RELEASED!   06/14/2018

      MyBot.run continues the legacy again with release of V7.5.3!!   This release supports the June 2018 game update and has some new features hidden inside as well   Get your copy in thread below!!   Click here to get to the release thread MyBot.run v7.5 Release


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    MyBot.Run v7.5.3 Mod MyBot.Run v7.5.3 Light Version MyBot.Run v7.5.3 AIO ReMod با سلام، دو نسخه مد از آخرین نسخه ربات رو با شما به اشتراک میزارم، در حقیقت فقط قرار بود نسخه سبک (لایت) رو قرار بدم چون خودم هم از همین نسخه استفاده میکنم و فقط مدهایی رو ساپورت میکنه که کار با ربات رو کامل تر از AIO-ReMod۱ویا "AIO++" نسخه رسمی میکنه اما اگه کسی میخواد از نسخه کامل استفاده کنه میتونه یکی از نسخ مد ۱ به همراه AIO++اون استفاده کنه. نسخه فول که اینجا قرار دادم که تکلیفش مشخصه، پیکره بندی نسخه محبوب۱ تغییرات و چند مد دیگه. نسخه دوم یا نسخه سبک (لایت)، نسخه مد سبکی است که فقط چند مد مهم روباهاش مرج کردم. ۱ اگه نسخه سبک (لایت) با ساپورت مدهای زیر واستون کفایت میکنه، میتونین این رو استفاده کنین : ۱ و با یاد از دوستانی که در پیش بردن این مدها ربات رو قدرتمند تر و دوست داشتنی تر کردن : ۱ @MR.ViPeR @rulesss @kychera @demen @Roro-Titi @mhk2012 @NguyenAnhHD @Samkie امکانات و مدهای نسخه سبک (لایت) : ۱ نسخه فول هم که تمامی مدهای رو بصورت یکجا داره و کاملترین نسخه هستش Download: Mega.nz MBR v7.5.3 - Light Version vO.2 ۱: دانلود نسخه لایت Download: Mega.nz MBR v7.5.3 - AiO ReMODed vO.2 ۱: دانلود نسخه فول ا• • • مثل همیشه از "لایک" غافل نشین که خدا "غافل شوندگان" رو دوست نداره
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    Using troops in slots 11+ of the attack bar ==================== Update Slot11+ to original MBR_7.5.3 Download link: https://github.com/demen10/Mybot_Mod/archive/Slot11+.zip GitHub link for code view: https://github.com/demen10/Mybot_Mod/tree/Slot11+ ==================== Hi there, Attacking using CSV scripted algorithm may need many types of troops, spells. Hence, the attackbar on emulator screen seems too tight to contain all of those troops/spells with Clan castle, King, Queen, Warden and up to 2 CC Spells. Since the Bot is only using troops at slot #0 to slot #10, I cannot use my CC Spell for most of the time. I tried to make the Bot to be able to drag troop bar back & forth, and drop all troops in the attack. This also helps for other accounts to donate CC Spells to finish a game mission. The following content is outdate, so just hide it. Troops in slot 11+ are now ready to be deployed Video clips of how it works (sorry, this is recorded on screen of virtual pc so it is super laggy):
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    *** First of All *** Show Your Appreciation to Us: Click On ( or just get out of here ) . . . Thanks to All MyBot Team . . . Release: MyBot 7.5.3 S&E [r03] + FFC - Four fingers Classic SmartTrain ( with DEB ) QuickTrain ( With DEB ) Fast Click Donate ( while using QuickTrain ) CCO ( Check Collectors Outside ) This is All We Need Focus on a Stable Revision WARNING: - The use of "MultiFinger Attacks" appear very bot-like and can potentially result in a ban. Use at your own risk! Full Pack Executable available ( or use AutoIt to compile/run this fork ) *** Download and Play *** Support MyBot.run development and help towards running costs ! Donate to MyBot.Run Features ( It's a Work in Progress ) Changelog Config - ScreenShots Load Strategies: FFC, MultiFinger or GiBArchGobWalWizHogPekGolem TH10 - Log TH11 - Log DownLoad ( Revision 7.5.3.r03 ) Official Edition Based MyBot 7.5.x.r_xx ( Newest ) Enjoy it
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    Means it's against Microsoft/Windows tos because you have to modify/hack some windows files in order to make it work. It's not easy and any failure to complete correctly can harm the windows, so you will have to do it at your own risk. All you need is here: https://github.com/stascorp/rdpwrap/releases More info: https://github.com/stascorp/rdpwrap/blob/master/README.md The above workaround is easier way. You can try google and see how to find and replace termsrv.dll on windows 10. That's another workaround, but little bit harder to do. Once again, if you're confident in yourself, have a fun. Otherwise , you will have to use TeamViewer or AnyDesk instead of RDP ...
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    Purpose for created this mod just learn something new and i will only merge the features that i needed. MBR Mates Features: - CSV Deployment Speed by @mikemikemikecoc - Attack Now! button by @MR.ViPeR - Check Outside Collectors by @McSlither MOD by @TheRevenor - Multi Finger by @LunaEclipse - Four Finger Classic from DocOc mod and @ChacalGyn mod (remove because multi finger - standard four finger actually the same) - No League Search My Features: - Advanced Random Click - GetMyOcr base on lmgLoc (support for non latin derived alphabets read in cc request and etc. for cc request, you need create your own ocr image for your language.) - SamM0d Zap - Collectors near red line - SWIPE CSV script commad > swipe attack bar to right side so then can select troops or spells over slot11. Example: SWIPE |RIGHT |100 |300 |50 | | | | | swipe attack bar to right side, so can select troop or spell from slot11 above SWIPE |LEFT |100 |300 |50 | | | | | swipe attack bar back to left side, so can select troop from slot 1 LEFT = Swipe LEFT, so RIGHT = Swipe right 100 = Pixels Distance for swipe 1 troop slot around 73pixels, so if you want swipe 2 slots for select troop from slot 13, make 150 above 300 = delay for after swipe, after swipe the attack bar, the troop slot position will get drag over, let some delay then the attack bar will auto back to the correct position. 50 = click drag delay. - Friendly Challenge. Enable up on chat request:- Challenger can be request which base to challenge from your selected friendly challenge base lists. Challenger need enter correct keyword and the number behind it. Like: Friendly 5 bot will share your War base 2. Else, just random shared the base from your selected base lists. - Switch Google Account > perform Multi-farming(few account in 1 emulator) split for attack and donate and stay time for each account. (so far i only test on BS2 and MEmu2.8.6) > Switch Method: Google - this will switch inside the game at setting there. Shared_Prefs - this switch will switch account without going to game setting google account pages. If bot cannot get total account from your google account pages, this another solution for you. And your emulator need rooted. Also you need capture shared_prefs from emulator pull back to your profiles folder using Get Shared_Prefs button beside profiles setting there. Game Client - this perform switch between coc distributors. Like you got 1 google account and login to google coc client, and 1 vivo account login at vivo coc distributor, and another 1 account login at kunlun. 3 of this profiles you need setting your coc distributor at bot->android setting there. So bot will close game, switch profile, then start with the profile coc distributor are you setting. Only Google switch method you need specify the Google Account Slot for let switch. see tutorial below > Do Check village and profile after load. some safety check is that village and profile match. > Avoid switch, if troops getting ready within [Minute(s)]: - continue stay on the account until going to attack, after back from attack if still got army getting ready soon also will continue stay and going to attack again. > Enable smart wait for train. Login back when train time left second(s): - this only will activate when new loop start. > Force pre-train troops for attack type account before switch. - Always pre-train troops before switch. Please using Sam Mod Train to do pre-train, you will getting better result. Switch Account Tutorial. - Modify Unit and Wave Factor (Standard Attack, Multi Finger deploy speed.) > If you set 10 for unit and 10 for Wave still consider fast, then you can modify the factor setting here. > If you want more slow on deploy troop, increase the unit factor. > Like Barch for Multi Finger, after deploy all barbarians, will switch to select archers and start for deploy archers. So after finish deploy all barbarion, if you want more slow start deploy archers, then increase the wave factor. - Mod Train - My Troops and My Spells. (Powerful, Fully Customize what you need.) > With three composition setting. > Train troops and brew spells by order. > Can be disable pre-train troops for train and donate only. > Detect on queue troop, won't delete queue troop except if got any queue unit excess your setting, else just rebuild and add behind the queue. > Detect the first On Queue Troops type and quantity match your train order, recreate by order if still got troops on train, else just add behind the queue. > Can be delete excess troops or spells that already created, then re-build what is missing. > Can be early/always Pre-train troops and spells. > Can be pre-train split type of spell. pre-train the spell you confirm use with each attack. > Like you are TH9 and using CSV script for attack with 1x Jump, 1x Rage, then other you can make 2x Lightning for zap drill. > Then you can set brew 1x Jump, 1x Rage, 2x Lightning, pre-brew 1x Jump, 1x Rage. Not pre-brew Lightning cause you don't know when will using it. If you brew it will mess up after come back from attack. > Combo Train System > Use quick train to create full army, custom train setting for revamp donated troops. > If you don't mind the train order of troops, this the faster solution to create troops. > Remember your quick train army composition must same with custom train setting there. - My Clan Castle > Wait for clan castle troops and spells > Remove clan castle troops or spells if there are not your specify. - Donate Troops - Check donate keyword and space before open donate window, faster donate routine. - Auto Minimize Bot after bot start, Auto hide emulator after start. - drop trophy, wait for heroes, spell, and new wait for cc troops with strength setting. About Feature of Advanced Random Click - Randomize mostly click on bot. - Since Mybot is an open source program, if Supercell need make Psychic Octopus on MBR, Away Click(x1,y40) also is a high risk option for Supercell Psychic Octopus looking for, normally people won't click on that region. - Advanced Random Click will replace all Away Click to the region that we normally will tap. Also the Advanced Random Click will looking what to do, like if bot want away from Train Page, Advanced Random Click will replace Away Click(x1,y40) and click on the [X] button. Attention: If you want Debug Click, please turn off Advanced Random Click, or it won't display the click log that already process by Advanced Random Click AutoIt and Malware / Antivirus : https://www.autoitscript.com/wiki/AutoIt_and_Malware The bot is not a virus. It is made with a scripting language named AutoIt, which is sometimes used by people to create malware. This causes antivirus programs to mark ALL AutoIt programs as viruses, even if they don't harm your system. The AutoIt code of the bot is freely available; you can look through it and compile it yourself if you are worried. If the bot is detected by your antivirus software, add its folder to your antivirus exception list/whitelist and download the bot again. Full pack of files, you can use autoit v3 to make new compile exe file before start. MBR7.5.3 with SamM0d v1.4.4 RC6 - Click Here To Download - RC6 - Fixed army remove button coordinate. - RC5 - Fixed quick train tab coordinate if seige machine tab visible. - Additional option for request cc at mod clan castle section. You also can download latest beta from my Github page: https://github.com/Samkie/ Regards. P/S: I'm here and willing to shared my mod for who love or like it. If you face some problems regarding about the mod, just post at this topic and i will look at it when i'm free. DON'T ask me anything regarding mod setting on PM, some guy just PM me using team viewer to help him solve the problem, i wouldn't help any one through team viewer. If you like the mod just use it, if you don't just stick to official bot or other mod. Changelog Next update
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    Active developers: @[email protected] Based MyBot.run V7.5.3 Add CSV Special Commands by @MR.ViPeR Add CSV Deploy Speed by @Roro-Titi Add Goblin XP by @[email protected]@rulesss Add Double train army by @demen Add Skip Request CC by @demen Add Request CC Troops by @MMHK Add Classic Four Finger by @rulesss Add Forecast by @[email protected]@[email protected] Add NEW SUPERCELL ID Switch Account Method (Simple Click) by @AltuFaltu Add Multi farming - Running multiple Android emulator instances by @[email protected]@kychera Add Humanization by @Roro-Titi Add Stop For War by @demen Add Auto update camps(Test) by @[email protected] MyBot-MBR_v7.5.3_RK_MOD Change log
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    Thanks for the post, but you do understand this section is for official suggestions only? Since MyBot does not support double train, this should be posted in one of the mod topics with moder attention .. I will lock it for now unless you want us to merge it with mod topic. Thank you.
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    Hi my dear friend and sorry I'm late to reply as always coz I rarely come here. I check these two files by my antivirus app + virustotal and I saw no infected virus/malware. Anyway I regenerated another link and uploaded on Mega.nz, I assure you it's clean. some anti malware detect "MyBot.run.exe". if you don't like it, delete it and run the bot by script. Hi, It's fixed, try it ... سلام دوست من، لینک اصلاح شد. از نظر آلودگی نگران نباشین، من با اینکه از سیستم خودم مطمئنم، با اینحال فایل ها رو هم با آنتی ویروس خودم هم با آنتی ویروس آنلاین تست کردم و بعد از اطمینان مجدد روی یه سرور دیگه که دوستم پارسا پیشنهاد داد اپلود کردم
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    Just relocate your Th, to ensure the bot is able to tell you are Th11. Then in the Attack tab, check to tick it To ensure the bot will using it like he use your queen/king, CC, and spell. Regards, Solchael
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    ekran kartını güncellemenizi öneririm ve ram uygunsa regeditden forumdan veya netten bakarak bs nin ram ini yükseltebilirsin benim 4 gb ram var ama ben 500 mb verdim sıkıntı çıkarmadı bana
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    Take a look at the Guides area so you'll find lots of useful information, including yours. https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/forum/5-the-how-to-guides/ If you want to run each account in a separate Bot, read this: If you want Bot to run up to 8 accounts with Switch Feature.
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    Just by complementing, try using version or earlier.
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    Faça isso: Quando o Bot detectar essa tela, ele retornará sem problemas. Lembrando que o botão de relogar (dessa tela que você falou) tem que estar em Inglês. Se não tiver o Bot não retornará.
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    Check in "Attack plan" -> "Search and Attack" -> "Dead base" & "Live base" -> "Attack" on the left side of your screen you have an "Attack with tab", tick heroes and spells ;).Do it in Live base and dead base tabs. Regards, Solchael
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    Well, I got decently rushed ones since I can bot them level them up at sell them for higher. I bought mine from $10 - $25 usd
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    How to Switch Accounts Using Shared_Prefs Switch Guide for Dummies Hello Ladies and Gents Below i have made a quick guide on how to switch a accounts using shared preference. Hope this Help let me know if you guys have any issues thank you very much. Switch Accounts Using Shared_Prefs Switch Guide You may ask yourself what is Shared preference? Everything we do on an app goes through the purple shape, that’s where all data goes in and out. So, when we open clash of clans our account data gets loaded on to shared preference and thus far we made a switch by backing up that data and whatever account we want we insert the data into it. When we close and open the game again the account we wanted to load will open up without any errors. So, what we need to do is make sure first of all make a backup of shared preference using the bot which will show you a guide below. Step 1. Make sure All of your Accounts is loaded on to a single emulator, we will use that to back up our accounts, this only needs to be done once, ill also show where the accounts are saved then when you format pc or whatever you no longer need to enter your details ever again. We only have to do it now is because we never done this Step 2. load an Account you would like save the data. Step 3. Now the account is loaded open bot and heed over to Profile section. Hit Start and Your Ready to Go
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    This version of the script is not up to date so that's probably why, I'm still testing the updated version, but since I'm TH11 it takes a bit of time to upgrade my troops and I don't want to publish an untested version. If this bug still exists in the updated version which I will post as soon as I'm done testing then report it to the MyBot Devs since I haven't changed anything about the value readouts.
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    We're currently full sorry, but if you'd want to join our sister clan that's just starting up, be my guest!
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    If you encounter a case that one account attacks 3 time in a row, pls report.
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    DEV okcu kasıyorum duvarlar bitti kraliçe kral warden 58 56 25 şuan avcı ck lar x yayları VS bitti yani anlayacağınız ölü köy yok dediğiniz halde her türlü ganimet akıyor o yüzden artık ölü köy yok muhabbetini kapatıyorum beyler dileyenler csv kısmından kendine uygun bir csv araştırabilir Konu kilit
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    É impressão minha ou você está usando o Quicktrain? Se sim, sugiro usar o módulo de tropas do Bot, que sempre ele usará as exatas tropas/feitiços.
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    7.2.3 ist ja nicht mehr so ganz taufrisch, die kann eigentlich gar nicht laufen bei den ganzen Änderungen. Aktuell ist im Moment 7.5.3.
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    Hello mate, I'm interesting to download your light version but mediafire give me this error: Dangerous File Blocked The file you attempted to download was determined to be dangerous. For your protection, MediaFire does not enable distribution of dangerous files. Still have questions, or think we've made a mistake? Please contact support for further assistance. Any chance to have it, please? Thanks in advance. Best regards
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    Return home to grab healed heroes to join the attack Hi there, This is to second the suggestion of @darksider007 here: I found this is very much like how I manually play the game. While searching for attack but a hero is not ready (heal), I often return home after several "next" to see if he/she is ready, then pick her/him up and continue searching. With support from hero, loot will be obviously better. Here's my work based on original MBR 7.5.3. Hope you guys like it. Download link: https://github.com/demen10/Mybot_Mod/archive/GrabHealedHero.zip GitHub link: https://github.com/demen10/Mybot_Mod/tree/GrabHealedHero Have fun! P/S: There are not much work for this feature, you can follow the code change to add it to any Mybot version.
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    اینکه @Parsa_m1989 تعریف کنه برام ارزش داره ... دمت گرم
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    Thanks, the new revised file works great.
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    Pickup Healed Heroes will be part of 7.5.4. Thx for the code @demen Teaser:
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    Try this version, it merges Original 7.5.3 with Double Train, Skip Requesting CC and Grab Healed Hero. Download link: https://github.com/demen10/Mybot_Mod/archive/DT+CC+GrabHero.zip
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    Grab heroes when healed If you don't check "Wait for heroes to be ready" and the bot goes searching for targets but a hero is healed in 5 minutes, if the searching for targets takes longer than 5 minutes the bot should make a quick trip back in town, grab the healed hero, and resume searching. For the expected heal timing not to be wrong, computer clock might be better option than a timer that might be paused when you press pause bot to write in chat or attack in builder town etc.
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    In the first post, the author updated this information (See if it's useful for you): Dec Update: Bluestacks versions below v3.0 have known compatibility issues with latest Windows 10 and Windows Server 2017 OS updates. 2017 Windows 10 OS "creators" update that is finally being rolled out to most PC worldwide. This update force enables HyperV emulation, and this is not compatible with Bluestacks v1 or v2. Compatibility information is available on Microsoft or Bluestacks support web sites. If you disable the new HyperV setting in control panel (and prevent latest virtual desktop features from working), BS v2.5 can be used on some Windows 10 PC. If you can not disable HyperV emulation, then you need to use BS v3+ on Windows 10 2017. It is possible to force BS versions prior to V2.5 to run with 2017 Windows 10 creators update, but it requires several permanent changes to system registry and other system setting changes (not recommended for typical PC user or PC being used for more than farming).
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    You might want to change your password asap and stop using the bot