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    *** First of All *** Show Your Appreciation to Us: Click On ( or just get out of here ) . . . Thanks to All MyBot Team . . . Release: MyBot 7.6.6 Light [r03] + QuickTrain ( With DEB ) DoubleTrain ( for Siege Machines ) CCWT - Max LogOut Time ( back and play ) DRTRT - Don't retype text when request troops ( just once ) Use any siege reveived while in Attack Mode ( and option selected ) + BB Play ( Attack in Builder Base) This is All We Need Focus on a Stable Revision *** LOAD STRATEGIES *** The easy and fast way to create a fresh profile WARNING: - The use of "MultiFinger Attacks" appear very bot-like and can potentially result in a ban. Use at your own risk! Full Pack Executable available ( or use AutoIt to compile/run this fork ) *** Download and Play *** Support MyBot.run development and help towards running costs ! Donate to MyBot.Run Features ( It's a Work in Progress ) Changelog Config - ScreenShots Load Strategies: FFC, MultiFinger or GiBArchGobWalWizHogPekGolem TH10 - Log TH11 - Log DownLoad ( Revision 7.6.6 [r03] ) Official Edition Based MyBot 7.6.x.r_xx ( Newest ) Enjoy it
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    Released: MyBot 7.6.6 Light [r03] + QuickTrain ( With DEB ) DoubleTrain ( for Siege Machines ) CCWT - Max LogOut Time ( back and play ) DRTRT - Don't retype text when request troops ( just once ) Use any siege reveived while in Attack ( and any siege selected ) + BB Play ( Attack in Builder Base) DownLoad ( Revision 7.6.6 [r03] ) Official Edition Based MyBot 7.6.x.r_xx ( Newest ) Enjoy it Done
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    Best and faster way to be reported and banned. Enjoy the game at least in war and attack manually, if you are able. Regards PS.Really good job with your mod, mate. @ChacalGyn
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    Upcoming release, changes as of 2019-01-15 * Added Automatic Builder Base Troop Upgrades * Fixed Grand Warden Boosting when 7 Buttons exist * Fixed Auto Hero Upgrade Button not being found * Fixed BS2/BS3/BS4 adb connection issues, use dedicated adb daemon on free tcp port per instance * Fixed Cyrillic OCR * Fixed Extended Attackbar Slot Detection * Fixed infinite looping between home and builder base * Fixed bot running in a folder with umlauts * Fixed freeze in village search waiting for clouds to clear * Fixed command line help (parameter /? or /help) * Improved TH12 detection * Improved android zoomout * Improved bot first time detection * Improved timed heroes activation to 3 digit number, e.g. 150 sec. * Improved detection for SmartFarm and SmartZap * Improved zoom-out error handling restarting android on multiple failures Current bug status
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    Did you used your old profile? If so, check your request settings... especially, if "ice golem" is set.
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    You have to report it to Team ( Using Official version ) https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/forum/100-bug-reports-for-v7/ Regards
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    Hi, This Tutorial, will allow you to setup telegram easily and quickly. The telegram will allow you to remote control the bot or get notified from events happening in the game, right on your smartphone, wherever you are. Telegram is the Pushbullet alternative, and to get it to fully function just follow this simple steps Step 1: Click HERE and enter your valid phone number (don't worry as this wont bring you any spam like ads). Step 2: Enter in the login code that is sent to your phone. Step 3: Enter your information. Step 4: Click on Add contact and search for botfather Step 5: Click on START to start a chat with BotFather Step 6: Enter the /newbot command to get a bot from BotFather. Step 7: Enter a friendly name for the Bot where you can put whatever you like Step 8: Enter a bot reference name, but now it must end with "bot" or "_bot" Step 9: Copy the code under HTTP API Step 10: On Bot, under tab Village > Notify > Telegram configure the telegram with the following options: - Enable telegram : Activate the telegram module on bot - Remote Control : Activate the option to remote control your bot wherever you are - Token (Telegram) : Paste the HTTP API that you copied on step 9 - Check all notifications that you want to receive automatically, like when a builder is idle or there is a new bot update Sample Remote Control Screen from your smartphone Remote control commands samples Get Telegram for your smartphone Download Android Download App Store Translations Français Deutsch Italiano Русский Türkçe Bahasa Taiwan(繁) فارسي 简体中文 Stay tuned
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    Dec Update: Bluestacks versions below v3.0 have known compatibility issues with latest Windows 10 and Windows Server 2017 OS updates. 2017 Windows 10 OS "creators" update that is finally being rolled out to most PC worldwide. This update force enables HyperV emulation, and this is not compatible with Bluestacks v1 or v2. Compatibility information is available on Microsoft or Bluestacks support web sites. If you disable the new HyperV setting in control panel (and prevent latest virtual desktop features from working), BS v2.5 can be used on some Windows 10 PC. If you can not disable HyperV emulation, then you need to use BS v3+ on Windows 10 2017. It is possible to force BS versions prior to V2.5 to run with 2017 Windows 10 creators update, but it requires several permanent changes to system registry and other system setting changes (not recommended for typical PC user or PC being used for more than farming). Windows 7/8 users can continue to versions 0.10.7 unrooted, v2.2 and v2.5 described below. For all versions, SC game update sometimes require Google Play Store, Google Play Games, or Google Play Services updates to work properly.. Make sure you have latest versions in Play Store! Here are some notes on various Bluestacks versions for reference: -- BS v0.9.X - Not recommended Used by many community members. No reason to upgrade unless you have issues with Google Play Games and "Gamer ID". Has many reported problems with Google Play games and Google Play services auto app updates. These require you to remove/reinstall CoC app and Google Account with every major update. Since the October 2016 game update, this version now has issues randomly crashing game and returns to main BS home screen. -- BS v0.10.X - Recommended Windows 7/8 only >>> BS v0.10.7.5601 non-rooted Most older rooted BS versions crash since Oct 2016 update, but original version can be downloaded from FileHippo and is running fine for most community http://filehippo.com/download_bluestacks_app_player/64518/ Non-rooted version does require manual removal of free download games advertising. Just Disable 'App Sync' & 'My Bluestacks' Apps (Disable Option Is in AppInfo) To Remove Bluestacks Ads" or follow the instructions here > http://druss.co/2015/06/how-to-remove-bluestacks-ads-sponsored-apps-popup/ While BS is spamming older version BS users with messages to upgrade, and even forcing automatic updates to latest version; v0.10.7 is best emulator for running a single emulator on your PC. Fastest, lowest resources, and is heavily used by community with great success. Has had some minor issues with Google Play service updates not being applied properly and Google Play Games "Gamer ID" failing to operate. Unless you understand process for fixing app version compatibility issues, most problems with this version are solved with simple removal & installation, install latest Google Play Games, and the install latest CoC. -- BS v2.0.X - Not recommended for new installations >>> BS v2.0.2 rooted ALL versions of BS prior to latest v2.2 are being spammed with upgrade notices. Most stable version found by MBR community is v2.0.2. The rooted version available in our forums was created by a Russian user and has some minor language/keyboard settings that are easily to change, and it works well. Most of Google Play games updates experienced with v0.1.X are gone with this version. Requires more system resources and users of old Core Duo CPU report minor lag issues. A portion of community have reported that this rooted version has same CoC app crash as all v0.XX versions. -- BS v2.1X - Not Recommended for new installations ALL versions of BS prior to latest v2.2 are being spammed with upgrade notices. Most stable version with spam free download found by MBR community is v2.1.7. Some Win 10 users report lag issues with all 2.0.X versions is lower using v.2.1.X. I recommend you download spam free native BS installer for v2.1.7.5658 linked from XDA site: http://forum.xda-developers.com/wiki/BlueStacks_App_Player Look in table of BS versions for v2.1.7.5658 and it has a download link. Then use the instructions in this thread using BS Easy to create your own de-bloated & rooted BS: https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/topic/15318-tools-auto-root-any-bluestacks-remove-ads-08103096-to-2185663/ This process is not hard. But, There is no shame in admitting that creation of your own rooted version of BlueStacks is too complicated for you to accomplish. You can use any recommended version. Update: The newer v2.2+ versions of BS2 fix internal bugs with app compatibility, and bot has been taught how to better control them. -- BS v2.2.X+ - Most releases up through v2.5.XX have been tested to work better on Win7/8 systems - may not work for every hardware configuration. All version of BS after v2.1.8 included 2 different virtualization engines in program. They have legacy mode for older PC, and new virtualization engine that is using Oracle Virtual box technology used by some of newer emulators. New virtualization engine allows BS to have multiple apps open in separate tabs (in halt state when hidden - not useful for bot), and quickly switch between them. Development team has been in constant update mode trying to deal with v2.2+ BS and fact that is installs/behaves differently based on users hardware configuration. Many users of i3/i5 CPU prior to Gen 4 hardware are having issues with new virtualization support, and get errors such as BS is stuck trying to start up. One of our long time top contributors has posted rooted v2.2.27.6431 & rooted v2.4.43.6254 in this forum. So if your PC is less than 2-3 years old; one of these versions may work well for you. Note: It appears the newest versions of BS are now setting a default Android DPI of 240 in registry. The bot image detection is trained with standard DPI setting of 160 used on older versions. You need to check registry and edit/remove this new setting as discussed here. -- BS v2.5.X+ - Supported on Windows 7/8/10, Recommend v2.5.43 All recent versions of BS 2.5.x should work. A copy of BS v2.5.43.8001 rooted can be found here: https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/topic/23339-rooted-bluestacks-25438001/ MBR v6 had some issues controlling latest BS2 versions. Since V7 release these have been resolved and BS2.5 works well with bot. The v2.5.43 has fixed most of the installation issues on older PC where wrong virtualization mode was selected, and run well on older or resource limited PC. All above BlueStacks Versions: Will need to apply registry fix to stop BS phoning home and forcing auto update without your approval. https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/topic/19107-tool-remove-bluestacks-shared-folders-stop-spam-in-taskbar/ Just remember to run BS and add your Google ID after installation AND before applying the reg file to make sure BS initializes correctly first. If you modify the registry values before BS is fully installed, it will get stuck forever at blue loading screen and you must reinstall. -- BS v3.X+ - Supported (actually based on BS v2.10.X) BS v3.X version seems to be based on BS v2.10.X and does work. Though, DPI must be validated and manually set in Windows Registry to 160. See HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\BlueStacks\Guests\Android\BootParameters and find the DPI=xxx value and change xxx to 160. Full reboot with HD-Quit.exe required! Also, the Launcher is missing - so just install Nova Launcher using "ADB install" on the downloaded APK and all is good. Existing manual ads removal doesn't seem to work - for me this one did: 1. Launch adb shell using HD-Adb.exe or adb.exe 2. Within shell call /system/xbin/bstk/su 3. Then call pm block com.uncube.account Having Problem choosing which version? Read this thread: What is best emulator? Best Luck.
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    Only reporting, this area only Junior Member or higher can create a topic. Any questions about Rank, please read:
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    https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/forum/10-help-support/ https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/forum/9-bot-suggestions/ Use Official MyBot and reporto to Team pls https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/forum/100-bug-reports-for-v7/ I can only support MOD resources: QuickTrain ( With DEB ) DoubleTrain ( for Siege Machines ) CCWT - Max LogOut Time ( back and play ) DRTRT - Don't retype text when request troops ( just once ) Use any siege reveived while in Attack ( and any siege selected ) BB Play ( Attack in Builder Base) Regards
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    Custom train + double train army + set train order to train the donated troops first + donate queued troop only.
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    Read or search before you asking for help.
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    Guys... I would recommend using Shared_prefs for switching accounts. Much easier. https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/topic/33402-how-to-switch-accounts-using-shared_prefs-switch-guide/
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    محل خالی شدن نیرو ها هست برای اینکه بهترین حالت اتفاق بیفته گذینه زیر را انتخاب کنید External Edges تا نیروها در لبه مرزی کامل خالی شود و ارورهای اسکریپت رفع بشه در مورد تعداد به تعداد مکس نیروها توجه کنید میتونید تعدادی کمتر از تعداد تان 12 قرار دهید مهم نیست تعداد شما چقدر هست.فقط نباید از تعداد کل بیشتر باشد شاد باشید
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    It's normal during the searches to use more CPU processing. But it is difficult to discuss without knowing your CPU specifications.
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    You have to use iTools or older. Topic moved to Emulator Support.
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    Did you try 2.5.43? Many who use simple VPS use this version. 2.5.43 Download: https://mega.nz/#!zBJzybjD!vD1UiBWmns72n8UP8H9lWuKbF-5Co5lBOpWunCcTeIY
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    Ich mach giarch angriffe ( also ohne barbaren, nur riesen und bogies) mit smartzap. Guck oben mal meinen log an. Auch Bitte wie schnell ne death base gefunden wird . Bin da in der pokalregion 1600 bis 1700. Ich War auch schon höher, da kam aber net so viel rum wie bei dieser Einstellung. Es farmen bei mir 6 verschiedene account. 3 davon sind rh12 mit max riesen und max bogies und sehr guten Helden. Die anderen base sind auch rh12 und rh11, haben aber viel schlechtere helden. Das fällt bei dieser Art angriff aber fast net ins Gewicht. Sieht man ja auch an dem log.
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    Merhaba arkadaşlar, benim yeni modifiye etdiğim "LavaLoonion" saldırısı daha çok "İnsancıl Saldırıya" benzetdim. CSV skriptin kullanılması hakkında bazı bilgiler: *csv skript dosyasını "\MyBot\CSV\Attack" klasörüne atınız Gerekli birliklerin ve büyülerin "CSV Script Tab" sekmesinde tıkılı vaziyyetde olduğunu unutmayınız , Ayrıca: "Kahramanları bekle" , sekmesini seç ve "Klan büyleri için bekle" Tıklama için "External Edges" seçin ! Eğit: 30 Balon, 20 Dalkavuk veya 12 Büyücü Büyüler: 3 Öfke KK içerisinde: Balonlar Eğit: 2 Lav Tazı, 24 Balon, 20 Dalkavuk Büyüler: 3 Öfke, 1 Hız KK içerisinde: 1 Hız ve Balonlar Eğit: 3 Lav Tazı, 22 Balon, 20 Dalkavuk Büyüler: 4 Öfke, 3 Hız KK içerisinde: 1 Hız ve Balonlar Eğit: 3 Lav Tazı, 26 Balon, 20 Dalkavuk Büyüler: 4 Öfke, 3 Hız KK içerisinde: Öfke ve Balonlar Eğit: 4 Lav Tazı, 24 Balon, 20 Dalkavuk Büyüler: 4 Öfke, 3 Hız KK içerisinde: Öfke ve Balonlar Skript "External Edges" -de çalışıyor. Arama Ayarları: Başlanğıcda A = 100'000 |A+İ= 250'000 |A+İ = 0 İ= 400'000 | Şampion 2-den sonra |Titan 1-den sonra Kupa Aralığı = 15-99 |Kupa Aralığı = 15-99 |Kupa Aralığı = 10-99 Max KB TH 9 = TH 10 Efsane Lig İçin Max Köy Binasını TH 10 seçmeğinizi öneririm.. Max TH for TH 10 check to = TH 10 Efsane Lig İçin Max Köy Binasını TH 10 seçmeğinizi öneririm.. Max TH for TH 11 check to = TH 11 Eğer Birlik Seviyyeleriniz Max ise, Bu sekmeyi seçmeğe ihtiyaç yoktur Efsane Lig İçin Max Köy Binasını TH 10 seçmeğinizi öneririm.. Değişiklik günlüğü: v6.4.1 için Saldırı Videosu eklenecekdir. İndirme Linki: [ TH 7-8 için ] v1.6 Loonion for [TH 7-8] by Z E C K [ TH 9-10-11 için ] v6.4.2 Undefeatable LavaLoonion [TH9-12] by Z E C K Keyfini Çıkarın ! Eğer Teşekkür etmek isterseniz, lütfen kalb düğmesine basın Ayrıca kupa kasmak için bir klana ihtiyaç duyuyorsanız, klanıma buyura bilirsiniz:
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    Thanks for the update, now it works great. Can you please add check warden mode too. after attacking CW or Clan League, every time I forget to set the warden to the other mode for the bot. It will be great. Thanks for your hard work.
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    MyBot-MBR_v7.6.5\Profiles\Profil İsmi\config.ini bu dizini izleyerek config iniyi not defteriyle açın "emulator=" yazan kısma BlueStacks yazın bs ile çalışacaktır bot
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    Bot Hakkında Bilmeniz Gerekenler(Resimli Anlatım) Merhaba arkadaşlar sizlere botta bulunan özellikleri ve kullanımı hakkında birkaç resim hazırladım.Umarım bundan sonraki zamanlarda botu daha verimli kullanabilirsiniz. Sizden ricam bu konuyu okumadan diğer bot konularına geçmeyiniz. Günlük sekmesi Köy-Çeşitli sekmesi Köy-İstek ve bağış-Birlik isteği sekmesi Köy-İstek ve bağış-Birlik bağışı sekmesi Köy-İstek ve bağış-Bağış zamanlaması sekmesi Köy-yükseltme sekmeleri(labaratuvar,kahramanlar,binalar,duvarlar) Köy-Kırılamaz modu sekmesi -3 sarı yıldızın yanındaki ganimet miktarının altına düştüğünüzde ise saldırıya giderek tekrar ganimet toplar. Saldırı planı-Birlik/büyü/hızlandırma seçenekleri-Troops/spells sekmesi -Smartzap kullanıyorsanız Büyü sayınızı mutlaka doğru girmelisiniz.(ör:11 büyü kapasitesi 5 yıldırım) -Ordu kapasitenizi doğru girmezseniz hiçbir zaman ordu dolu görünmeyeceği için bot savaşa gitmez. -Quick train kullanırsanız bağış yaparken daha yavaş bağış yapacaktır. Saldırı planı-Birlik/büyü/hızlandırma seçenekleri-options sekmesi Saldırı planı-arama ve saldırı-Ölü köy-arama sekmesi Saldırı planı-arama ve saldırı-Ölü köy-saldırı sekmesi -Csv script:sabit saldırı şekli demektir ve kullanılan csv içerisinde yazan nasıl hazırladıysa her savaşta orduyu aynı şekilde bırakır. -Her csv ayrı asker türlerini ve büyüleri kullanır.o csv nin içinde olmayan askerler üreterek savaşa sokmaya çalışırsanız savaşta askerleri bırakmayacaktır veya büyüleri.O yüzden csv yi seçtiğinizde altında yazan açıklamalara bakarak askerlerinizi belirleyiniz.Eğer altındaki açıklama yeterli değilse forumda csv ismini aratarak ilgili csv nin konusundan asker ve büyülere bakabilirsiniz. Saldırı planı-arama ve saldırı-ayarlar-arama sekmesi Saldırı planı-arama ve saldırı-ayarlar-Kupa ayarları sekmesi Saldırı planı-stratejiler sekmesi Bot-Özelleştir sekmesi -Kişisel molada kapatmaya zorla özelliği clash of clansın belirlediği kalkansız kalma süresinin sonunda oyundan çıkarak 16 dk beklemesini sağlar böylece kişisel mola süresi uzamadan bot tekrar dönüp ganimet kasabilir.(kişisel mola verildiğinde oyuna girişolursa her seferinde daha da uzayacaktır o süre) Smartzap sekmesi -Eğer köy bşnanızı tespit edemediyse bot smartzap çalışmaz.Böyle bir durumda köy düzenini değiştirerek köy binanızı daha merkezi ve açık bir konuma alın çeşitli sekmesinden bina ayarlarını sıfırlayın ve tekrar botu başlatıp binaları tespit etmesini sağlayın. Teşekkür Etmek İçin Sağ Alt Köşedeki Kalp İşaretini Kullanabilirsiniz Not:uygun Görüldükçe konu güncellenecektir. saygılarımla
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    I'll be closing the topic due to inactivity. If you want to update, just tag me.
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    اموزش ساخت مد برای روبات