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      Malicious and Banned Links   10/09/2016

      Please be careful of downloading ANY LINKS that are not originating from a MyBot.Run URL or another trusted URL (such as apkmirror.com, bluestacks, memu, xda-developers, etc).   We have banned ALL telegram links and other verified malicious links we have come across already. Users attempting to do this or get around this ban will be banned permanently.   Please report ANY suspicious links to MyBot Staff or pm me directly
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      MyBot.run V7.6.4 RELEASED!   10/25/2018

      MyBot.run continues the legacy again with release of V7.6.4!!   This release supports the June 2018 game update and has some new features hidden inside as well   Get your copy in thread below!!   Click here to get to the release thread MyBot.run v7.6.4 Release


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    Simbios Team: Developers: @rulesss @ahsan iqbal @Fahid.Mahmood @Óðinn Beta Testers: @mantaka @SirSlurp @WhitePony @GBNutzer @ZerGo0 @turbomalum @Randall Forte22 @[email protected] E U S Based MBR 7.6.4 Add Smart Train by @demen Add Max logout time @mandryd Add Check Warden Mode by @MantasM Add CSV Special Commands by @MR.ViPeR Add CheckVersion Add Multi Finger by @LunaEclipse Add Unit/Wave Factor by @Samkie Add Classic Four Finger by @mhazwankamal @rulesss Add Boost for Magic Spell by @rulesss @demen @BOLUDOZ Add Upgrade Management by @MMHK @TheRevenor Add Wall/Building Upgrading Priority by @Óðinn Add Skip receive/request CC if limit is higher by @ahsan iqbal Add Attack priority by @ahsan iqbal Add Priority System by @Óðinn Add Check Collector Outside by @McSlither @TheRevenor @Samkie Add Russian Request by @kychera Add Request troops for defense @demen Add Return Home by Time by @rulesss Add Builder Time Status by @demen Add Request CC First by @MMHK Add Check Hero Boost Time @ahsan iqbal Add Goblin XP by @MR.ViPeR @ProMac @rulesss Add Forecast by @AwesomeGamer @rulesss @kychera @moebius14 Add Humanization by @Roro-Titi Add Switch Profiles by @TheRevenor Add NEW ChatBot by @rulesss @[email protected] @BOLUDOZ Add Smart Queue System by @ahsan iqbal Add One Gem Boost by @ahsan iqbal Add Check Stop For War by @demen Add GTFO by @[email protected] Add Drop Trophies in Builders Base @ChacalGyn Add Change Theme @Raif Add Lab Level detection by @Óðinn Add NEW Logo by @Z E U S Add Drag And Drop Troops by @ahsan iqbal Auto Dock, Hide Emulator & Bot Added by @Fahid.Mahmood @NguyenAnhHD Farm Schedule by @demen Enable & Disable GUI on pause and resume by @Óðinn Drop Empty Siege Machine Mod by @Fahid.Mahmood Solution Credit @SpartanUBPT Builder Base Remove Obstacles by @Fahid.Mahmood Don't retype text when request troops (just once) by @ChacalGyn Boost Seige Machines by @Fahid.Mahmood MyBot-MBR_7.6.4_Simbios_MOD Simbios Discord: https://discord.gg/GuC2qWc Changelog
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    Sorry I tray smartfam it’s fantastic i love it thanks
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    Builder Base Remove Obstacles Hi There, This is my first MOD. I am Fahid Mahmood from @Simbios MOD Team. I just joined @Simbios team two months ago(Thanks to @rulesss for invitation otherwise i would have been just a simple MyBot user). I was working most of the time with team on the fixes to make our MOD one of the best in the community so now got free and made this MOD. Tired of clicking all over the base to remove obstacles of Builder Base? Well, those days are behind you. I just created a mod which can do just the thing! Most challenging part was to detect correct obstacles place as you guys knows Builder Base has night theme and it's out side village tress looks same.I hope it'll come in handy to the most of you out there. This is created based on MyBot v7.6.3, but I hope it'll work for other versions and maybe even future versions! P.S: This will be in @Simbios MOD v1.3 Release I hope you guys will appreciate my work which will motivate to do more work may be Builder Base CSV attack? Who knows How it Works? It will Discard Mismatches of outside Builder base Village Download link: https://gitlab.com/mmajid/Mybot_Mod/-/archive/master/Mybot_Mod-master.zip GitLab link for code view: https://gitlab.com/mmajid/Mybot_Mod/commit/fa470e5cf841ae7b5411d53aea6b18825b819b22 All are welcome to Use this MOD don’t forget to give credit
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    Merhaba arkadaşlar, benim yeni modifiye etdiğim "LavaLoonion" saldırısı daha çok "İnsancıl Saldırıya" benzetdim. CSV skriptin kullanılması hakkında bazı bilgiler: *csv skript dosyasını "\MyBot\CSV\Attack" klasörüne atınız Gerekli birliklerin ve büyülerin "CSV Script Tab" sekmesinde tıkılı vaziyyetde olduğunu unutmayınız , Ayrıca: "Kahramanları bekle" , sekmesini seç ve "Klan büyleri için bekle" Tıklama için "External Edges" seçin ! Eğit: 30 Balon, 20 Dalkavuk veya 12 Büyücü Büyüler: 3 Öfke KK içerisinde: Balonlar Eğit: 2 Lav Tazı, 24 Balon, 20 Dalkavuk Büyüler: 3 Öfke, 1 Hız KK içerisinde: 1 Hız ve Balonlar Eğit: 3 Lav Tazı, 22 Balon, 20 Dalkavuk Büyüler: 4 Öfke, 3 Hız KK içerisinde: 1 Hız ve Balonlar Eğit: 3 Lav Tazı, 26 Balon, 20 Dalkavuk Büyüler: 4 Öfke, 3 Hız KK içerisinde: Öfke ve Balonlar Eğit: 4 Lav Tazı, 24 Balon, 20 Dalkavuk Büyüler: 4 Öfke, 3 Hız KK içerisinde: Öfke ve Balonlar Skript "External Edges" -de çalışıyor. Arama Ayarları: Başlanğıcda A = 100'000 |A+İ= 250'000 |A+İ = 0 İ= 400'000 | Şampion 2-den sonra |Titan 1-den sonra Kupa Aralığı = 15-99 |Kupa Aralığı = 15-99 |Kupa Aralığı = 10-99 Max KB TH 9 = TH 10 Efsane Lig İçin Max Köy Binasını TH 10 seçmeğinizi öneririm.. Max TH for TH 10 check to = TH 10 Efsane Lig İçin Max Köy Binasını TH 10 seçmeğinizi öneririm.. Max TH for TH 11 check to = TH 11 Eğer Birlik Seviyyeleriniz Max ise, Bu sekmeyi seçmeğe ihtiyaç yoktur Efsane Lig İçin Max Köy Binasını TH 10 seçmeğinizi öneririm.. Değişiklik günlüğü: v6.4.1 için Saldırı Videosu eklenecekdir. İndirme Linki: [ TH 7-8 için ] v1.6 Loonion for [TH 7-8] by Z E C K [ TH 9-10-11 için ] v6.4.2 Undefeatable LavaLoonion [TH9-12] by Z E C K Keyfini Çıkarın ! Eğer Teşekkür etmek isterseniz, lütfen kalb düğmesine basın Ayrıca kupa kasmak için bir klana ihtiyaç duyuyorsanız, klanıma buyura bilirsiniz:
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    Merhaba, bu CSV savaş skripti Kupa Kasmak ve Farming için oluşturdum. Bazı bot sitelerinde bu savaş skriptin popüler olduğunu gördüm ve düşündüm ki, bizim forumda niyede olmasın CSV skriptin kullanılması hakkında bazı bilgiler: *csv skript dosyasını "\MyBot\CSV\Attack" klasörüne atınız Gerekli birliklerin ve büyülerin "CSV Script Tab" sekmesinde tıkılı vaziyyetde olduğunu unutmayınız , Ayrıca: "Kahramanları bekle" , sekmesini seç ve "Klan büyleri için bekle" Tıklama için "External Edges" seçin ! Eğit: 1 Lav Tazı, 13 Bebek Ejderha, 12 Balon Büyüler: 4 Öfke, 1 Hız KK içerisinde: Hız ve Balonlar Eğit: 1 Lav Tazı, 15 Bebek Ejderha, Geriye Kalan Balonlar Büyüler: 4 Öfke, 1 Klon KK içerisinde: Öfke ve Balonlar Arama Ayarları Başlanğıçta: A = 100'000 |Şampion 1' den sonra |Tian 1' den sonra İ = 400'000 |A+İ = 250'000 |G+E = 0 Kupa Aralığı = 15-99 |Kupa Aralığı = 12-99 |Kupa Aralığı = 10-99 KB 9 İçin Max KB seç = KB 9 Eğer birliklerin ve büyülerin max seviyyedeyse KB 10 seç KB 10 İçin Max KB seç = KB 10 Eğer birliklerin ve büyülerin max seviyyedeyse KB 11 seç KB 11 İçin Max KB seç = KB 11 Eğer birliklerin ve büyülerin max seviyyedeyse MAX KB seçmeğe gerek yok KB 12 İçin Max KB seç = KB 11 Eğer birliklerin ve büyülerin max seviyyedeyse MAX KB seçmeğe gerek yok V5.2 için saldırı videosu Değişiklikler Günlüğü: İndirme Linki: KB [ 9-10-11-12 ] v6.1 BabyLavaLoon SuperFLY Edition [TH 9-10-11-12] by Z E C K Keyfini Çıkarın ! Eğer Teşekkür etmek isterseniz, lütfen kalb düğmesine basın Ayrıca kupa kasmak için bir klana ihtiyaç duyuyorsanız, klanıma buyura bilirsiniz:
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    In deinem Fall würde ich mit GiArch mit Wallbreaker-Unterstützung arbeiten. Nur tote Basen... und SmartFarm. Gewinnen oder Verlieren ist doch erstmal egal, hauptsache, die ressis stimmen, und du nicht zu weit absackst bei den Pokalen. Außer vielleicht, du bist zu hoch mit deinen Pokalen.
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    идешь на фарме потом находит базу и нажимаешь пауза. В кв идешь и нажимаешь продолжить ))) посоветуй пжл хороший скрипт для сноса фул 12
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    *** First of All *** Show Your Appreciation to Us: Click On ( or just get out of here ) . . . Thanks to All MyBot Team . . . Release: MyBot 7.6.4 Light [r02] + BB Play ( Attack in Builder Base) QuickTrain ( With DEB ) DRTRT - Don't retype text when request troops ( just once ) This is All We Need Focus on a Stable Revision *** LOAD STRATEGIES *** The easy and fast way to create a fresh profile WARNING: - The use of "MultiFinger Attacks" appear very bot-like and can potentially result in a ban. Use at your own risk! Full Pack Executable available ( or use AutoIt to compile/run this fork ) *** Download and Play *** Support MyBot.run development and help towards running costs ! Donate to MyBot.Run Features ( It's a Work in Progress ) Changelog Config - ScreenShots Load Strategies: FFC, MultiFinger or GiBArchGobWalWizHogPekGolem TH10 - Log TH11 - Log DownLoad ( Revision 7.6.4 [r02] ) Official Edition Based MyBot 7.6.x.r_xx ( Newest ) Enjoy it
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    Desculpe a demora, eu não logo mais no forum e eu já pedi para ser retirado da moderação, porém, vi que ninguém respondeu, espero que ja tenha conseguido arranjar a solução, mas se você ler ATENTAMENTE as logs, é notável que aparece Total spell Factory Capacity 10/11 Qual o erro? Você colocou que a capacidade dos feitiços é de 11 feitiços, realmente está é a capacidade do seu CV, porém você colocou para fazer apenas 10 feitiços, no caso 5 relâmpagos, e está faltando 1, então como nunca terá 11 o bot nunca vai atacar, pois está faltando 1 espaço de feitiço, mude a capacitade de feitiços para 10. Creio que seja isso... Então tente colocar +1 terremoto para ser fabricado ou mude para 10 feitiços na capacidade de feitiços e veja se resolveu o problema.
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    Modlu sürümlerde iü saldırısı mevcut
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    In den Clans ist leider nicht mehr viel los. Meldet euch mal in dem Thread mit der Überschrift [LVL11 | LVL8 | LVL5] TH9-12 | LAVALOON - Trophy & Farm Clan - SILENT&DISCRET EDIT: Yes Post #200
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    please manual update your config file in profile folder
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    سلام برای مشکل اولت این فایل رجیستری دانلود کن و اجرا کن بعدش کامپیوترو ریست کن https://mybot.run/forums/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=6853 برای مشکل دومت بیشتر مواقع از تایم اوت اینترنت ایران هست ک اینجور میشه از قسمت تنظیمات بلواستکس قسمت اپ رو انتخاب کن بعد کلش رو انتخاب کن یعد کلیر دیتا رو بزن دوباره کلشو اجرا کن و جیمیلتو بهش بده ولی خطای سوم من اطلاعاتی ندارم در موردش موفق باشی
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    6 seviye klan | 42/50 | aktif bağış yapan bot kullananlar için Klanda aktif bot kullanıp devamlı bağış yapılmakta ayrıca tüm etkinlikler yapılmaktadır. Gelmek isteyen kişinin isteğine bağlı savaşa alınır. Savaşlar aralıksız yapılmakta. Katılmak isteyen arkadaşlar 506 814 1510 WhatsApp ile iletişim kurabilir.
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    It's a copy from official MyBot ( when mbr support it the reply will be yes ) Regards
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    since the emulators are very processor sensitive I cannot recommend a Celeron... I am using a i7 8-core proc and 4 instances are running at almost 100% so better forget about the configuration above
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    Var dostum, detaylarına bakabilirsin, MyBot Klasörü\Profiles\ProfilAdı\config.ini bu dosyayı aç, 'emulator=' kısmında Bluestacks kullanmak istiyorsan BlueStacks, memu kullanmak istiyorsan MEmu yazabilirsin
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    How to Switch Accounts Using Shared_Prefs Switch Guide for Dummies Hello Ladies and Gents Below i have made a quick guide on how to switch a accounts using shared preference. Hope this Help let me know if you guys have any issues thank you very much. Switch Accounts Using Shared_Prefs Switch Guide You may ask yourself what is Shared preference? Everything we do on an app goes through the purple shape, that’s where all data goes in and out. So, when we open clash of clans our account data gets loaded on to shared preference and thus far we made a switch by backing up that data and whatever account we want we insert the data into it. When we close and open the game again the account we wanted to load will open up without any errors. So, what we need to do is make sure first of all make a backup of shared preference using the bot which will show you a guide below. Step 1. Make sure All of your Accounts is loaded on to a single emulator, we will use that to back up our accounts, this only needs to be done once, ill also show where the accounts are saved then when you format pc or whatever you no longer need to enter your details ever again. We only have to do it now is because we never done this Step 2. load an Account you would like save the data. Step 3. Now the account is loaded open bot and heed over to Profile section. Hit Start and Your Ready to Go
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    1st question ans:U need to check these options if u want to use empty siege machine 2nd question ans:U need to define value greater then 0 and less then your trophies. set it to 1
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    Und dran denken, im Android die Sprache auf englisch zu stellen, sonst kann es passieren, das der Bot mal auf dem Auswahlscreen hängen bleibt, wo du auswählst, ob du mit oder SC-ID einloggen willst.
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    If you currently have 3000 trophies... Then set the BB-trophy-dropping to 2800 ( lower than corrently ) For sure, I will make it Smart when I have free time. Regards Please, If possible report it on forum bug section ( using official release ) https://mybot.run/forums/index.php?/forum/100-bug-reports-for-v7/ Regards I like ffc too. But will not support it anymore. Regards
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    'Clash of Clans' Yüklenemiyor (Hata Kodu: -16) ÇÖZÜMÜ Merhaba arkadaşlar Bu konuda Clash of Clansı -16 hata kodu ile yükleyemediğiniz/güncelleyemediğiniz durumu nasıl aşacağınızı anlatacağım Hatamızın screenshotu bu: https://prnt.sc/lfdd24 Peki nasıl çözeceğiz? Aşağıda linklerini vereceğim alternatiflerden birinden clash of clansı indirin, yükleme işlemi yapabilmeniz için inen dosya üzerinde sağ tık>birlikte aç>Bluestacks Apk Handler Seçin, Eğer Apk Handler yoksa varsayılan programı seç kısmından Apk Handleı seçebilirsiniz Linkler; İndirdiğiniz dosya .APK uzantılı olmalı, eğer adblocker vb bir program kullanmıyorsanız alternatif siteler size kendi .exe dosyalarını indirtebilir, KULLANIMDAN ÖNCE DİKKATLİ OLUN
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    If he is banned.. his account will be deleted and his account will be undetected. When I read your replies above.. it looks like u lie very often.
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    Hey, im also TH6 and running fine with Gibarch. Just train 7-8 Giants Rest Archer and Babarians. As Attack strategy use Smartfarm, its perfect. Cheers
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    What version of emulator are you using !? You could try to download the ClashOfClans.apk from a website and import that to your emulator, then install it. Could be a try worth, otherwise you need to Reinstall your Emulator. Cheers
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    Dostum botun zaten türkçe desteği var, ana menü>Bot>Arayüz Dili(sende muhtemelen language yazıyordur)>Türkçe http://prntscr.com/led6oa
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    Şu konu ile balon konusunun üst üste olması gerçekten ironik,
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    Here's a quick and dirty guide on how to run your bots 24/7 using Google Compute Engine (GCE). Google Cloud is giving free trial worth $300 credits to be used within 60 days. Part 0: Some prerequisites: Google account. Valid credit card. (USD$1 will be charged for validation purposes.) Part 1: Here are the registration steps: Go to https://cloud.google.com/compute/ Click on the "Free Trial" blue button. Login using your google account. Fill in the form and give your credit card info. Once you are done, you can start to create a 'project'. Part 2: Here are the steps to create a new VM: In your project, select 'Compute'->'Compute engine'->'VM instances' section in the left pane. Click on the blue 'New Instance' to create a new VM. In the 'create a new instance' section, fill in and select the following: a. Name - put in any name you desire. b. Zone - select default - 'us-central1-c' (Note: other zones cost more credits!) c. Machine type - select n1-highcpu-2 (2 vcpus, 1.8 GB memory) (Note: this is sufficient to run the bot smoothly. Other options are overkill and also cost more credits!) d. Image - select 'windows-server2012-r2-dc-v20150331' e. Username - any name you desire (do not use the same machine name as in step a! Failure to do so will not allow you to login to your server.) f. Password - Click on 'create or reset Windows password' button in the console.Use the password to login to your Windows 2012 machine and then change to the password you desire. g. External IP - select default - 'Ephemeral' h. Click on 'create' once you are ready. Part 3: Here are the steps to login and setup your VM: Click on your new VM to view the profile page. Click on 'Download the RDP' file to help you connect. Save the file into your PC desktop. Check the status of your VM creation via the Serial Console -> View output. Scroll all the way down to view this message. Please be patient as it may it up to 5-10mins for VM creation to complete: You can now start a RDP session into your VM using the downloaded file. Once you are remotely in your new 'Windows server 2012 R2', do the following steps: a. Go to the Server Manager window, select Local Server on the left menu and then disable the following: Windows Firewall Windows Update IE Enhanced Security Configuration b. Go to the Power Options to select Turn off Display to Never. You are now ready to transfer Bluestacks/AutoIt/MyBot files into the server. I use Teamviewer FTP function to do this transfer. ***Important - Install the latest version of Bluestacks available here: https://gamebot.org/forums/thread-2686.html Part 4: Final steps for running the bot without interruptions when logging out of RDP: For some strange reason, when you log-out of RDP, the bot stops running. A workaround to prevent this is to have a 'RDP over RDP' session. You can create an additional user ID in your server to do this. It should be something like this: Detailed steps: From your own desktop, login to your server via RDP using original 'user1' credentials. In the remote server logging in as 'user1' - install and run your bot. In the remote server logging in as 'user1' - create a new user - 'user2'. Disconnect your RDP session logging in as 'user1'. From your own desktop, re-connect your RDP session to your remote server - but this time login using 'user2'. Once you are in your remote server logging in as 'user2', you should see an 'empty' desktop without any bot running. 7. In the remote server logging in as 'user2', create a new RDP profile with Computer - and User name: user In the remote server logging in as 'user2', you should see your bot running in the RDP session[user1] within your RDP session[user2]. From now on, on your own desktop, just use the RDP profile you have created in step 5 to check your bot. The steps above is for running a single bot in a single VM. What if you are running 'multiple' bots in 'multiple' VMs? Part 5: Monitoring your bot: On your PC/laptop: Use default RDC. On your Android/IOS devices: Download Microsoft 'RD Client' app. Part 6: How long can my bot run with free $300 credits? You can use the pricing calculator (https://cloud.google.com/products/calculator/) to estimate how long can your $300 credit last. If you have 2 or more VMs running 24/7, your $300 will not last a full 60 days. Below is a sample calculation for running 2 VM instances type n1-highcpu-2: Estimated cost is ~$200/month. With $300 free credits, 2VMs running 24/7 can last ~45days.
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    On many laptops a dedicated graphic card got disabled, when power is unplugged. So it is possible, that you cant run most emulators with just processor intern graphics. BS 0.1 could probably run, or maybe a driver update for intern graphics fixes this.
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    i know how to recompile. and i can modify with notepad++. okay i got it work. i just added a few lines to the drop Trophy file. If any one else is interested this is what you have to do to drop trophy using balloons. Go to. MyBot-MBR_v7.6.2>COCBot>functions>Village and open the file 'Drop Trophy.au3' using notepad++. Go to line 270 and add the following lines. "Case $g_avAttackTroops[0][0] = $eBall Click($aRandomEdge[$iRandomXY][0], $aRandomEdge[$iRandomXY][1], 1, 0, "#0187") ;Drop one troop $g_aiCurrentTroops[$eTroopBalloon] += 1 SetLog("Deploying 1 Balloon", $COLOR_INFO) " recompile and start bot.
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    3.56.74 Download: https://mega.nz/#!yRozxZBJ!FGE9y8S3bvWQkqhOFnGGu93Eoj_iFUNKlTnkHmxlHkI =========================================================================================== 3.56.73 Download: https://mega.nz/#!2QJXDCKD!fNr7orxOnk_IGfRHaHvIC4iB3IIO6ybM0Oq-BefZUj8 =========================================================================================== 3.55.70 Download: https://mega.nz/#!bZRHUY6Q!0SHyMnO0_SdDimPAZIbKA2ycfipDPUR--owkwmiWnPk =========================================================================================== 3.54.65 Download: https://mega.nz/#!GN9CBIaB!qUrlXY8QKcOEeVYYASL52QSk1WqV1lhIXh1SVQGDNG0 =========================================================================================== 3.50.52 Download: https://mega.nz/#!ed8XQJAB!xIXtzDOpzQ9vx_GZIwcmKZgfXzKsvQnN8aP94ZAIT2g ============================================================================================ 2.6.105 Download: https://mega.nz/#!uIFERDRY!Gx5jCLQESAIsMSC5lM6yLBBi2J30lZUQz4-hV5sqNmM ============================================================================================ 2.5.43 Download: https://mega.nz/#!zBJzybjD!vD1UiBWmns72n8UP8H9lWuKbF-5Co5lBOpWunCcTeIY ============================================================================================ 2.4.43 Download: https://mega.nz/#!vAhSxZBS!kx99h5tY7nfI88yVi8sQ2LeucJcJomqU9UOiAppBxQM ============================================================================================ 2.2.21 Download: https://mega.nz/#!qcJARDTB!1RC6zRdV0okGlO21UjjDWAEZdRIhnuNDJz1I_Ei4lGQ ============================================================================================ 0.10.7 Download: https://mega.nz/#!GFVilDAL!Wkyp2xpxFOx8J_Gz8wIf0jGSxTT3IiT6xthvrHhRbME ============================================================================================