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    *** First of All *** Show Your Appreciation to Us: Click On ( or just get out of here ) . . . Thanks to All MyBot Team . . . Release: MyBot 7.8.3 Light [r03] June/2020 HotFixes for LSpeel and more + QuickTrain ( With DEB ) DoubleTrain ( for Siege Machines ) CCWT - Max LogOut Time ( Support Legend Leagle ) + Switch Account (While in Legends) + BB Attack Loop (While in Boost Mode) WARNING: The use of any "BOT" will result in a BAN. Use at your own risk! This is All We Need ✌️ Focus on a Stable Revision *** LOAD STRATEGIES *** The easy and fast way to create a fresh profile Full Pack Executable available ( or use AutoIt to compile/run this fork ) *** Download and Play *** Support MyBot.run development and help towards running costs ! Donate to MyBot.Run Features ( It's a Work in Progress ) Changelog Config - ScreenShots Load Strategies: FFC, MultiFinger or GiBArchGobWalWizHogPekGolem TH10 - Log TH11 - Log DownLoad ( Revision 7.8.3 Light [r03] ) Official Edition Based MyBot 7.8.x.r_xx ( Newest ) Enjoy it ✌️
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    MyBot v7.8.3++ AIO Mod v4.1.1 Some features: - GUI Mod. @Eloy, @Nguyen - Clan hop. @Boldina @Demen system inspired (First old part of GUI by Pro Mac) - Super XP. @Team AIO Mod++, @Mohammad Hasan Kargar, @Nguyen @Boldina - Stop for war. @Demen @Chilly-Chill and @Boldina 'updates/tweaks'. - New Chat actions. @Boldina @Nguyen @Eloy. - Friendly challenge. @Boldina (inspired on Sammod) - Humanization. @RoroTiti @Eloy @Chilly-Chill - Custom and human time system. @Boldina - Skip build location. @Boldina - Drop castle/SG first on all modes. @Boldina inspired on Sammod - No league attack. @Team AIO Mod++, @Nguyen - Check collectors outside. @Samkie - Custom BB army, drop order. @Boldina @Chilly-Chill - Double train siege. @ChacalGyn - Time max logout. @Team AIO Mod++ - Switch profiles condition and farming schedule. @Demen - Magic items (beta). @Boldina @Eloy. - Collect Magic items. @Team AIO Mod++ (Chilly-Chill, Boldina, Nguyen) - Donation limiter + stats. - Custom Request : from chat (beta) + Request tweaks. - New open and close chat for all improved (It works like butter). - Donation limiter and stats V2. - Random wave for smart & standard attack. - Train system : queue not retrain in most cases. - Translated to : German, Persian, Portuguesse, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese. - Lot of CSV's. - Builder base tab: - Attack from CSV and smart attack drop point improvement, based on map size. (Thx to @Chilly-Chill). (Experimental). - Improve machine. - BB Wall update. Download (zip): MBR MyBot v7.8.3 / AIO Mod+++ v4.1.1 Release changelog: **v4.1.1** » New troop : - Headhunter (Not suitable for donating.). » Fixed / Improved : - Builder base. - Smart farm supertroops. - Do not remove the obstacles from the edge (Mod tab/Misc.). - Improved 'mines / collectors / drills' detection time and quantity. - Tolerance fix for spells. More releases: Here Active team: @Eloy (GUI Design, scripting, fixes), @Boldina (GUI Mod, Scripting, depuration), @vdragon (Scripting, depuration), @LookMomImOnTheWeb (Scripting, depuration) Special thanks to @Chilly-Chill, @NguyenAnhHD, @ChacalGyn, for all and @PeKKaBnT by CSV's, among others... Thx @Approchable, @joosmega, @omora88, @vDragon, @esbestan and github beta test team for test ❤️ Beta test: https://github.com/boludoz/AIO-Mod/issues Report all known bugs here.
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    Hello, Hmm, not going to make so many lines to Introduce it all. I have made a new toy that can be used by everyone who needs to add some Text Recognition parts to this BOT. This toy is at least 2X faster than the Official toy (i mean the Official Developers only limited one) according to the benchmark comparison tests we got. This is a simple, small and lightweight .dll file that can be used in AutoIt by DllCall. The .dll itself is not open-sourced yet! i mean it might be, who knows...?! How-To An example .au3 file has been included to the Archive to let you know what parameters it takes and how to use it in AutoIt. How-To make Bundles/OCR files Easily, Crop the Char you want to recognize from an Image Erase (Make transparent) the pixels of the cropped image that usually has different colors in another scenes and images Your cropped image file will be something like the below, save that as a 32-bit png file. The ocr file name has a template! that is: Char_MaxDiff_SomeNumber.png Char: The value that will be returned if it recognize. MaxDif: The Maximum Difference that the Red, Green, Blue or Alpha that is allowed to have in comparison to the Source image, If Source image's first pixel is (Red: 200, Green: 215, Blue: 217) and the OCR image's first pixel has (Red: 180, Green: 200, Blue: 200), with a MaxDiff of 20, it will be a match! Note: Transparent pixels are matches anyway. SomeNumber: Used to make it possible to have multiple files with same char and maxdiff. NOTE: I didn't made it like it delete Duplicated matches in same positions, But why?: That way you're forced to make your bundle carefully and not with bunch of useless ocr files for the same char, results less Ocr files which means a faster recognition It can also read a long width image and delimit the OCR values with " | " I have also made a GUI application for the library to simplify testing bunch of Source images to an OCR Bundle, Creating Bundle files and Extracting them. Everyone can use this toys to extend the OCR functionality of the BOT or their MOD. Thanks to the AIO-MOD team for testing this, they have also implemented this all in their MOD so you can use their Github repo. to see how to implement it in your own MOD or Compilation. Download Dissociable.OCR.GUI.zip Let me know if you have found issues or bugs right in here.
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    Hi guys, what happen? No new official update ready? Why? Please, continue help us !!!
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    Stop the bot. Open Village/Misc/Normal Village, then click on TH icon in Locate Manually area. Select your TH. Start, little wait then stop the bot. Is checkbox available now?
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    fix geldi bu hata ustune ben hem emulator hem telden gırıyorum aynı hesabım gelen fıx uzerıne teldekı hatayı gıderdı ancak emulatordeki hata devam ediyor
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    The speed has already been adjusted, so it should work fine in the latest version. This should do it.
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    Download (zip): MBR MyBot v7.8.3 / AIO Mod+++ v4.0.9 Release changelog: **v4.0.9** » Fixed / Improved : - Some bugs on zoomout. - Troops on lab BB fixed. - Improved builder machine (It is checked every intervals of seconds to avoid CPU consumption.). - The base builder will no longer give the message of remaining attacks if the attack is not activated. - Spell's. » New devs fixes/reports @Dissociable and @vDragon: - Fixed drop machine in smart attack and custom order. - Magic items buy fixed. - Maintenance done fix. - CPU Use fixed on some funcs. - Funcs improved.
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    I don't know if it's a bug or user configuration error but: If you load more accounts into 1 bot, and in one account you set to attack both active and dead bases, and in one of them for example check "wait for clan castle" on live base attack, but it's unchecked in dead base attack, the bot will run around in a loop because the live base settings will tell the bot army it's not ready because it's missing clan castle, and then when the bot tryes to switch accounts, the bot says skip switching accounts because the settings for the dead base attack will give the message "Army is ready, skip switching accounts".
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    ⭐️LEVEL 7⭐️No Wars✌️ Farming/Push Clan✌️ ⭐️24/7 Donations ⭐️Air Supported ⭐️Clan games⭐️Only Townhall level 12 and 13 and Ground and Air Attacks supported - 24/7 Donations Clan games always Level 7 Active Clan - PM me for joining info or Telegram @Badghost76 or Discord Luís#6013 Relaxing environment Enghish Speaking Only Bot Users Fast Donations: balloons, lava, edrags, Giants, wiz, Pekka 24/7D Donation/Received ratio is 1:1 No wars EVER ONLY clan games Only Town Hall Level 12 and 13 welcome Must respect other members DISCORD is MANDATORY to communicate ( we all use) Have fun!!! ⛔IMPORTANT ⛔ Please Never Ask Anything On Clan Chat About Bot⛔ How to Join Our Clan: - Townhall Level - Hero Levels - Hours per day you bot - Discord
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    Go to a developer platform and ask how much is cost making a bot!! hire a developer! https://www.freelancer.com/
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    Last official update was for Spring Update [03-2020] after a month since the SC update, and was not a fully Spring update. Since Apr 28 we did not have any other version! Maybe this time will be more, summer update was released at June 22! or maybe is time to move forward!
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    The bot contains dangerous Trojan !!!, please fix this problem This is the Windows anti-virus messageThis program is dangerous and executes commands from an attacker.
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    Me too😒😒 The bot contains dangerous Trojan !!!, please fix this problem This is the Windows anti-virus message This program is dangerous and executes commands from an attacker.
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