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[GUIDE] How to debug for bug reports - DO THIS BEFORE POSTING YOUR BUG REPORT!

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This will be a guide on, how to get a detailed report for the developers to look at, when you report a bug. You must do this, so the developers can get a clear understanding of the problem.

You must close MyBot before doing this.

To do this, you must have AutoIt V3 installed on your computer.

Download here: https://www.autoitscript.com/site/autoit/downloads/

Step 1.

Open MBR-4.2. Now open COCBot folder.

Here you can see MBR Global Variables.au3

Right click the file and press Edit Script. Now press CTRL + F and a search bar will open. Search for debug.

It will look like this:


Edit where it says 0 to 1. Now it will look like this:


In the left corner, go to File and press Save. Not Save As.

After that, you have to right click Mybot.run.au3 script and click Run Script (x86).

Run Script


Now you have to run the bot for a while. When the problem occurs again, stop the bot. There will now be a debug folder inside your lib folder

Step 2.

Open your bot's folder again. This time right click and create a new archive(7zip, winrar) and rename it to logs, lib and debug.

Like this.


Now open Profiles and 01. Here you can see a folder called Logs.


Put the Logs folder inside the archive along with the WHOLE lib folder inside the archive. The debug folder is inside the lib folder, so it's included.


Inside the archive, it should look like this:


Step 3.

Upload to:

MediaFire, MEGA,  Dropbox or your favourite download mirror. After uploading the archive, post the link to the file in your bug report thread.

If you have done these steps, then for please put DEBUG INCLUDED in your thread title :)



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