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Introduction :


First of all thank you to all our users for their support during the transition to MyBot. It has been a bumpy road for us all. We persevered through it just because of the love we grew towards our baby (the bot :)) and most importantly because you guys created a lovely community for us to be able to share this love with you!

We release v4.2 now mainly as a pre-clashcon update to activate once again the version control and welcome message that appear at the launch of the bot. This will allow us to communicate with you without the need for you to check forum, or mainly the forum itself (in case we get attacked).

Other than that crucial communication channel, we also added and improved many features, which are listed in the Changelog section down below.

We appreciate your patience and your support in any way you could and can!




Essential software :

READ this before installing the new bot :





Change Log 4.2.3 :




  • Improve Smart Attack 4 sides, some times was reported 3 sides deploy instead of 4, prevent some troops to drop on red line
  • Prevent some error on Smart Attack
  • GUI stats alignment for negative Trophy count
  • Fix Double counting of Out of Sync (OoS) errors on GUI stats



Change Log 4.2.2 :




  • Fix the Color and position for Train Button



Change Log 4.2.1 :




  • Fix the Donate All function
  • Fix the Locate Barracks when one barrack is Upgrading
  • Fix the Spells creation , reset the variables and Stop/Start Bot
  • Minor GUI glitch, redline near Mine checkbox contained a text, now it is blank
  • Fix some spelling setlogs
  • Force random to put integer values in Attack algorithm
  • Fix the Armycamp size error because the Chat is Open
  • Improve the Train System , now goes from Left to Right ArmyOverView window to Dark Spell Factory.



Change Log 4.2 :




  • New Icon and Banner - MyBot
  • Enhanced Statistics with cool icons and loads of data
  • User DPI setting confirmation and warning if not correct
  • Spell creation capability
  • Boost Heroes
  • Boost Dark Spell Factory
  • OCR name of Buildings




  • Single barracks boost capability
  • Add Scheduler to Boost Barracks
  • Read the Clan level and limits donate troops (5/6/8)
  • Use Spells in TH Snipes
  • Use Heroes in TH snipes
  • Possibility of custom deploy in TH snipes
  • Add Options to TH Snipes
  • Train system balance troops in TH snipes
  • Add the Cyrillic Alphabet to Donate troops
  • The Config file saved in Unicode to use the Cyrillic Alphabet
  • User Selectable Random Delay for Village Searching Anti-Bot avoidance
  • Added set/reset buttons for quick editing AM/PM rows in DonateCC/RequestCC time intervals on expert tab
  • Expanded Take-A-Break detection to include idle times
  • Removed some old code
  • Removed the Locate ArmyCamp , Barracks and Clan Castle from the First Run function
  • Wall upgrade execution speed improvement (removed direct calls to GUI)
  • Wall level 10 with extra 2 pictures


Fixed Issues :


  • Turned on the check version feature
  • Search Mode button fixed, and should work properly every time now
  • Added missing CheckPower flags to drop trophy to enable hero activation before exiting like normal in return home process
  • Added variable wait delay on Army camp size OCR that was impacted by extended donation message text.
  • Total camp size not correct when switching profiles
  • Prevent random troop drop due blind button clicks by return home function
  • Zoom out issue when tall trees are located at top corner of base
  • Smart Attack 4 sides , some times was reported 3 sides deploy instead of 4
  • Pushbullet crash or errors when there are internet connection issues
  • Fix the delete remain dark Troops
  • Others minor issues fixed





New stuff under development that could potentially be in next version:


  • Upcoming big CoC update compatibility
  • Native multilanguage support
  • DE Side Attack
  • ..... and maybe other stuff thanks to collaboration directly with contributors in Mods/Codes Development section.
    (No promises, as always: it is ready when it is ready and not before!)




AutoIt and Malware: https://www.autoitscript.com/wiki/AutoIt_and_Malware

If you have been using AutoIt for any length of time you will know that it is a great and powerful scripting language. As with all powerful languages there comes a downside: virus creation by those with malicious intent. AutoIt has no viruses installed on your system, and if a script you have created has been marked as a virus (and you're not malicious) then this is a false positive. The most common cause is an AntiVirus engine has found a set of instructions in an AutoIt EXE and deemed it malicious, took the general signature of the file, and has now flagged all (or most) AutoIt EXE's. This can be due to several reasons:Compiled AutoIt scripts can optionally be compressed with UPX. UPX is an open source software compression packer. It is used with many viruses (to make them smaller).A malicious scripter got the AutoIt script engine recognized as a virus.There are more ways your executable could be marked; this topic covers only the most common causes.



What you need to know:





Thank you to all moderators and contributors , they are tireless to respond to all requests, many of you do not even know the job they have every day ....  everyone without exception who have placed code in our code snippets section ... and to all our users!

From the Entire MyBot.Run Team

Remember to like us on Facebook for news! https://www.facebook.com/mybot.run/




[icon=download] DOWNLOAD:


Use this download link:


4.2.1  -  [18/10/2015]

Use this download link:


4.2.2  -  [19/10/2015]

Use this download link:


4.2.3  -  [07/11/2015]

Use this download link:


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