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Bug in 4.1.1 TH Snipes Outside Spell Factory mistaken for TH10

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TH snipes are working well except for this catastrophic issue:

I noticed when a Spell Factory is outside it's mistaken for a TH10 snipe attack. I'm not sure if it just needs to have a spell factory outside or if a spell factory at exactly that location because I had two different bases on different days happen. Once today and once 2 days ago. All other times have been perfect snipes.

See both attached images of spell factory locations. And obviously with the dead troops showing around here I'm thinking these guys have figured out that a snipe algorithm will attack in this location and they will win defense.



2nd bug, but not as drastic is I notice the drags are deployed not right near the TH on snipes when the TH is towards the top for some reason.





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Sorry but that Bot is a Mod version , for sure with additional images to TH detection , please post it in the right section of the mod used

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