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General TH sniping help....

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So ive tried two mods and not had anny luck.. one boosted me a few trophies up but kept messing up on the that where based in bottom corner. kept droping on the right... the other one I i tried was just droping troops randomly... they where both rated 5 stars and thanked by many people.. I have come to the conclusion that the main bot is the best and most consistant.... if i go back to the main how do I get the attack to stop after one star has been done??... or if somone has a bonefide th snipe that works ... thanks

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Did you read this?


Also want to elaborate what I said in shout box:

The zoom out/in is extremely sensitive to losing window focus, even in BG mode.

If you are using the PC to type text, mouse drag, or copy/paste selections you will steal the window focus and prevent BS from getting the zoom commands.

So if you are having issues with the bot attacking the exposed TH on the bottom corner of the screen, then something is stealing window focus.

Even if you do not use the PC while using the bot, window focus can be lost to other background programs if they open windows at the wrong time.

Windows Upgrade is one of the worst. On my test machines, BS will lose window focus every time it runs. And for most on Win10 this is set to run @ 3am, and you never know what happened unless you are watching it @ 3am. The loss of window focus is a limitation of the AutoIt code and how we must control BS, and this can not be fixed. The are only two permanent solutions: use a VM, or stop using the PC while it TH Snipes.

Hope this helps.

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