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hi plsss can some one know how to fix barcks cant locate

1 - Ensure bluestacks is setup correctly. IE. Bluestacks resolution and windows scaling is at 100%

2 - Ensure you have selected the barracks in your misc tab.

That should work, if not you have an issue :-(

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1) Stop posting new threads or posts on the same problem.

They will keep getting deleted like the last posts and you will get additional warnings, or even banned.

2) Learn how to post for help!




3) Read the FAQ as posted above by the auto responder


4) Search the forums for other posts with your same problem:


5) Read the sticky posts in the help and support section!


We do have time to spoon fed users who make useless posts like you keep making here.

You will get very little help if you do not include the information requested in the above threads.


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