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Client and server are out of sync

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Hi Beastyboy12345,

Thank you for trying our free clash of clan bot. While waiting for your reply. Few things to take note.

Are you using the latest version?


Have you followed the instruction carefully in setting up?


Have you check out the "How To" Guide if they solve your problem?


Before you report for bugs or post for help, please check our FAQ first.


Please read here how to report for bugs. Please provide us with more info. Thank you.


How to share screenshot?

Image Uploader is provided.

You can also try http://prntscr.com/ and download the app for Win/Mac. It is a cool App where you can edit pic on the fly and upload to prntscr and share here with the url provided. DO NOT POST YOUR IGN.

Best regards,


If you like our free COC bot & its development, please support us by donation. Thank you.


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The out sync error primarily happen when your internet connection or your pc are not able to stay in sync between the CoC server and your PC.

For most users, increasing the village search delay on the misc tab will fix the problem. It is a trial and error process and no two PC need the same setting for the same reason.

If you are using a wireless connection between your PC and the CoC servers, and you have packet reliability issues, there may nothing that will help.

Thanks for your donation support!

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I am using cgb version 4.1.1 and it bluestacks says "client and server are out of sync" and its very irritating because it happens a lot! I googled before and it said to change location setting in advanced settings in bluestacks but it didnt help much :(

It is simple, your bot is running to fast for your connection/computer.

Goto the tab that slows down the searching of bases for the bot and reduce to say 2 - 3 seconds.

This should fix it!


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