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Hi difusion,

Thank you for trying our free clash of clan bot. While waiting for your reply. Few things to take note.

Are you using the latest version?


Have you followed the instruction carefully in setting up?


Have you check out the "How To" Guide if they solve your problem?


Before you report for bugs or post for help, please check our FAQ first.


Please read here how to report for bugs. Please provide us with more info. Thank you.


How to share screenshot?

Image Uploader is provided.

You can also try http://prntscr.com/ and download the app for Win/Mac. It is a cool App where you can edit pic on the fly and upload to prntscr and share here with the url provided. DO NOT POST YOUR IGN.

Best regards,


If you like our free COC bot & its development, please support us by donation. Thank you.


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People who use this resolution would actually. However, i used all the 'how to' topics to setup my bot including the sizing reg. ran the hidden capture tool but the info it gathers is completely wrong.

this is what happens in the log

[14:49:39] Starting BlueStacks and Clash Of Clans
[14:49:39] Please wait while BS/CoC starts....
[14:49:46] BlueStacks Loaded, took 6.16 seconds to begin.
[14:49:46] Waiting for Main Screen after BS restart
[14:49:52] CoC main window took 6.67 seconds
[14:49:52] Zooming Out
[14:49:56] Please restart your computer for the applied changes to take effect.
[14:50:03] ~~ Clash Game Bot v4.1.1 Powered by GameBot.org ~~
[14:50:03] GameBot.org.exe Executable running on WIN_81 X64
[14:50:03] =================== Bot Start ====================
[14:50:03] ------------------------- Current Profile: 02 --------------------------
[14:50:03] Trying to locate Main Screen
[14:50:03] Main Screen Located
[14:50:04] Detecting your Buildings..
[14:50:05] Language setting is English: Correct.
[14:50:06] Trying to locate Main Screen
[14:50:06] Main Screen Located
[14:50:08] Village Report
[14:50:08] No. of Free/Total Builders: 1/4
[14:50:08] [T]: 1 419
[14:50:08] [G]: 43 216 [E]: 17 240 [D]: 205 [GEM]: 162
[14:50:08] Collecting Resources

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Hmm, that last posts tells me a lot.

If hidden capture provides wrong information, then you are likely using windows 10 and due all the crazy issues discovered, we do not provide support for Win10 yet.

https://gamebot.org/forums/thread-7296.html But I am guessing by the way you posted you already knew this :(


The 4K may be related to the problem, but the reason the bot is not working is because:

"Please restart your computer for the applied changes to take effect."

This message means that the bot found BS does not have the proper window size in the registry, it tried to change it, and needs you to reboot for the changes to take effect.

After you get that message, NOTHING the bot tries to do will work....

Thread closed due to being a Win10 OS support issue.

Thanks for your donation support!

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