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Gowipe on bot?..for trophy pushing

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To get a decent gowipe attack you have to hard code some training and deployment order changes.

The attack can be made to work. BUT Without properly placed hero's and spells, the 50% 1 star success rate was really low in my testing.

IMHO - Until the bot can figure how to find troops that are moving in battle and back them up with hero's and protect/rage them with spells it is hard to make a successful gowipe without baby sitting every attack.


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Gowipe is a complicated strategy. Besides finding troops and backing them up with spells and heroes, there's a lot of things you need to look for when searching for a good base and dropping troops, eg avoid high level xbows, infernos, and teslas; drop troops to take out the strongest defenses or town hall if close to the edge, decide whether to use lightnings or earthquakes to lower building hp, etc etc etc

It's just too hard for a bot with even the best algorithms and image recognition to do.

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