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Hi bot is not working with me. Below is a screenshot of the error. It is not connecting or doing the autobot farm/cooking & other stuffs I have configured after I clicked the "start the bot"

Here were the steps I did. Could you pls. help me seems to be the problem?

1. Installed  bluestacks in my PC (downloaded from their site today Aug 14, 2015)

2. Configure with my google account & downloaded COC

3. Downloaded gamebot



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Hi Admin/moderator,

Yes, Im using the latest version. Followed instruction & check FAQ. Hope you can let me know what's wrong. Thanks!!

did you change the resolution of blue stacks?

open bluestacks and load up coc then run the bot and see if it worked

Its the close bluestacks.rar right? Yes, I have downloaded & installed.

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Hi Bacon you still there? I have installed teamviewer.

Hi Admin/Moderator,

Let me know what seems to be wrong.

I already lowered the resolution and installed close bluestacks.rar but I still got these errors.

Serious error has occurred, please restart PC and try again

BlueStacks refuses to load, waited 249.13 seconds

Thanks!! Cheers!

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