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Donate large supply to small supply option


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I would like the bot to have a option to reverse donation method.

Use cases:

Someone requests Drag and Loon, currently they will get only Loons, because the Loons will match and fill the CC. Whereas if the reverse method were used they would get a Drag and topped off with Loons.

Someone requests Pekka, Wiz, Arch and normally they will get Archers, whereas with this reversed method they would actually get a Pekka, a wizard, and an Archer.

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Ok. And the next silly monkey post is going request that they want to donate Wall Breakers 1st before goblins. What about his preference? :D

User selectable donation order? Why not, on the list.

We already have tons of stuff I will never code ( IMO - donations are a waste of farming time); but maybe some one else will adopt the suggestion.

Thread closed.

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