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The beginning of the end of all emulators?

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Hi guys I hope everyone is okay. I just want to possibly alert you to a situation that could happen in the near future. I think in next update of Clash of Clans Supercell go block all emulators as they did now with the new update of Clash Royal.....on any emulator the game does not load.
That does mean that Supercell can detect emulator usage and bans may be coming in the future.
I just hope this isn't the beginning of the end

Stay tuned😉

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as far a i know clash royale its a newer game than clash of clans, and also, the bot there is not a massive problem, as with coc.


So with that said, don't you think if that would be an option for them shouldn't did this at coc first to wipe all bot issues they're facing instead of start in another game? the reason why could be related to use of hacks or some advantage like the keyboard usage like pubg for example, i bet, they certainly are doing this for a good reason, but i don't think that should be related to something in coc.

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Scuttle butt on interwebs:


SC recoded CR to use arm64 instruction set.  Emulators run x86 or x64 as native, which is different.  Some emulators can run arm64 code; but even latest versions that can simulate arm64 on x64 Windoz OS, are having issues running the new CR release.


Does this mean emulators won't work anymore?  IDK, Maybe.

IME - Once emulator mfg add proper translation to the virtual machine, they should be able to run new arm64 version of any game.


If emulator folks fix this: this does mean that CR users will be required to use latest greatest emulator versions, with V7 Android 64 bit OS. 

Should same re-code be applied to CoC, it could create trouble.  Since most of new emulator versions require larger amounts of resources, running them on rented cloud computer slice, or an old dual core x86 machine will be extremely slow, and likely no longer usable. 


There is massive amount of techno-babble required to fully understand this issue.

Only time will tell how this unfolds for CoC.


Best advice:  Clash On!

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