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BUG 1.2.1: In training troops, how can it equal to 100% if I needed to train giant,wb

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In training troops, how can I equal it to 100% when I need to train giants and wall breakers? Here's the details:

Total troop capacity: 145

No. of barracks: 3

And I wanted to train the following:

  • Archers: 72 (24 per barracks) (housing cost: 72)
  • Barbarians: 24 (8 per barracks) (housing cost: 24)
  • Goblins: 0 (0 per barracks) (housing cost: 0)

But I also need to train the following:

  • Giants: 9 (3 per barracks) (housing cost: 45)
  • Wall Breakers: 2 (2 per barracks 1 & 2 and 0 on barracks 3) (housing cost: 4)

Total housing space consumed after training: 145

But the problem, how do you implement it in the bot? Well, you may say, "It's easy! Just compute the percentage." Okay, let's try. And bot also don't handle decimal percentages:

  • Archers: 50% of 145 (housing cost: 72)
  • Barbarians: 17% of 145 (housing cost: 24)
  • Goblins: 0% (housing cost: 0)

That surely doesn't equal to 100%, right? But there's more, I needed to train the following:

  • Giants: 9 (housing cost: 45)
  • Wall Breakers: 2 (housing cost: 4)

Let's try to run it in v.1.2.1 bot and let's see what would be the result:



So, you see now my dilemma? It's keeps me puzzling. Please help.

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easily' date=' input bb 25% (24/96 count as you want), arch 75% (72/96).

and further input gi 9, wb 2.

ok?  :D


I understand your logic. However, it didn't work. Here, take a look:


And here's the result. I've restarted the bot many times and still not working:


The above picture are for the two barracks. And the picture below is for the last barracks.


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