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You are using an unsupported BlueStacks2 version (!

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9 hours ago, Crystalman said:

Hello, I don't know, what is wrong because I thought that any Bluestacks 4 version is supported.


Can find the MBR compatible emulator versions in:

MyBot.run\COCBot\functions\Android\Android Status & Information.txt

file found in every bot download.


If you have questions on emulators; There is an entire forum section for discussion of various emulators supported by MBR:  


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6 hours ago, Zizzos94 said:

Yea I can't get the bot running either. Every tutorial is just outdated af (Like 3-5 years+). All latest versions of memu and bluestack are not supported.

Just use one of the supported older emulator versions.


MBR, nor CoC needs the latest version of each emulator.  

Generally, the newest versions have most bugs, and run slowest on old retired PC most folks designate for bot use. 


Download links for older versions can be found in emulator forums. 

They work. 🙂


Personally I like v2 iTools. 

It can run 3 instances on 10 year old dual core PC.  BS/Memu crawl very slow with more than one instance on same box.


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